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Turtle Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 36 original turtle coloring pages illustrated by yours truly! As an added bonus, they are all completely free to download or print! I had a blast drawing these, as it brings back so many happy memories of when I had a pet turtle growing up (his name was shelly!).

For this series, I drew many types and styles of turtles, including Squirt from Finding Nemo, simple outlines of turtles for kids, different types of turtle species, detailed turtles for adults, cute Kawaii turtles, and many more!

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If you or your young one(s) are fascinated with these incredible animals, these printables will surely provide tons of free entertainment! Once the coloring pages are complete, you can repurpose them as party banners, decorations, a backdrop to a turtle enclosure, and many more creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Turtle Coloring Pages

Turtles are always popular with children, and this is one of the best animals around to make crafts with.

Try some of these cute ideas if your child’s finished coloring pages are piling up!

1. Make a Turtle Night Light

Making a turtle night light is an adorable way to use a finished turtle coloring page. All you need is an ordinary, plain nightlight and some glue.

When the turtle is colored, cut it out and glue it to the flat covering on the night light. 

When the lights are turned off, the glow from the night light bulb will shine through the paper, illuminating the turtle! 

2. Laminate a Pet Dish

If your youngster has pets, a finished turtle picture can be used to make a cute dish for food.

Carefully cut the turtle out after it’s been colored, and glue it to the surface of the dish. Laminate it with acrylic spray or layer clear tape over the cutout so it is completely covered.

 This will last surprisingly long if you only use it for the pet’s dry food.

3. Turtle Word Search

This craft idea makes a great classroom or at-home activity and can be educational as well!

Download word searches with a turtle theme, and give each child a turtle coloring page and a word search.

Both the finished coloring page and the word search can be affixed to a poster board side-by-side. After the child is finished coloring the turtle, he or she can tackle the word find!

4. Make a Fun Christmas Ornament

Since red and green are Christmas colors, why not make a cute holiday ornament from the finished turtle coloring page?

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. For example, use red felt and a cotton ball to make a Santa hat for the turtle.

Next, use white poster board to draw and color a candy cane and then cut it out. Glue the turtle to the candy cane, which can then be hung on a branch of your Christmas tree.

5. Styrofoam Bowl Turtle

This fun craft is a great way to give your finished turtle coloring page that 3D look! It is also surprisingly simple.

All you need is a standard white Styrofoam ball and some construction paper in different shades of green. 

Kids can cut out octagon shapes to make a pattern for the turtle’s “shell,” and once it is complete, it can be glued to the coloring page where the turtle’s shell is drawn.

The page can then be framed and hung up as 3D wall art.

6. Make a Homemade Envelope

A turtle coloring page can easily be turned into a homemade envelope, but with a twist.

Instead of simply folding the coloring page into the traditional envelope, two identical coloring pages should be completed.

Then, they should be carefully glued together, but leaving a few inches for an opening.

This kind of envelope can be used to keep track of paper clips, rubber bands, or other tiny objects while being decorative at the same time.

7. Turtle Keychains

Resizing turtle coloring pages to make them smaller is the first step in this enjoyable craft. 

Children can have fun coloring several different turtles, which should then be sealed in thick laminating paper.

A hole punch can then be used to make a place for a bubble chain or string, and the little turtles have just become keychains!

8. Make a Turtle Windowsill Border

For this easy craft, youngsters can color half a dozen turtles, glue them onto stiff cardboard and cut them out.

With removable, non-damaging wall putty, each turtle can be affixed to the bottom section of a window sill.

The idea is to make it look like the turtles are marching across the bottom of the window. 

This craft idea can also be used for a doorway border, where it looks as if the turtles are marching up and down the wall around the door!

9. Create Turtle Placemats

Turtle placemats are easy to make from finished coloring pages. Youngsters can start with a plain sheet of paper, lying horizontally, on which to draw an outdoor scene.

Next, the turtle coloring page should be finished, and a turtle should be cut out and placed in the spot reserved for it on the other page.

Clear acrylic paint or laminating paper can then be used to seal the artwork, after which it can be used as a placement!

10. Turtle Gift Tags

Turtle gift tags are easy to make and can be as large or small as the children desire.

Once the turtles are colored, they should be cut out in a square, leaving a small border around the turtle’s body.

The paper should then be folded in half, with the colored part on the outside. A tiny hole is then punched at the top, and a piece of colorful yarn tied through to create a small bow.

A message can then be written on the inside of the gift tag.

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