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Elephant Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original elephant coloring pages that are entirely free to download or print! I included many types and styles of elephants, from cute Kawaii ones, simple outlined elephants for kids, detailed mandala elephants for adults, Disney elephants, baby elephants, and many more!

These printables make a great craft project for kids, students, and even adults, who are interested in these majestic and gentle mammals. If you are hosting an African safari or animal-themed party, these coloring pages can also make great decorations or even a wind-down activity.

Elephants Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring any of these in, simply click on any of the below links or the associated picture. Once clicked, the high-resolution PDF page will open on a new tab which can then be freely downloaded or printed!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Elephant Coloring Pages

Keep reading for some fun creative projects that you can do with my elephant coloring sheets, including classroom assignments, party decorations, paper crafts, and more.

1. Make an Animal-Themed Alphabet Banner

If you’re trying to come up with new ideas for teaching your students to read, try making an alphabet banner with the letters corresponding to different animals. 

To make this banner, download enough pictures to have one for each letter of the alphabet and color them in.

Finally, attach the pictures together (I recommend using twine or a fishing line to hang them), and you’re done!

2. DIY Baby Mobile

Finding decor for bedrooms can be pricey, so if you want to save some money, you could try making your own baby mobile.

To make the mobile, print out the elephant sheets from my selection, color them in, and cut out their silhouettes.

I recommend using my Kawaii Elephant Coloring Sheet (above) for this project, as the cute face is perfect for a baby’s room!

Next, tie your elephants to long pieces of string or embroidery thread, and attach them to a wooden circle frame or embroidery hoop.

Finally, tie other pieces of thread above each picture and tie the tips together to make a cone shape. Tie the hoop to a mobile holder, and you’re done. 

3. Scrapbook/ Baby Photo Album Decorations

When putting together an elephant-themed baby photo album/scrapbook, you’ll want to make sure you have the cutest ephemera and stationery you can find.

To begin, you can use these coloring sheets as page layout backgrounds, or you can cut out the silhouettes and use them like stickers, page borders, or small note papers.

You could also use one of the pictures as the front cover for the book! 

4. Elephant-Themed Storybook

A great way to get kids interested in reading and writing is to get them to make up their own stories. To make such a project more fun, you could also get them to make their own books!

To make this storybook, print out enough elephants to make a decently thick book (I recommend 10-15 pages).

Hand out the pictures to your students/kid(s) to color in. While they’re coloring, take large pieces of card stock and fold them in half to make a crease, which will act as the book covers.

Staple all the pictures together and then staple them into the card stock. Have your students/kid(s) write their stories on index cards, and paste them to the bottom of each page.

5. Elephant/Animal Coloring Book

To save a bit of money, you could make your kid a coloring book using my printable elephant coloring pages. You could make it elephant themed, or select from my variety of other animal pictures.

To make the book, follow the above steps for making a storybook, but leave the pages blank. However, I recommend coloring one page to attach to the book cover.

6. Elephant Story/Research Board

If you’re teaching your students//kid(s) about different continents, or simply teaching them about different animals, a great project for your students would be a story or research board.

If they are learning/interested in Africa or Asia, they could use the above illustrations for this project! 

To make the board, provide your students with poster boards and a printout of their selected animal coloring sheet.

After they color in the elephant, have them paste it to one side of the board, and leave the other side blank for their research/story.

If they’re writing a story, have them include at least one real fact about their chosen elephant picture.

Have the kids present their boards to the class, and give points for creativity and factual accuracy!

7. Make a Personalized Journal/Sketchbook Cover

If your kid’s journal or sketchbook needs fixing up, or they simply don’t like it, you could make them a new cover by using one of the above elephant coloring sheets. 

To make a new book cover, simply print and color in the picture, and attach it to the book cover using paste or Modge Podge.

8. Elephant Gallery Wall

A great way to decorate a nursery or kid’s room is to hang some cute pictures. If elephants fit the theme of their room, you could print and color my elephant pictures for this project.

After coloring in the pictures, choose a set of gallery wall frames, arrange them to your taste on the bedroom wall, and hang them up.

9. Elephant-Themed Kids Stationery Set

A fun way to teach your kids about writing letters and cards is to make them a stationery set!

Simply print the pictures onto card stock (make the dimensions smaller before printing to fit into envelopes) and color them in.

If you want to make matching envelopes, use this method!

10. Baby Shower Party Decorations

Baby shower decorations can be expensive, so you can save money by making your own!

I recommend using my Kawaii elephant coloring sheet or the cute baby elephant with bow pages (above) for this project, as they fit the baby theme perfectly.

You can use these sheets for posters, or cut out the silhouettes to make cake toppers, stickers, or gift bag/box decorations!

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