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Batman Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 40 original Batman coloring pages that are entirely free to download or print! I included many versions and styles of Batman, from my personal favorite in the Dark Knight, cute kawaii Batman, Lego Batman and Robin, Batman with Catwoman, Batman with the Joker, and many more!

These printables are great for young ones (and adults, too, of course!) who are big fans of Batman and the DC Universe. Whether you are looking for an artsy activity, party decorations, or a lazy afternoon craft project, these coloring pages will cover all the bases!

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To print or download any of these coloring templates, click any of the below images or links, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. For tips on coloring these Batman-themed pictures, and more Batman craft tips, make sure to see my list further below!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

7 Popular Batman Characters & Coloring Ideas

Keep reading to learn about 7 popular Batman characters, how they fit into the comics and films, along with ways to make our Batman-themed coloring sheets more fun!

1. Batman

Of course, first on this list is the caped crusader himself – Batman!

Serving as the protector of his hometown, Gotham City, billionaire Bruce Wayne adopted the alias and eerie appearance of “the Batman” to strike fear into criminals. 

Unlike most DC superheroes, Batman isn’t given any superpowers, but uses his skills as a detective and advanced equipment to solve crimes and put criminals behind bars.

Batman’s character is usually portrayed in very dark colors, having a black suit and gold utility belt, so I recommend filling in this coloring sheet with a pencil shading kit for the best effect.

2. Joker

The Joker is one of the most recognizable characters in pop culture for being Batman’s number one nemesis, being responsible for a vast number of tragedies in Bruce Wayne’s life. 

This character is most often portrayed as a criminal mastermind who commits crimes purely for entertainment and his own twisted sense of humor.

While the Joker’s character design has changed over the years, his basic look is smeared clown makeup, green hair, and a purple jacket, so use these colors when filling in this sheet.

To make it more fun, I recommend mimicking the color shades from your favorite comic era (e.g., if you love the golden age era joker, use primary colors)!

3. Robin  

Dick Grayson is the original Robin – Batman’s sidekick, and eventual member of the Teen Titans. 

His character is taken in as a ward by Bruce Wayne after his parents are killed by mafia bosses, and he eventually begins fighting crime with his foster father throughout his early teens.

Robin’s character design was largely inspired by Robin Hood, sporting a red and green medieval-style costume and a mask. 

To make filling in this coloring sheet more fun, I recommend drawing in the speech bubbles from classic golden age Batman and Robin comics, and make sure to use lots of bright colors!

4. The Riddler

The Riddler is one of Batman’s smartest nemeses, who uses puzzles, games, and – of course – riddles to commit crimes and lead Batman on a chase. 

This character is one of the most popular villains in Batman’s gallery, as he puts Batman’s detective skills to the test in a more intense way than his other foes. 

In the comics, the riddler has a very bright and cartoonish costume, sporting a green formal suit and fedora with purple gloves, so have these colors on hand when filling in this sheet!

To make it more creative, I recommend trying to sketch and color your own interpretation of this darker background from one of the comics.

5. Catwoman

Catwoman (or Selina Kyle) is one of the most recognizable characters in the Batman comics, a jewel thief who practices cat burglary. 

She was originally portrayed as a villain, but recently has been written as more of an anti-hero, ally, and love interest for Bruce Wayne.

Catwoman’s costume is a full spandex black suit, including a cowl with cat-shaped ears. So, to add some more color to this sheet, I recommend using your own color palette for her suit.

In addition to the black base, try mixing in some electric blue or red!

6. Deathstroke

Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, is an assassin for hire and a recurring enemy of Dick Grayson, the Teen Titans, and Batman. 

Fans of these comics love Deathstroke for his abilities as a martial artist and marksman, as he poses a real challenge for Batman and the Teen Titans. 

Deathstroke’s costume features a red and orange mask with large up-slanted eyes (similar to Deadpool and Spider-Man’s masks), red gloves, and a black suit with gold lining.

To add more color to this sheet, try drawing in members of the Teen Titans in the background. Their vibrant costumes will make the picture stand out!

7. Bane

Bane is one of the most popular Batman villains out there, especially since Tom Hardy portrayed him in The Dark Knight Rises. 

In the comics, Bane is a super assassin with abnormal physical strength, and was the first villain to “break the bat,” having broken Batman’s back in battle with each other.

Bane is portrayed in a wrestler-style black spandex suit and a red, black, and white face mask. 

To add more vibrancy to this coloring sheet, try filling in the background with city lights, skyscrapers, and other elements that portray Gotham City. 

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