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Deadpool Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

If you’re a lover of comic books and the MCU, you are in for a real treat with these 20 mischievous Deadpool coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Kids (and adults, too!) are sure to get plenty of fun with these printables. All that’s needed is some paper, markers, and some imagination!

For this series, we illustrated many styles of Deadpool, from his classic red and black suit, his X-Force uniform, and even the playful, chibi-style Deadpool. Also included are scenes with his sidekick Cable, confrontations with Spider-Man, and even a Lego-themed Deadpool!

Deadpool Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Deadpool Coloring Pages

Deadpool is a fun and fascinating character to color. Here are 10 affordable, fun, creative craft ideas to preserve your child’s hard work.

1. Make an Unusual Hanging Ornament

Begin this engagement craft by creating a large ring from red and black pipe cleaners. 

When the page is colored, it should be sealed in contact paper and Deadpool carefully cut out.

Using small dots of Krazy glue or staples, position the cutout in the center of the circle as if he is holding onto the inner rim.

This unusual ornament is an interesting addition to any room when hung up!

2. Dress Up An Ordinary Kitchen 

Almost every kitchen has a knife block, and since Deadpool is often seen with this weapon, why not laminate one for Mom or Dad?

The pages can be used in their entirety and trimmed to size, or the characters can be cut out and attached decal-style.

Rubber cement or craft glue works best to glue them to the block’s various sides, and several coats of acrylic spray will preserve the artwork.

3. A Homemade Deadpool Sword

Youngsters love to play with toy swords, and Deadpool is a perfect character for this craft.

Using a piece of cardboard or poster board, have the youngsters trace and cut out the sword, using a small styrofoam square for a handle. 

Both the handle and the “blade” can then be decorated with the finished Deadpool coloring pages in any design the youngster chooses!

4. Create a Unique Deadpool Poster

A coloring page featuring a full-size Deadpool face is perfect for this craft and should be colored, cut from the page, and set aside.

The youngsters should then draw and cut out two swords from gray or black construction paper.

Place these in a crisscross pattern on the white poster board, and position the Deadpool cutout over them in the center.

Holes should be punched around the edges at one-inch intervals, and red yarn “threaded” through to create a fancy border. Now the child has a unique poster!

5. Deadpool Mansion Fun

This craft is a good choice for a classroom activity and begins with a bit of teamwork! Have the children work together to create an Avengers “mansion.”

This can be made from simple items like cardboard boxes and poster boards. The youngsters can get as creative as they want!

 When the structure is finished, each child can color Deadpool, laminate the page with contact paper, and carefully cut it out. 

The cutouts can then be glued to various mansion areas for a wonderful artwork display.

6. Design a Deadpool Halloween Mask

All youngsters love to make Halloween masks or a mask for any occasion! 

Use coloring pages featuring Deadpool’s face, and have the youngsters color and embellish the face however they choose. Holes should be cut out for the eyes and nose.

The mask should then be sealed in glassine or contact paper, and an elastic string should be used to hold it in place.

For extra fun, the youngsters can trace and cut out a knife or sword and glue it to the forehead section of the mask!

7. Make a Deadpool Chain

If all those Deadpool coloring pages are piling up, do this great classroom craft to put them to good use.

Begin by making the youngsters make a long paper chain from some finished pages.

Next, have them choose a specific Deadpool page, color the character, glue it to thin cardboard, and cut it out.

The paper chains should be hung from the classroom’s window frame, and the cutouts attached to them, but vertically, to look like Deadpool is climbing up the windows!

8. Deadpool 3D Artwork

This fun craft requires only some red poster board, cotton balls, and the Deadpool coloring page.

Using three squares of red poster board, have the youngster cut a large circle in each one and glue them in a stack, with cotton balls in between each layer.

This creates that 3D look. When Deadpool is colored, the page should be glued to cardboard, and the character should be cut out and placed inside the circle.

This creates the illusion that Deadpool is “breaking out” of a perilous tunnel!

9. Make a Deadpool Clock

Starting with a square piece of poster board, have the youngsters draw a clock.

Once Deadpool is colored, he should be cut from the page and glued to the clock’s center.

Two swords should be traced and cut from black construction paper, which will become the clock’s “hands,” attached with paper fasteners. 

The time can be set as the child desires, and this fun clock can be framed and displayed anywhere!

10. Laminate Craft Items and Containers

Deadpool coloring pages are perfect for laminating items such as magic markers or crayon boxes, but it’s also fun to dress up containers in which various craft items are kept.

These may even include plastic drawers that organize things like paper fasteners, beads, buttons, glitter, and ribbons. 

Deadpool coloring pages featuring the character holding a sword are perfect.

Once it is cut out and laminated to the container, the items being stored inside can be written on the sword for a fun way to remember where everything is.

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