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Bee Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 32 bee coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Since bees are such an essential part of our ecosystem, it is important for kids (and adults, too!) to learn how we can all protect these incredible insects, which so many of us depend on!

For this series, I illustrated many themes surrounding bees, including beehives, queen bees, honeycomb, flowers, pollination, beekeepers, honey, and many others! You will also find a mix of pages for both kids and adults!

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Once the chosen coloring pages have been completed, they can then be used in a school project or assignment, a bee-themed book cover, party decorations, banners, wall art, scrapbooking, plus many other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bee Coloring Pages

Here are 10 creative, fun, and cheap craft activities that you can do with the above coloring pages!

1. A Homemade Beehive

To make this interesting and unusual craft, fashion a beehive with various size circles, putting layers of cotton balls in between to build it up.

Cut out the bee from the finished coloring page and glue it to sturdy cardboard. Leave a small square of extra cardboard by the bee’s nose.

Fold the small square of cardboard down and with crazy glue, attach the bee’s nose to make it look like he is making his way into the beehive! Add a string, and you have a unique ornament!

2. Make a Giant Bee Mobile 

For an engaging classroom activity, have the youngsters create a giant bee-themed mobile with honeycombs, flowers, and of course, bees!

Use as many coloring pages as necessary, and have the youngsters carefully cut out each item and punch a hole in the top for string to add the pieces to the mobile.

Use two giant craft sticks and glue them in a cross, keeping them even. The class can enjoy stringing up their colorful cutouts and seeing how the giant mobile brightens the room!

3. I Love Bees Wall Art

This great craft starts with cutting out simple hearts from black and yellow craft paper and placing them together in an ascending form to create the underside of a bee.

The finished bee from the coloring page is then pasted to the other side, creating a lifelike appearance.

Black pipe cleaners are ideal for antennas, and two white heart-shaped cutouts folded in half create perfect wings. The bee can be glued to blue or green paper and framed.

Finally, add, “I Love Bees” with puffy yellow paint!

4. Laminate a Honey Jar

Bee coloring pages are great for simple crafts as well! Most people have a honey jar or two in their home, so why not create an adorable decal for it?

The size of the jar should be taken into consideration when choosing the coloring page, and the bee colored and carefully cut out.

Once the picture is laminated onto the jar, it can be sealed with sticky paper or clear packing tape to ensure it lasts.

5. Make a Classroom Work of Art

This craft is something every child can get in on. Simple and easy, it begins with each child drawing a huge flower and coloring it in the design of their choice.

Next, each youngster colors and cuts out a bee from their coloring page and glues it to the flower. 

When all the flowers are pasted onto a large poster board, it looks like a giant flower field with bees galore!

6. Help the Endangered Bees

Another terrific project that is both fun and educational is letting the youngsters participate in a study about endangered bee species.

Each child can use their bee coloring page in its entirety, and once it is complete, staple it to a blank page, somewhat like a greeting card.

On the blank page, have each child write some facts they learned about the role of bees in the ecosystem, which ones are endangered, and other interesting facts.

7. Make an Unusual 3D Desk Ornament

Cut the bee from the finished coloring page and use white paper to cut out 12 teardrop shapes to use as wings.

Attach the pointy ends to the body of the bee in two rows of three layers. This creates perfect 3D wings.

Next, attach the cutout to the bee’s body, which is made with a plastic baggie stuffed with yellow confetti or crepe paper. 

Use black pipe cleaners for legs and antennas, and you have an adorable ornament for a desk or Bureau.

8. Design a Positive Poster

This classroom activity is both enjoyable and beneficial for all youngsters. Let the children finish the bee coloring page of their choice, and carefully cut them out.

On a green poster board, have the youngsters paste their bees, and next to it, write their initials and something they’re grateful for.

Puffy yellow or black paint can then be used to write “Bee Grateful” at the top of the poster. 

It can be hung in the classroom or at home to remind the youngsters that there’s always something to be grateful for.

9. An Outstanding Gift Jar

This bee coloring page craft is a fantastic way to create a gift that looks store-bought! 

Give each child a mason jar and have them paint the jar yellow and black in a classic bee pattern.

Around the top, use package string or strips of burlap to create a rustic bow.

Finally, color and cut out the bee from the coloring page and paste it to the outside of the jar for a beautiful gift item that will never be forgotten.

10. Create a Homemade Bee Wind Chime

A homemade bee wind chime is easier to make than you might think. Use a classic metal shower curtain hook connected to a craft hoop by crisscrossing string back-and-forth until it hangs even.

Next, several bees and similar items like flowers and honeycombs can be colored and cut out from bee coloring pages.

These are then strung to the craft hoop with embroidery thread for a colorful wind chime. To create the sound, simply string glass beads above and below the bee cutouts!

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Laurie in Virginia

Saturday 9th of March 2024

I am so glad to have some REALISTIC bees to share with kids - along with the fun playful images! Thanks!

Monday Mandala Team

Tuesday 12th of March 2024

Hey Laurie! Thanks so much for the nice comment and glad you liked the mixture of pages! We try our best to include a range of pages/styles for all ages and skill levels, so happy to hear you liked the realistic looking ones :)


Sunday 14th of January 2024

I love your coloring pages! And bees! I wanted to share (for free) with kids visiting our Bee Club! and Bee club booth! I will definately recomend your page!

Monday Mandala Team

Monday 15th of January 2024

Thanks a lot! We are delighted you like the coloring pages and bee theme. It's great to hear they'll be used at your Bee Club. Appreciate your support and recommendation. Enjoy the buzzing fun with the kids!

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