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Sunflower Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 54 original sunflower coloring pages done by yours truly! Some different styles I have done include cute Kawaii ones, outlined sunflowers for kids/preschoolers, detailed sunflowers for adults, Peppa The Peg sunflowers, and more!

These free sunflower printables are great for teaching kids about sunflowers, a rainy day activity, an afternoon art project for the young ones, or even a mindfulness activity for adults!

Sunflower Coloring Pages Featured Image

If you are a frequent visitor to my site, you know I love creating these coloring pages, but I love coloring them in just as much!

Below, you will find my complete collection of sunflower coloring pictures which are 100% free to download or print. To get started, simply click on either the text link or the image, which will open the PDF in a new tab for either downloading or printing.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

7 Reasons to Do Sunflower Coloring Pages + Crafts

Below, I’ll cover why sunflower coloring sheets are fun for all ages, projects you can use them for, and more, so keep reading!

1. Helps Develop a Love for Nature

Most kids, especially young girls, love flowers. There’s such a wide variety of flower types, vibrant colors, and fragrant scents that attract us from an early age!

If your child is drawn to flowers and also enjoys arts and crafts, downloading and printing out our sunflower coloring pages is a great way for them to continue developing a love of nature.

Not only will coloring in these sunflower pictures help increase your child’s love of flowers, but it may also aid them in forming an interest in other plants and wildlife. 

Also, if you’re a school teacher, these sunflower coloring sheets are fantastic sidekicks for nature and science projects. 

2. Can Learn More About Sunflowers

It’s important to provide opportunities for kids to learn new things often, both during school hours and when they’re at home. 

If your child enjoys coloring the above sunflower pages, perhaps they’d like to learn more about this fascinating plant. I have compiled a list of facts below that your kids may find interesting.

What Are Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are plants with large heads, called ‘flowers’ or ‘blooms.’ They are used for many different things, such as animal feed, soap, paint, and dye. 

Where Do Sunflowers Come From?

Originally, sunflowers came from North and South America. However, today they are also grown in other lands, such as Europe and Asia.

How Big Are Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are among the tallest flower varieties in the world. The stems can grow up to 15 feet tall, while the leaves can be up to 12 inches long!

What Is the Scientific Name for Sunflower?

The scientific term for sunflowers is called Helianthus annuus.

How Do Sunflowers Reproduce?

Sunflowers reproduce through pollination. Sunflowers can actually pollinate themselves, but they also receive assistance from bees and other pollinators. 

These are just a few interesting facts about sunflowers. I highly encourage you to research the topic further with your child or class as a fun project!

3. Teaches About Color Association

Color association is a crucial developmental skill for children, and begins at a very early age. Try using our sunflower coloring sheets to teach your kids about identifying these plants in real life.

For example, the sunflower color palette is yellow, brown, and green. 

By using these colors to complete one of our sunflower coloring pages, your kids will better be able to single out this variety from other flowers and plants. 

4. Fun Snow Or Rainy Day Project

Finding fun activities to engage in when it’s cold outside can be difficult for parents, especially if they have kids who enjoy being active in the outdoors.

However, if your kids enjoy arts and crafts, downloading and printing out our sunflower coloring pages is a great sensory activity to keep them occupied!

These free PDF coloring sheets are also a great activity for teachers to keep on hand during inside recess days, as it gives your antsy students something creative to channel their energy toward. 

5. Great Family Bonding Activity

Finding fun things to do with your kids can be a challenge sometimes, particularly on days when your options are limited. 

However, if you and your kids enjoy painting and coloring, downloading and filling in one of our sunflower sheets is a fun and calm activity you can do with each other.

I recommend downloading one of our more detailed sunflower coloring pages. These pictures are full of small, detailed spaces that you and your child can fill in together!

6. Enhances Creativity

Engaging in arts and crafts is a great way for kids to increase their interest in creative tasks, such as drawing, painting, photography, writing, and similar activities.

For instance, if your child likes sunflowers and enjoys doing art in their free time, try using our sunflower coloring pages to do a fun artsy project, such as a scrapbook.

By combining their interest in plants and flowers with their artistic side, your child will develop pleasant associations with creative activities, possibly becoming their favorite hobby later on.

7. Sunflower Coloring Page Project for Parents and Teachers

Our sunflower coloring pages can be used for a variety of different projects, perfect for teachers to integrate into their class assignments or for parents to do with their kids. 

Create an Educational Flip Book

Print out a variety of our sunflower coloring pages (you can choose from over 54 designs), and compile each sheet to create a flip book. This can be done using staples or a hole punch. 

As a class or family, conduct research on sunflowers (you can use our facts mentioned above). On each page of the flip book, have the kids write down one fact that they find most interesting. 

Set aside additional coloring pages to use as the book cover, and have the kids come up with their own titles (e.g. ‘What I Find Interesting About Sunflowers’). 

After they finish coloring the pages, your kids will have an informative flip book about sunflowers!

This is a great project for students to present in class or for families to work on together.

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