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Clown Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Put on your biggest smile and step into the circus ring with these 24 clown coloring pages, which are free to download and print! If you have young ones or students with a soft spot for these colorful entertainers and their playful shenanigans, these pages will surely provide tons of fun!

For this series, we illustrated a variety of clowns with different themes for all ages, interests, and skill levels. Included are traditional big-shoed clowns, red-nose jesters, juggling clowns, and clowns in overalls. For good measure, we also had to include some creepy Halloween clowns!

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To start coloring any of these pictures, click on any of the links or images below. This will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you are free to download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Clown Coloring Pages

Clowns are colorful, engaging, and comical; youngsters enjoy coloring them.

Try these 10 affordable, exciting, and creative craft ideas to utilize those finished pages in a fun way.

1. Easy Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Start this interesting craft by giving each child some pipe cleaners and one or more clown coloring pages.

Each one should be glued to thin cardboard and cut out. Using a stapler, a pipe cleaner should then be attached to the bottom of the clown cutouts.

The youngsters can then wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around one of their fingers in a spiral fashion for an entertaining finger puppet that can be taken anywhere!

2. Handmade Clown Decorations

This craft is a great classroom activity and can be completed with a large paper cup and simple craft supplies.

The paper cup should be turned upside down, and once the clown is colored, the cup should be laminated with the trimmed page. 

Create a silly hat for the clown by gluing a gallon jug lid to a construction paper circle. Big feet can be traced, cut out, and glued underneath the cup’s rim.

Large pom-poms are perfect as funny ears, and the youngsters have colorful, handmade decorations.

3. Round and Round Goes the Clown

Clown pages featuring the character with its arms and legs outstretched are perfect for this craft.

Give each child a shiny strip of poster board, and have him or her fashion it into a circle.

Once the clown is colored, it should be cut out, leaving a bit of extra paper at the ends of the hands and feet.

These should be bent and glued to the inner side of the cardboard circle, and the clown can be rolled across any flat surface for loads of fun.

4. Create a 3D Keepsake

A full-length clown is best for this craft, and once it’s colored and cut out, its middle section should be folded like a vertical fan.

Next, a colorful piece of construction paper or poster board should be decorated with glitter, confetti, or stickers, and the clown glued to its center.

Fuzzy pom-poms can be added as hands, feet, and yarn for hair, and your child can display his or her adorable 3D artwork anywhere!

5. Make a Silly Clown Knickknack

Have the youngster color an extra-large craft stick with crayons or paint and then glue three colorful buttons to its center.

A pipe cleaner can be wrapped around the craft stick near the top, turning the ends into arms.

The bottom of the craft stick should be pushed into a styrofoam base, then decorated with the finished coloring page.

This silly knickknack can be displayed on the desk or bureau, where it will make anyone smile.

6. A Colorful Clown Bow Tie 

Begin this engaging craft by having each child draw a big bow tie and decorate it creatively. 

Next, when their clowns are colored and cut from the pages, they should be positioned in the middle of the bowtie, as if the clown’s face is the bowtie’s “knot.” 

Comical wiggle eyes and a large pom-pom for the nose can be added, and a small hole should be punched at either end of the bow tie.

The ensemble can then be hung up as colorful wall art.

7. Cute Clown Trophies 

Youngsters will have a ball making these cute clown trophies to celebrate an achievement or just give a pat on the back.

This craft begins with rolling a colorful piece of paper into a cone shape and attaching a craft pom-pom to its peak to create a clown hat.

Once the clown is colored and cut from the page, it can be glued to the “hat” like a decal.

Then, with puffy pink, the child can write “First Place,” “Way to Go,” or any positive saying!

8. Make a Smiling Cake Topper

Clowns are often used as a child’s party theme, and a clown cake topper is easy to make.

Once the clown is colored, it should be glued to cardboard, cut from the page, and attached to a craft stick.

The youngster can add wiggle eyes and draw a giant clown mouth with puffy red paint. 

Glitter can be added to the clown’s costume, and the entire ensemble can be sealed in an acrylic spray. Once it’s dry, the craft stick can be pushed down into the cake for a colorful topper.

9. A Fun Desktop Game

Choose a clown with a large, smiling mouth to create this fun desktop game.

Once it’s colored, the page should be glued to a piece of stiff cardboard, leaving enough space at the bottom to bend underneath. This allows it to “stand up.”

Once it’s placed on a desk, youngsters can use hi-bouncers, ping-pong balls, or even pieces of rolled foil to see who can get the most points by landing them in the clown’s mouth!

10. Make a Unique Stick Puppet

A coloring page featuring a giant clown face is perfect for this craft. 

Once the face is colored, it should be glued to the back of an ordinary paper plate and the plate glued to a large craft stick.

Next, glue 5 or 6 multi-colored craft pom-poms to either side of the clown’s face as colorful clown hair. A big bowtie can be drawn under the clown’s chin for a finishing touch.

A large, red pom-pom should be added for a nose, and your child can enjoy playing with this fun stick puppet.

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