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Candy Cane Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 22 unique candy cane coloring pages that are all free to download and print! If your students or kid/s are stuck inside on a cold winter’s day or want to get into the Christmas spirit, these printables are sure to delight! All that is needed are some markers and a dash of creativity!

For this series of illustrations, I included many overlapping Christmas themes that I think bring these pages to life! These include polar bears with candy canes, gingerbread with candy canes, hot chocolate with candy canes, plus many others!

Candy Cane Coloring Pages Featured Image

If you or your young one would like to use any of these pages, you can do so by clicking on any of the below images or links to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you please!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do With Candy Cane Coloring Pages

Candy Cane coloring pages are a lot of fun for children because they are simple and easy.

If you’re wondering what to do with all those candy canes, here are 10 fantastic ideas!

1. Just Hanging Around

For an easy and fun classroom activity, have each child color a candy cane and write his or her name in one of the stripes with puffy black paint.

Laminate the candy canes with contact paper on both sides, and punch a small hole at the top.

Help the youngsters hang their candy canes from the ceiling to add a sugary flare to the classroom’s decor. 

Eventually, each child can take his or her candy cane home as a keepsake.

2. Make a Candy Cane Umbrella Handle

If your youngster has an old umbrella that he or she plays with, and it happens to have a hook handle, a candy cane coloring page can be used in a super fun way. 

Once the candy cane is colored, it should be cut from the page and reinforced with a thin piece of cardboard or thick construction paper.

With super glue, it should be carefully glued around the end of the handle to create the illusion that the umbrella’s handle is a candy cane.

3. A Sweet Picture Frame

To make a picture frame a bit sweeter, have your youngster color and cut out two candy canes.

Glue them to stiff cardboard and cut them out. Then, glue their bases to the bottom of the picture frame in a crisscrossed manner.

The tops should be facing in so that the upper portion of the candy canes creates a sort of heart shape around whatever is being framed in the picture!

4. Create a Unique Shelf

For this engaging craft, all the youngsters need is a piece of cardboard and their candy cane coloring pages.

Begin by having each child fold a rectangular piece of cardboard in half lengthwise. 

Next, several candy canes should be colored and cut out, and a hole punch should be used to thread them with yarn and dangle them from the bottom of the “shelf.” 

A real shelf can then be laminated with this ensemble, and the candy canes will look as if they are suspended in the air.

5. Make a Gift Package Label

A candy cane coloring page is perfect if your child enjoys making homemade gift labels.

Once the candy cane coloring is finished, it should be attached to a thin piece of cardboard and cut out.

The child can then cut and color a green (or any color they desire) bow shape and place a white sticker in the middle of it for the recipient’s name.

Once the green bow is attached to the candy cane, you have an instant gift package label.

6. Scrunched Paper Candy Cane Craft

For this craft, two candy canes should be colored, cut out, and glued to either side of an empty paper towel cardboard, leaving room at the bottom.

Red tissue paper should then be glued to a paper or foam plate and “scrunched” around the base the way a cloth would be placed around a Christmas tree base.

Put glue at the bottom of the cardboard, squeezing the red tissue paper around it so that it stands upright from the base for a cute Christmas centerpiece.

7. Make a Candy Cane Door Sign

A candy cane door sign is easy to make and only requires some string, a bit of cardboard, and some glue.

When the child has finished coloring and cutting out two candy canes, they should be crisscrossed with the open end facing out.

It’s best to laminate them to cardboard first.

A hole punch can be used to create a place for the string to hang the candy canes, and a big green bow can be put in the middle of the X to make it fancier.

8. Design a Giant Pinwheel

Youngsters will love working on this classroom craft as a group. Each child should color a candy cane and carefully cut it out.

The bases of the candy canes should then be stacked one on top of another and affixed with craft clasps or a giant paper fastener.

When all the candy canes are fanned out, it creates a giant candy cane pinwheel that can be hung up to decorate the classroom!

9. Decorate a Large Snack Bowl

All you need for this craft is a simple snack bowl; the larger, the better.

Have your youngster color 2-4 candy canes, and decorate them with glitter or sparkle spray.

Next, use super glue to affix them to the outside of the snack bowl, and spray it with one coat of acrylic spray.

Now you have a fancy snack bowl for the holidays or any other time.

10. Mailbox Decor

A candy cane coloring page is perfect if you have an old-fashioned mailbox that you’d like to liven up a bit. 

When the candy cane is finished, the page can be glued to the mailbox entirely, or the candy cane is cut out and placed on the mailbox like a decal.

For extra fun, have your youngster color several candy canes and use some to decorate the mailbox’s post as well.


Saturday 7th of October 2023

All the coloring sheets are wonderful! Thank you .

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Wednesday 4th of October 2023

Thank you so much for your website. Your printable coloring sheets are truly amazing! Easy to print and something for everyone!! No waiting for downloading and it FREE!!!

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