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Fortnite Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 60 original Fortnite coloring pages that are all free to print or download! My two young boys are OBSESSED with Fortnite, so I had a lot of help and direction from them on what skins and characters to include. Without their help, I would have been utterly lost! I didn’t even know what a skin was!

Below, you will find a wide range of printables covering Fortnite Battle Royale, popular Fortnite skins like Fishsticks, Marshmello, Cuddle Team Leader, Deep Sea Dominator, and Fortnite items like Llama, treasure chest, pickaxe, swords, and tons more!

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While playing Fortnite on the Xbox or PC can make for a fun afternoon, it is always good to break the routine and do something that doesn’t require a screen. These printables are a great middle-ground where kids can still play within the Fortnite universe but in a more crafty and artistic way.

To use these pages, click on any of the below images or links to open the PDF on a new tab. Once opened, you can then freely print or download! All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

25 Popular Fortnite Skins And Coloring Ideas

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular character skins from Fortnite, along with ideas for how to fill in my coloring sheets based on these fun and vibrant characters!

1. Deadpool 

Marvel fans were delighted when Deadpool was added to Fortnite’s character skin options in Chapter 2 Season of the game. 

Not only is Deadpool super popular, but unlike other superheroes from Marvel’s lineup, his personality makes more sense for the weapons used in Fortnite, such as rocket launchers.

To color in my sheet for this character, have red and black on hand for Deadpool’s suit. I also recommend adding more color to the background by drawing your favorite landing spot.

2. Taro and Nara

Taro and Nara are Epic skins, and are very popular due to their unique and memorable appearance.

For example, Taro’s suit consists of a white and red mask with horns jutting out on the forehead. Nara has a similar mask design, but with more branch-like horns and a gold mouth and eyes.

These characters have very colorful and vibrant costumes, and both have the same color schemes. You’ll need black, white, red, yellow, light blue, and gold for their suits.

I recommend using metallic colored pencils or markers for this coloring sheet to get a gold shimmer, or go over the color with glitter!

3. Lexa

Lexa is an anime-style character skin from Fortnite: Battle Royal that can be unlocked after players reach level 73 of chapter 2, season 5. Lexa also comes with a few style options

For Lexa’s default appearance, she had silver-white hair, an aqua headband, red eyes, a black choker, cerulean shorts, and navy and white knee socks, so make sure to have these colors.

4. Leviathan

Leviathan is a Legendary character skin from Fortnite that depicts an astronaut with the body of a human, but the head is a grumpy-looking fish!

The color palette for Leviathan is white and gold for the space suit, and light green, dark green, and pink for the fish body. 

I recommend using metallic colored pencils, markers, or paint for the gold lining of the suit.

5. Joy

Joy is a fairly recent addition to Fortnite, having been added to the game in September 2021.

Her character design is unique, as she has white and brown splotched skin. 

Additionally, her character wears a pale pink shirt with a rainbow in the center, blue jeans, a black belt, rainbow suspenders, and has black hair.

Therefore, make sure to have red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, and white colors on hand. I also recommend making the background rainbow to fit the character!

6. The Reaper

The Reaper is a Legendary skin from Fortnite, which is available on season 3 of Battle Pass at the 100-tier mark. 

This character is based on the titular character from the John Wick movies, about an assassin who is grieving the loss of his wife, and then seeks revenge after someone kills his dog.

The Reaper is dressed in all black, and even has black hair. 

So, to make this coloring sheet more vibrant, I recommend drawing your favorite landing spot in the background, such as the Rave Cave or Lustrous Lagoon. 

7. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is another popular skin added to Fortnite recently, which Marvel fans were elated about.

Not only is classic Spider-Man available in the game, but a skin based on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the MCU is also available.

This character’s costume is, as many of us know, red, blue, and black, so make sure to have these colors on hand when filling in this sheet.

As well, to add more color, I recommend drawing a landmark from the MCU that’s available in Fortnite, such as the Avenger’s Tower.

8. Flytrap

Flytrap is a very strange and creepy-looking character skin from Fortnite.

He looks like a combination of different comic and movie villains (think Killer Frost meets Hades from Hercules) mixed with the natural elements of a Venus fly trap. 

This character’s color palette is incredibly vibrant, as Flytrap has red skin, a blue, red, and green suit, and a blue and red Mohawk.

However, if you want to add more detail, draw his Venus fly trap that he sits on, along with the forest landing spot!

9. DJ Marshmellow

Fortnite, along with many modern video games, has done some pretty iconic things in its time, one of them being DJ Marshmellow hosting a virtual concert within the Fortnite platform.

Millions of Fortnite gamers tuned in to this concert, and afterward, a character skin based on DJ Marshmellow’s helmet was added to the game for users.

The color scheme for DJ Marshmellow is sparse, featuring a white suit and white Marshmallow head with two dots and a curved line in black acting as eyes and a mouth.

So, if you’re looking to add some color to this sheet, try drawing in your favorite landing spot from the game or illustrate a still from the DJ Marshmellow concert.

10. Luxe

Luxe is a Legendary rarity skin that becomes available once players reach Tier 100 of season 8 of Battle Pass. In addition to her default skin, she has four other options to choose from.

This skin is popular largely due to her stylish character design. When you change her color swatches, her clothes and arm tattoo all change to a different core shade.

