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Lollipop Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 lollipop coloring pages that are all free to download and print! From a young age, many kids desire lollipops as they are seen as delicious and naughty treats. Whether using these printables to teach kids about lollipops or even as a task to get a lollipop, they are sure to provide tons of free entertainment!

For this series, I illustrated many types of lollipops that I think will appeal to all ages and skill levels. Included are simple round lollipops, Chupa Chups, swirled lollipops, Halloween-themed lollipops, and some Christmas-themed lollipops, to name a few!

Lollipop Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Lollipop Coloring Pages

Lollipops are not just fun to eat; they’re fun to color too! Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Lollipop Ping Pong Paddles

If your youngster has an old set of ping-pong paddles, or even new ones that need some prettying up, this craft will be loads of fun.

Once the lollipop is colored, it should be cut out. Make sure the stick is cut out, too, leaving a little extra room around its sides.

When it’s finished, Krazy glue should be used to glue it to the face of the ping-pong paddle, with the stick glued to the handle section to make it realistic!

2. Make a Lollipop Flower

For this fun craft, have the children color a lollipop and glue it to cardboard to make it sturdy. It should then be cut out and attached to a long craft stick.

Using bright-colored construction paper, petals should be cut out and glued to the back of the lollipop, around the entire circumference.

Green ribbons or leaves cut from green construction paper can be tied around the stick for an adorable lollipop flower.

3. Create a Lollipop Superhero

This craft is easier than it seems, and it’s loads of fun.

The youngsters should color their lollipops, laminate them to thin cardboard, and carefully cut them out. Small craft sticks should be added as arms and legs.

Next, fashion a “cape” from construction paper or tissue paper and wrap it around the cutout. A face can then be drawn in the center of the lollipop.

This creates a unique lollipop superhero, and the child can give it an original name!

4. Design a Lollipop Ornament for a Garden

If you have a garden and your child wants to help decorate it, he or she can design a lollipop pinwheel.

The lollipop should be colored and glued to a thin piece of corkboard, and the edges trimmed to the shape of the lollipop.

A wooden knitting needle makes the perfect base to stick the lollipop in the ground between plants or flowers.

To make it extra fancy, it can be decorated with multicolored ribbons, or a pipe cleaner can be twisted all around the knitting needle for a colorful candy theme.

5. Make a Lollipop Clock

This craft is equally as fun when completed by a group of children or individually.

Once the lollipop is colored, the page should be left in its entirety, and numbers should be drawn around the circle in black marker.

Next, the page should be glued to a poster board, and a brown border drawn around the parameters with crayons, craft paint, or markers.

A smaller lollipop can then be colored and cut from a different page and hung upside down at the bottom to make a lollipop grandfather clock!

6. Cake Topper With a Twist

For this craft, have the kids color the lollipop with bright swirls and then add glitter or other sparkly embellishments.

The page should then be glued to the cardboard and carefully cut out.

A large craft stick to which small, wrapped peppermints are taped should be attached to the cutout, leaving enough base at the bottom to push it into the cake.

The peppermints can eventually be eaten by the birthday party guests, and the cake topper is saved for another event!

7. Make a Giant Classroom Ornament 

Students will have a ball making this outstanding classroom ornament from their lollipop coloring pages.

Once they are colored and cut from the page, long craft sticks should be attached as “handles.”

The end of each stick should be glued on top of the next in a spiral fashion to make a giant lollipop pinwheel ornament.

This can be put on the wall to display the group’s effort.

8. Create a Fancy Greeting Card

Some yarn, ribbon, and glue are all that is needed for this craft.

Have the children color, cut out, and glue their lollipops to a bright piece of poster board. Underneath, they should write, “You’re So Sweet,” in a bold color.

Youngsters can then carefully glue swatches of yarn in a spiral pattern onto the lollipop. It’s best to use two to three different colors when completing this part.

A silver or gold ribbon can be used for a bow on the lollipop stick, and you have a wonderful postcard-style greeting card.

9. Lollipops and Bow Ties

For this adorable craft, glue the finished lollipop to the underside of a small paper plate to create a three-dimensional look.

Carefully glue the paper plate to a novelty drinking straw made from sturdy material.

With a colorful ribbon, make a bow tie and attach it underneath the lollipop to make it look as if the straw is the lollipop’s stick.

The result is a funny straw that works just like an ordinary one.

10. Create a Classroom Candy Store

For this engaging classroom craft, have all the students color and cut out a lollipop and reinforce it with some cardboard and a craft stick.

Next, give each child a styrofoam cup and have them decorate it, letting their imaginations run wild, then turn it upside down.

When finished, they can push their lollipops down through the cups and “name” the flavor of their lollipop.

Once they are all placed together on a sturdy base of cardboard, it looks like a candy counter featuring lollipops for sale.

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