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Marvel Avengers Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Suit up and get ready to save the universe with these 30 Marvel Avengers coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe is populated with many superheroes, the Avengers stand out amongst the rest with their extraordinary powers and complex characters.

For this series, you will find all the Avengers characters from the MCU, including Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Vision, to name a few! Of course, we also had to include Thanos, the most diabolical villain the Avengers have ever faced!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Avengers Coloring Pages

The Avengers are exciting and colorful, which makes them popular with children of all ages.

Try these 10 inexpensive, fun, creative craft ideas when those pages pile up.

1. A Hawkeye Sword Clock

Hawkeye’s sword is one of the most exciting things about this Avengers character, and it’s perfect for this craft.

All the youngster must do is cut a large circle from a piece of poster board and add numbers to make a clock.

Once the character is cut from the page, the sword and arm on the opposite side should be cut separately and re-affixed with paper fasteners.

When he is glued to the middle of the clock, the “hands” can be turned to whatever time the child desires!

2. Make Thor’s Hammer

More than one coloring page may be needed for this craft, but most youngsters are pleased with that! The finished pages can be used to laminate the cardboard box.

Next, a hole should be cut on one end to accommodate an empty paper towel roll that’s been painted with black craft paint.

Once the cardboard roll is pushed through the hole, the edges should be cut and bent so they can be glued to the inside of the box, keeping the handle secure.

Your youngster can now have fun with Thor’s hammer!

3. Design a Black Panther Mask

A Black Panther mask is the perfect craft, especially if this is your child’s favorite Avengers character.

A coloring page featuring the head of Black Panther is perfect, but any page can be used. 

The coloring page becomes a wearable mask when holes are cut for the eyes and elastic string is attached.

If your child is extra crafty, he or she can also attempt to fashion the necklace from additional coloring pages!

4. Captain Marvel Art

Your child can turn that Captain Marvel coloring page into great Avengers art that can be saved for many years.

A background can be created on a poster board using paper-mâché or streamers in red and gold. 

Once this 3D background is created, Captain Marvel can be colored, cut from the page, and placed in the center of the firestorm.

Gold or red glitter and orange puffy paint can create “flames” coming from her hands, just like in the movie!

5. Hulk Smash

This easy classroom craft turns into a fun game in no time. All that’s necessary are empty soup cans, coloring pages, and a Nerf ball!

Have the children color Hulk and laminate the empty cans with the finished pages.

Next, the cans can be stacked in a classic pyramid style, and the youngsters can have fun “smashing” through the wall of cans with a beanbag or Nerf ball.

6. Make a Captain America Frisbee

For this easy craft, choose a coloring page featuring Captain America’s famous shield. 

When colored, it should be cut from the page, leaving a bit of extra paper around the rim.

Next, take an ordinary frisbee, and use wood glue or Krazy glue to attach it to the outer surface of the frisbee.

Two to three coats of acrylic spray will seal in the artwork, and the frisbee will stay nice for many years!

7. Make an Avengers Classroom Banner

For this excellent classroom banner, each child can color his or her favorite Avengers character and carefully cut it from the page.

The characters can be laminated to thin cardboard or left as is, but either way, a small hole should be punched on either side of the cutout.

Embroidery thread, yarn, or craft string can be used to string the characters together. 

The string between the cutouts can be decorated with streamers, craft pom-poms, or handmade accessories, such as helmets, hammers,  or bows and arrows!

8. A Unique Avengers Craft

This craft only requires several coloring pages and some bright construction paper to use for front and back covers. The idea is to make an “accordion” of Avengers figures.

This works best when the youngster colors two smaller characters and one large one.  

The large one should be placed in the middle, and the two smaller ones on either side.

When a hole punch and some elastic string are used, the characters will open up like an accordion when the front and back covers are separated.

9. Avengers Craft Stick Figures

This craft is always popular with students, making it a great classroom activity.

Give each child several extra-large craft sticks, and let them decorate them with their finished coloring pages.

Youngsters can use craft paint to draw the character’s uniform and then attach only the head once it’s cut out, or they can use the entire cutout and laminate it directly to the craft stick.

The fun of this craft is seeing what each child comes up with when designing his or her stick figures.

10.  Make Thor’s Winged Helmet

A few paper plates, a bit of cardboard, and the coloring pages are the only things you need for this fun craft that all youngsters love.

Both paper plates should be cut like a large pizza slice. Next, a strip should be cut from medium-density cardboard.

The pointy ends of the pizza-shaped cutouts should be glued to either end of the cardboard strip. 

The entire ensemble can then be laminated with the coloring pages in any pattern the child desires. One elastic string is added; it’s a wearable winged helmet! 

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