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Minecraft Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 80 Minecraft coloring pages that are entirely free to download or print! Before I set out to illustrate these pages, I had no idea how massive the Minecraft universe was! Luckily for me, my two young boys (who are obsessed with Minecraft) led me in the right direction on what to include.

Some of the many Minecraft tools, animals, and characters I drew include Steve, Alex, Creeper, Enderman, Iron Golem, Pillager, pickaxes, swords, Minecraft blocks, TNT, chickens, foxes, horses, pigs, and many more!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

25 Popular Minecraft Characters, Items, & Animals

Keep reading for 25 of the most popular characters, animals, and other items in Minecraft, and how to use our coloring sheets based on them!

1. Minecraft Steve

Steve is a classic Minecraft character that’s been around since the game’s original Java version in 2009. 

If you love Steve’s character in Minecraft, you’ll likely enjoy coloring in my prints of Steve available above! 

You could use Steve’s default color palette of brown, tan, robins egg blue, dark blue, and gray to fill in the picture. 

Or, if you have a personalized skin, you can always use those colors to individualize it and match your on-screen counterpart.

2. Minecraft Alex

Alex is another default character skin that was added to Minecraft a few years after it launched, enabling players to choose between Alex or Steve, depending on their style preference.

To fill in my coloring sheet of Alex, you’ll want to have orange-red for his hair, soft green for his shirt, brown for his trousers, and light gray for his shoes.

3. Lukas

Lukas is a popular Story Mode Character, who first appears in The Order of the Stone. He’s the leader of the Ocelots, a group that eventually merges with Jesse’s Gang. 

Minecraft fans love Lukas for being a compassionate person and a team player, and love to romantically “ship” him with Petra (as mentioned below).

You can further embrace your love for Lukas by printing off my coloring page based on his character!

If you want to color Lukas accurately, you’ll need red-orange for his hair, peach for his skin, black for his jacket and shoes, and blue for his trousers.

4. Creeper

Creeper is a hostile mob monster that attacks in dark spaces by exploding. 

Minecraft players usually have the goal to kill a few Creepers, as they are a major source of gunpowder, essential for many tools and elements.

If you’re also a fan of Creeper, download and print my coloring page for this character and express that love a little more. 

Creeper’s body is a pixel combination of varied greens, gray, and black, so use these colors if you’re going for accuracy. 

5. Soren the Architect

Soren the Architect is among the more popular Story Mode characters! Soren is a tritagonist and leader of The Order of the Stone. 

In Story Mode, Soren is a legendary architect who is known to be an eccentric genius. 

He also has a vast inventory, including the golden sword, amulet, and the Redstone Heart book.

If you’re a Soren fan and enjoy coloring, download and print my illustration of this burly red-headed character!

To color Soren accurately, you’ll need red-orange for his hair, mustache and beard, peach for his skin, black for his shirt, and brown for his overalls and shoes. 

6. Herobrine

Herobrine is something of an enigma in Minecraft, as his character doesn’t technically exist. In un-modded versions of Minecraft, Herobrine is nowhere to be found.

However, when certain mods are applied to a Minecraft server, Herobrine appears. He looks just like Steve (mentioned above), except that his iris’ are white. 

To color him accurately, use the same color palette for Steve, but keep his eyes white. 

7. Magnus the Rogue

Magnus the Rogue is another popular character from Minecraft: Story Mode. He’s a member of The Order of the Stone, and is a demolitionist and griefer. 

If you love Magnus the Rogue, download and fill in my coloring sheet of his character! 

To stay accurate to his color palette, use black for his mask, tan for his skin, green for his outfit, and brown for his belt and gloves.

8. Enderman

The Enderman is a neutral mob that can spawn in the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. 

These tall, ominous-looking creatures have the ability to teleport and pick up blocks, and drop pearls that players can pick up.

To accurately fill in the Enderman coloring sheet, you’ll need black and dark purple for the body, and white and violet for the eyes.

To add more to the illustration, you can draw the purple dust that hovers off the Enderman.

9. Blaze

Blaze is a hostile floating mob that spawns in the Nether fortresses. This character is the only source of blaze rods, which players need for brewing, smelting, and crafting the Eye of Ender.

The Blaze has a yellow and burnt orange body with detached floating limbs, and is surrounded by black smoke. 

So, when filling in the Blaze coloring sheet, make sure to have yellow, brown, orange, and black colors on hand. Also, don’t forget to include the smoke around the floating limbs!

10. Petra (Story Mode Character)

Petra appears in every episode of Minecraft’s interactive video game/TV series and is a member of Jesse’s Gang.

Minecraft gamers love Petra due to her level of character development, well-written arc, and amount of screen time. 

If you’ve played Minecraft: Story Mode and are a Petra fan, you may enjoy downloading and printing off my coloring page for her character.

Petra has a green hat, brown hair, peach skin, a gray-blue jacket, and an electric blue and pink outfit. You can use these colors to fill in her picture or adjust them to your own personal taste.

11. Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer

Ellegaard, the Redstone Engineer, is a Redstonian and a member of the Order of the Stone in Minecraft: Story Mode. 

Her character is known for taking down the Ender Dragon alongside her clan.

Ellegaard’s armor is brown and gold with bright red along the collar, wrists, shoulders, and shoes. She also has curly brown hair and tan skin.

So, when coloring in Ellegaard’s coloring sheet, make sure to have brown, red, gold, and beige colors on hand. 

