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Lego Batman Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to embark on an action-packed adventure with these 30 free Lego Batman coloring pages! This beloved superhero has captured the hearts of fans, young and old, and now you can bring his colorful world to life with your own creative touch!

Lego Batman is known for his iconic black suit and signature gadgets, and with Lego Batman coloring sheets, you can add your own unique style to this timeless character. Whether you prefer to keep it classic with black and yellow or mix things up with bold and bright colors, these designs offer a fun and exciting way to express your fandom.

Lego Batman Coloring Page Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Lego Batman Coloring Pages

Batman is a fun character for all children, and a Lego Batman is loads of fun to color.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Make a Desktop Decoration 

Using little craft boxes, build a Batman-type figure using a thimble as the head. This creates the illusion of a Lego Batman.

Cut the character from the page after he is creatively colored, and use the pieces to laminate the little boxes.

Once finished, this craft will look exactly like a Lego Batman and can be used for a terrific desktop or bureau ornament.

2. Create a Fantastic Batman Headband

For this fun craft, youngsters should color the Batman logo, paste it onto thin cardboard and carefully cut it out.

With a piece of white poster board, cut a long, thick strip and glue or tape the ends together. 

Kids can draw a Lego pattern of squares and color them any way they choose.

The Batman emblem should then be glued to the center, making an awesome Lego Batman crown!

3. A Challenging But Fun Craft

For this craft, you will have to invest in a Rubik’s Cube–a secondhand one will do fine–but the end result will be worth it.

Once the page is colored, it should be strategically cut out into nine “cubes” that match the surface of the Rubik’s cube.

Laminate the squares with sticker paper, and paste them onto the surface of the Rubik’s cube in the correct order, then scramble it and see who can solve the “puzzle!”

4. Design an Original Batman Container

If your child plays with Legos, why not make a special Lego Batman box to keep them in?

Start with a simple plastic or cardboard container. Even an old shoebox works! When the Lego Batman figures are cut out, they can be used to decorate the box like decals.

Color, cut out, and laminate two bats as well, and these can be glued to stiff cardboard and used as handles for the container!

5. Put Some Old Legos to Use

If your child has some old blue and black Legos, have them make a crisscross shape and wrap packing string or thin rope around the middle to secure it.

Let your child color 4-6 Batman characters, the logo, and a few bats as well.

These should be glued to cardboard and cut out, and a small hole should be punched at the top of each cutout.

Embroidery thread can then be used to hang them from the ends of the Lego cross for an outstanding Lego Batman mobile. 

6. Design a Unique Pencil Holder

This craft only requires some puffy paint and an empty crackerjack box. Start by laminating the box with a Batman coloring page.

Next, a black magic marker should be used to draw “lego squares,” and puffy paint is perfect to create those little raised circles that all Legos feature.

A layer of cotton balls can be placed on the front, over which a Batman cutout can be glued for a fun, 3D look. 

Pencils, crayons, or markers can then be stored in the box with Batman on the front to guard them!

7. Make a Bat Cave

This craft provides a great way to keep your child’s Lego creations safe between play sessions.

An old tin pail is all that’s needed. The pail should be turned upside down and laminated with characters from the Batman page. 

Ears made from black construction paper can be added to the top.

Color and cut out some Batman logos as well to create a fun rim around the bottom of the pail, and your child now has a Bat Cave in which to keep those Lego creations safe!

8. Topper for a Lego Cake

Every child who plays with Legos will eventually want a Lego cake for his or her birthday.

These cakes are wildly popular, and your child can have extra birthday fun by creating a Lego Batman cake topper.

When they have colored the figure of their choice–or several figures if an entire scene is being planned–they should be glued to stiff cardboard and cut out.

Glue on small craft sticks for the larger cutouts and toothpicks for the smaller ones, and let your child have a ball decorating the lego birthday cake.

9. Batman Party Favor Cups

Black or blue disposable cups, glue, and colored pages are all you need for this terrific craft.

Have the kids turn their cups upside down and cut out Batman’s face and ears separately.

Batman’s face should be glued to the upside-down cup and one ear to each side so that they stick up over the top.

Put a party favor under the Batman cup at each setting for a fun surprise!

10. Make a Terrific Gotham City Scene

Have the children paint an ordinary white paper plate with blue puffy paint. A space of approximately 3 inches across the plate’s middle should be left white.

Next, from black construction paper, the children should cut out shapes the size of buildings, cutting tiny squares for the windows.

These should be glued over the white section of the plate so it looks like the light is glowing from the windows.

Then, Batman and other figures can be colored and cut from the pages to create a terrific Gotham City scene to display anywhere!

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