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Apple Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 original apple coloring pages that are completely free to download or print! I drew many styles and types of apples to cater to everyone, from simple outlines for preschoolers and kids to stencils, templates, and even some for adults!

These coloring sheets are a great way for kids to learn more about this delicious fruit, letter association with apples, matching things to colors, or just simply a fun creative activity. On rainy days or a lazy afternoon, these coloring sheets also make a quick and cheap project!

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If you would like to color in any of these apples, you can begin by clicking on any of the below images or links. This will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page, which you can then download or print for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

Popular Types Of Apples

The apple is one of the world’s most popular fruits, but there are so many varieties – which ones are the best? For a list of 10 apples that are most popular to color and make crafts with, keep reading!

1. Red Delicious

The Red Delicious apple is one of the most recognizable apples in the world. 

As can be discovered in their name, Red Delicious apples are a deep, rich red color, with some small, golden spots scattered along the skin and near the core. 

So, if you’re going to color in any of the above illustrations, make sure to have red, dark yellow/gold, and brown shades on hand. 

To dress up the picture a little, you could draw leaves and branches around the apple. Try using fun tools like glitter gel pens and paint.

2. McIntosh

Instantly recognizable as the Apple product’s logo, the McIntosh apple dates back many years, to 1811 in Upper Canada. 

The McIntosh apple has a very deep red and golden color over the skin; the golden color sits closest to the brown stem, while the red covers the majority of the apple.

So, if you’re going to color in some of my McIntosh apple illustrations, make sure you have red, gold/dark yellow, and brown colors on hand!

Since these apples grow in Canada, try adding to the coloring sheet by drawing birds, insects, or plants native to the country around the picture!

3. Golden Delicious

Next on our list are Golden Delicious apples, a variety that was naturally cross-bred with Grimes Golden and Golden Reinette apples and first discovered at the turn of the 19th century. 

To color in my illustration of a Golden Delicious apple, you’ll need yellow or gold for the skin, and a dark brown color for the stem.

To make it more fun, I recommend using gold paint or glitter along the edges of this picture to give your Golden Delicious that extra shine.

4. Gala 

Gala apples are probably the most common variety found in grocery stores and supermarkets, as they’re able to grow in most climates in the United States. 

Gala apples were discovered in New Zealand in 1934, and have become quite popular in the last two decades. 

When coloring in my illustration of this apple, make sure to have pink, orange, yellow/gold, and brown (for the stem) colors on hand.

Try adding some pizzazz to this picture by drawing plants, tree varieties, and other wildlife around the picture that’s native to New Zealand.

5. Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are the ultimate variety when it comes to baking, as their tart and sour flavor profiles are fantastic for balancing out the sweetness of pies, crumbles, and cobblers. 

These apples were discovered in Australia in 1868. They have a crisp and firm texture, perfect for taking a big bite! 

To color an accurate picture of a Granny Smith apple (see pictures above), you’ll want a bright yellowish green for the skin, a light pink for the skin blush, and a dark brown for the stem.

To make the illustration more fun, you could draw apple-based desserts around the picture, or look up a picture of Granny Smith and try to copy her likeness!

6. Fuji

Another result of cross-pollination, the Fuji apple is a Japanese variety that came about during the 1930s. 

People love these apples due to their sweetness and low acidity, and their skin has a lovely firm texture that makes biting into these perfectly satisfying.

If you’d like to color in my illustration of the Fuji apple, you’ll need red and yellow for the skin and brown for the stem for accuracy.

To add something extra to the coloring sheet, try drawing cherry blossoms, lettering, Kawaii characters, or other items native to Japan!

7. Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apples are an American variety that were originally sourced from the University of Minnesota. 

These apples were bred due to their unique flavor profile, releasing their sweet-tart juice immediately when bitten. 

Honeycrisp apples have a yellowish-pink skin, with brown stems, so make sure to have these colors on hand to fill in my Honeycrisp illustration accurately.

To make this sheet more fun, try adding an illustration that fits the theme. For example, try drawing a dripping honeypot onto the apple!

8. Empire

Empire apples are a newer variety, introduced in the 1960s in New York, USA. 

People love these apples as they have the sweetness of a Red Delicious, but the crisp texture and tart flavor profile of McIntosh apples, making this variety the best of both worlds.

To color in my illustration of Empire apples accurately, you’ll need bright red and yellow for the skin and dark brown for the stem.

Since these apples grow in New York, add more to this illustration by drawing in the Empire State Building, “I Love NY” memorabilia, and other things that represent “the big apple.”

9. Idared

Idared apples are another American-native variety, and were first grown in Idaho.

These apples are medium-sized and very fragrant! Idared apples are also quite flavorful, having a sweet and tart sensation. They’re also quite juicy and have a lovely, crispy texture.

To fill in an Idared apple coloring sheet accurately, you’ll need bright green and red for the skin, and a greenish-brown for the stem.

Because of how fragrant these apples are, add more to this illustration by drawing aromatic flowers and plants around the apple. You could also use floral stickers or ephemera.

10. Cripps Pink

Finally, Cripps Pink, or Pink Lady’s, have a bright pink and yellow skin, with a sweet and sharp flavor profile.

To color in a Cripps apple picture accurately, you’ll want to have pink and yellow for the skin, and green and brown for the stem.

Make this coloring sheet more fun by drawing-in your own version of a “pink lady” holding the apple or standing in the background. 

Make it cute and fashionable by using glitter gel pens, ephemera, and other stationery.

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