Luxe’s default skin is a woman with black hair, brown skin, an arm-length gold tattoo on her right arm, a gold chain, hair ties, bracelets, nose ring, necklace, and pants, and a black crop-top. 

I recommend using a metallic gold pencil, marker, or paint to color-in her gold accessories. You can also use gold glitter gel pens!

11. Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider is one of the hardest skins to unlock in Fortnite, as you can only earn it as a Battle Pass reward in chapter 1, season 1 of the game.

Renegade Raider’s skin features a woman wearing a brown aviator helmet, black goggles, a red tank top, brown gloves, a black skull tattoo, and an ID necklace.

To add more color, I recommended illustrating the Island in the background where this skin is earned!

12. Calamity

Calamity is an evolving wild west-era skin that levels up in appearance as you progress through the game. 

She starts as a basic cowgirl with shorts, a tank top, and a hat, but ends with a full-length black leather jacket, gun sling, mask, and an upgraded black and white cowboy hat.

When coloring in this skin, I recommend using a broader color palette. Make it more unique by adding purples, pinks, blues, and other bright colors to the mix.

13. Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen is the female version of Spider-Man, based on a comic where Gwen Stacy gets superpowers instead of Peter Parker, and was added to the Fortnite character line-up.

Spider-Gwen’s outfit is white, black, pink-red, and blue, so make sure to use these colors when filling in this sheet! 

14. Raven

Raven is a skin loosely inspired by a poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe. However, many gamers have noted that this character resembles skins from Destiny 2.

This character has an interesting design that somewhat combines the medieval knight look with a Samurai costume, and has a purple and black color palette.

I recommend drawing some ravens in the background of this coloring sheet as a reference to the character’s name, and to add a bit more detail!

15. Superman

In addition to many Marvel characters being featured in Fortnite, some DC characters like Superman are also available! 

This skin was added in chapter 2, season 7 of the game, and has some fun features, including allowing gamers to change him from Clark Kent to Superman during the game.

Superman’s color palette is well-known, as he sports a red and blue spandex suit with a red cape and gold belt. 

However, to add more color, try drawing Kent Farm in the background as one of the available DC maps in Fortnite!

16. Ragnarök

Ragnarök is an evolving skin that changes from a bald man in a battle suit to an otherworldly skull-like creature throughout the game.

In his evolved form, Ragnarök features a blue beard beneath the skull, a gray battle suit, combat shoulder pads made of bones, glowing blue eyes, and brown straps along the suit.

I recommend using a metallic blue color like silver blue to color in the beard eyes to get the glowing effect this skin has in the game!

17. Naruto

One of the most iconic animes to date is Naruto, a series from the late 1990s that follows a team of Ninjas. The main character, Naruto, is available on Fortnite as a skin!

This character sports blonde hair, a brown and orange sweater, and a black and metal headband, so make sure to have these colors on hand while filling in this sheet.

18. Hime

Hime is a samurai-themed skin of Legendary rarity and is outfitted in a blue and gold suit with a blue, white, and gold samurai helmet and black mask.

To add more dimension to this coloring sheet, try drawing something on-theme in the background, such as a samurai sword!

19. Demogorgon

Stranger Things fans can delight in learning that Fortnite now has a skin based on the Demogorgon, the monster from season 1, which is based on Dungeons and Dragons.

The Demogorgon has a Venus fly trap style face, which opens displaying teeth and a pink mouth. This monster has a skeletal body of a man with long pointy fingers.

This monster has a gray body and a red face/mouth with white teeth. The long fingernails and arms also have red running through, so make sure to include that when coloring this sheet!

20. Sleuth

Sleuth is an Epic rarity skin that is just that – a sleuth! He dons a long beige trench coat and a black fedora, and gloves. He’s often compared to characters like Noir and Gumshoe.

Since the color palette for this skin is a little sparse, I recommend shading a film noir-style scene in the background to add to the character’s element.

21. Michonne

Fans of the series The Walking Dead will be thrilled to see Michonne in Fortnite’s character lineup. 

This character swings a katana for her weapon, and has brown hair, a brown vest, and a pink shirt underneath, so make sure to have these colors on hand when filling in this sheet!

22. Crackshot

Crackshot is an eerie holiday-themed skin, a man who wears a wooden nutcracker head.

This skin’s color palette consists of red, black, white, and gold, so make sure to include these colors when filling in this sheet.

23. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a popular character from DC Comics and a lead in the Suicide Squad films. She has blonde, pink, and blue hair, a red and white t-shirt, and makeup with the same colors.

Make sure to include the above in your color palette for this sheet, and make the background fun and colorful to reflect Harley’s crazy yet feminine personality!

24. Robo Rebels

The Robo Rebels are robots that wear tattered clothes and ride hoverboards. These skins have a few different colors to choose from, such as electric blue, yellow, and orange.

I recommend using a broad color palette for this sheet to include not just their colors but your own selection!

25. Wolverine

The original Wolverine character design from Marvel Comics is available in Fortnite as a skin, and is a popular choice among many fans and gamers.

This X-Men character dons a blue and yellow suit with a yellow cowl and black face mask. 

Additionally, his claws are silver, so I recommend using metallic paints, markers, or pencils for this sheet to get the metallic shine look!

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