Also, if you remember her Steampunk goggles and helmet from episode one, you can draw them on!

12. Axolotls

In addition to playable characters, the animals and wildlife present in Minecraft are extremely popular with gamers, such as the Axolotl.

Axolotls can be attached to leads and kept as pets. As well, they remove Mining Fatigue when a player kills a creature that is in combat with an Axolotl.

Axolotls in Minecraft come varied in 5 solid colors: Leucistic (pink), brown, gold, cyan, and blue, so make sure to have those colors on hand! 

13. Horses

Horses can be tamed and lead, allowing players to ride them and cover more ground faster.

Players can use leads, saddles, and armor on horses, and can feed them with wheat, enchanted apples, hay, and other foods.

If you love Minecraft horses, download and print my coloring sheet above! 

The horses in this game come in white, cream, chestnut, brown, black, gray, and dark brown, so make sure to have these colors on hand if you’re going for accuracy.

Further, you could add more color by drawing the diamond horse armor over the picture, which comes in a light blue.

14. Ocelot

The ocelot spawns in jungles, usually above grass blocks, and is a passive mob to players. 

Something players love about the ocelots is that they can be tamed, lead, and kept at your character’s residence, which shoos away Creepers and phantoms.

If you’d like to color my illustration of the ocelot, make sure to have orange, white, beige, black, and gray colors on hand if you’re going for accuracy.

15. Foxes

Minecraft’s foxes are incredibly useful when they spawn, as they can drop emeralds, rabbits feet, rabbit hide, eggs, wheat, and feathers, all of which are useful for a player’s inventory. 

To color in my illustration of the Minecraft fox, have orange-red and black on hand, or silver-blue and black for the arctic fox.

16. Wolf

The Minecraft wolf is a neutral mob that players can tame and use during combat. They attack most animals, which enables players to pick up chicken, pork, and other food items.

These wolves are gray with black outlining their ears and on their nose, so make sure to have those colors on hand when filling in the wolf coloring sheet!

As a tip – color their eyes red instead of black to portray how they appear in combat mode.

17. Sheep

Sheep in Minecraft are extremely useful, as they drop meat and wool when they spawn or are butchered. Players can eat the lamb and use the wool to build a bed and other items.

Minecraft sheep come in 11 different solid colors: white, orange, purple, blue, yellow, green, pink, black, gray, cyan, and purple. 

You can use any of these shades to fill in the sheep coloring sheet. You could also combine the colors and create a rainbow sheep, or add your own color to the mix.

18. Crafting Table

Moving onto tools, nothing happens in Minecraft without the crafting table. This table is how players make pickaxes, hoes, shovels, swords, and other items necessary for Survival Mode.

If you’d like to color in my crafting table illustration, you’ll want to include light brown, dark brown, red-brown, and white in your selection for accuracy.

19. Redstone

Redstone is one of the most popular items in Minecraft, as it’s one of the main power sources. 

After Redstone ore is mined and smelted into dust, it can be used to build powered rails and rail detectors, lamps, torchers, observers, droppers, and other advanced tools.

The color palette for Redstone speaks for itself – it’s bright red! However, you may also want to use silver or white to add the glitter effect that the game provides. 

20. Enchanting Table

The enchanting table is one of the most powerful tools in Minecraft. 

This advanced tool is made using diamonds, obsidian, lapis lazuli, and a book, and is used to enchant, or empower, tools, weapons, armor, books, and other items. 

If you’d like to color in my illustration of the enchantment table, you’ll need dark purple, black, robins egg blue, red, cream, light brown, and yellow shades for accuracy.  

21. TNT

TNT is one of the most iconic items from the classic version of Minecraft, allowing players to explode buildings and land. 

TNT is commonly used to set traps, build cannons, and blow up mob farms.

The TNT color palette consists of red, white, and black, so have those colors on hand while filling in my TNT coloring sheets! 

22. Nether Portal

Minecraft wouldn’t be a proper PC game without characters having the ability to move to another dimension, which is where the Nether portal comes in.

The Nether portal is the gateway between the Overworld and the Nether dimensions.

Reaching the Nether is a major accomplishment for a Minecraft gamer, allowing you to locate artifacts like the Nether Fortress and the Nether Dragon, which is why the portal is so essential.

To accurately color in my illustration of the Nether portal, you’ll need bright purple, white/silver, and black colors! 

23. Diamond Pickaxe

The diamond pickaxe is one of the more advanced tools that Minecraft gamers can obtain. 

They can be crafted after mining diamond ore, or they can be obtained when raiding villages and abandoned locations.

The diamond pickaxe color palette is Robin’s egg blue with a shine, so when filling in my diamond pickaxe coloring sheet, try using silver when coloring along the edges for that effect.

24. Diamond Armor

Diamond armor is an advanced tool that takes a while to obtain, as it takes about 24 diamonds to build a full set. 

It’s one of the most effective suits in protecting players from mob attacks, falls, and other hazards.

The diamond armor is robins egg blue, but I also recommend coloring with silver, white, or even some glitter to add the shine effect that the armor has in the game!

25. Diamond Axe

Like the pickaxe, the diamond axe is an advanced tool that players love to use when building, due to its fast deconstruction.

Like the other diamond tools mentioned above, in addition to coloring the axe robins egg blue, try using a shimmer color like silver or a glitter gel pen to add the diamond shine from the game.

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