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Pokemon Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to catch ’em all will with these 100 Pokemon coloring pages that are entirely free to download or print! Before I set out to illustrate these pages, I had no idea how massive the Pokemon universe was! Luckily for me, my two young kids (who are obsessed with Pokemon) led me in the right direction on what to include.

Some of the many Pokemon characters and elements I drew include Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Snorlax, legendary Pokemon, Pokemon trainers, and many more! These printables are perfect for young ones (and adults, too, of course!) who are big fans of Pokemon and looking for a fun and creative activity.

To use any of these free printables, click on any of the images below or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Pokemon Coloring Pages

Pokémon is endured as a classic favorite among youngsters everywhere.

Try these terrific, inexpensive crafts if you need new ways to use those finished coloring pages.

1. Make Original Paper Pokémon Puppets

This craft is ideal for young children because it is simple, easy, and engaging. It’s also great for a classroom activity.

Have the youngsters color and cut out Pokémon figures and some of the side characters. The cutouts should be sealed in contact paper or glassine.

Using craft sticks or popsicle sticks, attach the characters to the tops of the sticks, and glue them fast with Krazy glue.

The youngsters are now ready to put on Pokémon plays!

2. Pokémon Book Markers

Pokémon makes a terrific bookmarker because of its bright yellow color and its plump arms.

Once the character is colored, it should be glued to poster board or thin cardboard, and the arms should be bent a bit away from the body so they’re pliable.

Pokémon can be decorated with puffy red paint, black pom-poms, or anything the child desires.

When the ensemble is sprayed with acrylic spray or sealed in contact paper, the arms can be bent down over the pages of the book to keep the youngsters’ place.

3. Pokémon and Pikachu 

Have the youngster begin by coloring a page featuring Pokémon and his sidekick, Pikachu.

When finished, the characters should be cut out and glued fast to the front of two empty bathroom tissue cardboard, which will eventually hold pens and pencils.

These, in turn, should be glued together, side by side, and black pom-poms should be used to make a border around the entire ensemble. 

Red pom-poms will give the characters their famous cheeks, and puffy paint can be used to write “Pens and Pencils” on the cardboard for a fun desktop organizer.

4. Pokémon Mini-Books

Begin this simple, inexpensive craft with yellow construction paper, black and red pom-poms, a black magic marker, and the coloring page.

Cut rectangles of yellow construction paper, and fold them in half to create a book cover. 

Next, make pages from ordinary white computer paper, gluing them into the crease of the “book cover” with Krazy glue.

Red and black pom-poms can be glued to the front to depict Pokémon eyes and rosy cheeks, and his smiling mouth can be drawn with black marker for adorable mini books.

5. Design Pokémon Badges

To create fun Pokémon badges from coloring pages, all you need is contact paper and velcro or tiny safety pins.

Youngsters can cut the badges from various pieces of construction paper in the appropriate colors. 

They can choose from any of the eight badges, such as the volcano, boulder, or thunder badge.

Once they have cut out their badges, they can laminate them with pieces cut from the Pokémon coloring pages, seal them in contact paper, and add velcro or pins to wear them!

6. Pokémon Party Bags

If your youngster is having a Pokémon-themed birthday party, let the guests make Pokémon party bags. Start by giving each youngster a plain party favor bag.

The party bags can be laminated with the finished pages, which can be used in their entirety, or cut apart, decal-style.

Embellishing the bags is the best part. Black felt can be used for Pokémon’s ears, black buttons for his eyes, and puffy red paint for cheeks. 

Add a mouth made from glitter or paint, and enjoy these bags!

7. Make a Craft Supply Organizer

This craft will require several Pokémon pages, so it’s perfect if those finished pages have piled up.

Use four empty potato chip tins (small size) and laminate them with yellow construction paper.

Next, have the youngster color and cut out four Pokémon characters, or Pokémon and three of his friends.

One cutout should be attached to each tin, and the tins krazy-glued together in a row. These containers are ideal for small scissors, crayons, markers, compasses, and rulers.

8. Pokémon Pyramid

This engaging classroom craft is a big hit with all youngsters. 

Give each child a Pokémon coloring page and have the youngsters color the character and trim the page in the shape of a triangle.

When they are finished, they should be glued together on a large piece of sheet paper in the shape of a pyramid.

Have the youngsters work together to decide how many Pokémon cutouts are needed for each level, and this fun Pokémon pyramid can be displayed on a classroom wall!

9. Pokémon’s Sweet Tooth

Pokémon coloring pages are perfect for wrapping a giant chocolate bar as a gift. 

Pokémon’s large shape makes it easy to make the candy look like it’s been professionally wrapped! Simply color a large size Pokémon character and trim it to size.

Using invisible glue, make 8 to 10 small dots on each side, and carefully wrap the coloring page around the candy. 

Add the recipient’s name with puffy red paint for an adorable gift!

10. Make a Colorful Desktop Garbage Can

Tiny desktop garbage cans are great for miscellaneous desk clutter. Pokémon can turn a small trash can like this into a decoration!

Start with the coloring page and some yellow and black construction paper. Once Pokémon is colored and cut out, glue him to the front of the mini-trash can.

One coat of acrylic spray will create a nice veneer, and the black and yellow construction paper is perfect for making giant Pokémon ears that stick up over the can.

Use this cute creation on any desk!


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