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Rose Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Roses are easily one of the most recognizable flowers that represent love, passion, and admiration. If you are looking for a crafty activity for yourself or a young one, then you’re in for a treat! Below, you will find 20 unique rose coloring pages that are all free to download and print!

For this series, I illustrated many types and styles of roses for all ages and skill levels. Included are simple outlines of roses for young kids, rose mandalas, rose petals, roses with love hearts, roses with butterflies, a bouquet of roses, plus many more.

Rose Coloring Pages Featured Image

While these printables make for a fun and free art activity, they can also be used as presents for a loved one, a handmade valentines day gift, wall art for a classroom or bedroom, cutouts for scrapbooking and crafts, or even for some flower-themed party decorations!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print. All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Ideas to do With Rose Coloring Pages

Coloring roses is a fun and relaxing activity for any child.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Make a Pretty Homemade Valentine’s Day Card

For this craft, the page can be kept in its entirety, or the rose can be cut out, depending on the type of card the children want to make.

If cut out, it can be glued to the left side of a piece of pink or red construction paper, and the right side can be used for a message.

If the page is left in its entirety, it can be stapled to a second page, which the child can decorate and write on, using the rose page as a beautiful cover.

2. Hilarious “Rose-Colored Glasses”

When two roses are colored and cut out, laminate them with contact paper, and cut small holes in the center of each one for the child to look through.

A small strip of cardboard should be used to connect the two roses, and this will eventually be the nose rest for the “glasses”.

Pipe cleaners should then be placed through small holes on the far side of each cutout, with the other end curved down for the eyeglass stems.

Now, the child can wear his or her comical rose-colored glasses!

3. Decorate a Flower Vase

Colored roses can easily be used as decals to make a flower vase more attractive.

One can be used across the widest part of the vase for a simple design, or several can be colored and cut out to decorate the base from top to bottom!

Regardless of which option your child chooses, make sure to seal the finished work with several layers of acrylic spray, so it stays nice.

4. A Touch of Hawaii

It’s easy to make a Hawaiian Lei with roses cut from coloring pages. 

Give each child a long piece of yarn in a bright color. With fabric glue, attach the pom-poms to the yarn.

Have the kids color and cut out 6-8 roses in the shades of their choice and glue them to the pom-poms to create a colorful Hawaiian Lei.

5. Make a Beautiful Hanging Ornament

For this unique hanging ornament, have each child color and cut out three roses. Then, from green construction paper, have them trace and cut out three leaves.

All the cutouts should be strung vertically onto a piece of embroidery thread in a leaf-rose-leaf pattern.

Green and pink ribbons should be tied to the bottom to flutter in the breeze, and a red bow should be placed at the top. This lovely ornament can be hung in a doorway or window.

6. Laminate a Compact

If your child plays with toy cosmetics and has a plastic compact, they’ll love to laminate it with a colorful rose.

Once the rose is colored, it should be cut from the page, but not exactly around the edges. Rather, it should be cut in a circle that matches the size of the compact.

Superglue is the best substance to use to glue the rose to the plastic, and a very thin coat of acrylic spray will seal it nicely!

7. Create an Original Rose Necklace

This craft is simple and easy and can be completed with a craft chain, piece of yarn, or braided embroidery thread.

Once the rose is colored, it should be glued to a piece of corkboard with invisible glue and carefully carved out.

A hole should be punched out at the top, and the chain or yarn threaded through and tied.

When slipped over your child’s head, it becomes a lovely necklace.

8. Headband of Roses

This simple craft requires only a length of cardboard and some roses cut from the colored pages. Have your youngster color at least three.

The middle one can be colored red, and the side roses pink or white to make it even prettier.

The roses should then be glued to a piece of cardboard and wrapped in a circle until the ends meet. 

They can be stapled or glued together, and your child has an adorable headband.

9. Decorate a Perfume Bottle

If you have an old perfume bottle or even one, you’re still using, why not let your child decorate it with a beautiful rose?

Once the flower is colored, it can be carefully cut out and glued to the front of a perfume bottle with invisible glue.

To make the perfume bottle extra fancy, use white, pink, and red curling ribbons around its neck.

10. Give a Hand Mirror Some Style

If you or your child have a hand mirror, consider laminating the back of it with a lovely rose.

The rose can be colored to match the color of the mirror, or a contrasting shade can be used.

Either way, use invisible glue to laminate the rose cutout to the back of the mirror and spray it several times with acrylic spray to ensure it stays nice.

It’s guaranteed to be the prettiest mirror in the house!

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