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Dolphin Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 34 dolphin coloring pages that are all free to download or print! For this series, I illustrated many types and styles, including simple outlines of dolphins for kids, cute baby dolphins, love heart-shaped dolphins, dolphins with mermaids, plus many more!

When coloring these pages, I recommend combining grey and light blue for the dolphin skin and a darker blue for the ocean. To add some pops of color, you could also draw in some tropical fish to add in red, orange, green, and yellow.

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To use any of these pages, click on an image or link to open the printable on a new page. Once opened, you are then freely download or print!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Dolphin Coloring Pages

Because these dolphin coloring pages are too pretty to throw away, choose one of these enjoyable craft ideas to preserve them!

1. Jump Through Hoops

This makes a great craft for one child or a group of children. Each child should have a blank piece of paper on which to draw a fancy hoop.

A small slit should be cut in the middle of the blank space that is on the inside of the circle.

When the dolphin coloring page is complete, the dolphin can be cut out and placed through the slit to make it look as if it’s leaping through the circle!

2. Decorate with a Dolphin Border

This craft is fun for a classroom activity and is a great way to repurpose dolphin coloring pages. Each child colors a dolphin and carefully cuts it out.

One by one, each dolphin should be taped around the classroom’s door frame on both sides and over the top.

The finished result looks like a wallpaper border, only with dolphins!

3. Decorate a Fishbowl

Dolphin coloring pages are great for decorations if your youngster has a fish bowl or aquarium.

If you have one or more children, this is even better. Each child can color several pages and cut out dolphins of various sizes.

They can be used to decorate the fishbowl or aquarium in any pattern or design the child prefers. When they wear out, new ones can be made!

4. Mirror Image Dolphin 

Since virtually everyone loves dolphins, they are a great choice when making a homemade card, but with an interesting twist.

Get two identical coloring pages and have the children color them both the same way. Then, attach them together so that when the card unfolds, it creates a mirror image.

The youngsters can write personalized messages and sign their names. For extra fun, decorate the card with glitter or felt.

5. Under the Sea

For this fun classroom activity, get a large piece of blue poster board and have the children take turns drawing their version of waves.

Have each child complete a dolphin coloring page and carefully cut it out. Tape or glue the dolphins to the poster board as if it is the ocean.

Then, have the children use markers or crayons to add other underwater creatures, such as snails, seahorses, underwater plants, or anything they come up with! 

6. Make a Fun Wall Ornament

Dolphins make fun decorations, and this one is a foolproof choice.

Color and cut out three dolphins for this craft and mount them on cardboard. Trim the edges and attach the dolphins to each other in a makeshift triangle.

The nose of each dolphin should be just touching the next dolphin’s tail. 

At the top of the triangle, punch a small hole and thread a piece of colored string and hang the ornament on the wall or on a door!

7. Waiter, There’s a Dolphin in my Soup

Every child loves those soup and cereal bowls with pictures at the bottom, so why not make your own?

Simply get a clear plastic or glass bowl, and have your child cut out his or her finished dolphin coloring page and attach it to the outside of the bottom, face up.

When the bowl is empty, it will look like a dolphin is swimming at the bottom! Of course, these work best with dry food.

Don’t ruin all the hard work by running it through the dishwasher!

8. Find the Dolphin’s Home

This craft takes a bit of effort for the teacher, but it is an enjoyable way to teach children about shapes and have them practice their tactile skills.

With this craft, the dolphins are cut out of their coloring pages in advance and traced onto a large poster board in random order.

After this, the children color their dolphins, and when each child is finished, he or she must find the shape that matches that dolphin, and paste it into the poster.

The finished project can then be hung up as a decoration.

9. Make a Dolphin Mobile

A dolphin is a great animal to make into a mobile for a nursery. Laminate the finished coloring pages and cut out each dolphin, punching a hole in the top

Ideally, you should have six dolphins to make the mobile.

Get a wooden ring online or from a novelty store–an embroidery hoop works great for this–and attach the dolphins to it with string.

Make sure you vary the length of the strings to create the classic mobile pattern.

10. Decorate a Picture Frame

A fun craft with dolphin coloring pages is to use the finished page to decorate a plain picture frame.

After the page is complete, glue it to thin cardboard, using something like a recycled cereal box or tissue box, since this is the perfect thickness.

Cut the dolphin out, and affix it to the top of a plain picture frame, as if it is floating on top of it. To get extra creative, decorate the sides of the picture frame as well!

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