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Pizza Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to spice up your creativity with these 20 free pizza coloring pages! This beloved food has captured the hearts of many, and now you can add your own unique twist to this Italian classic with vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods worldwide, with its delicious combination of toppings and crispy crust. With pizza coloring pages, you can let your imagination run wild and create your very own pizza masterpiece!

Pizza Coloring Page Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas to do With Pizza Coloring Pages

The only thing kids like more than eating pizza are coloring a yummy thick slice of this delicious food.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Serve up a Slice

When the page is finished, give your children some craft supplies with which to embellish the toppings. This gives the pizza an “authentic” appearance.

Next, cut it from the page and glue it to a paper plate, but make sure to place a layer of cotton batting underneath to give it a 3D look.

From a distance, it will fool almost anyone!

2. Make a Pizza Craft Pouch 

For this craft, use two coloring pages, cut them out, and glue each one to the bottom of an ordinary paper plate.

Next, the paper plate should be stapled together around the entire circumference with regular or colored staples.

Attach a string to the ensemble, similar to the way a handbag strap would be attached, and then cut out a “slice” of pizza.

This creates a hilarious pouch in which to hide secret items or just carry around to be silly. 

3. Stringy Cheese Pizza

This craft will get your kids laughing in no time. Cut out a large circle from a piece of cardboard to serve as the crust.

Color, cut out, and glue the pizza to the cardboard. Cut out a “slice” and attach strings to the bottom made from yellow yarn.

These can be as long as desired, depending on how far the child wants the “cheese” to stretch.

When the slice is picked up by the cardboard “crust,” the yellow yarn looks like cheese stretching up from the pie.

4. Make an Original Pizza Hut

Why not have your child make their own version of Pizza Hut? This craft is fun and easy and requires two finished pages.

One page can be used to construct the hut, which can be any shape or style your child desires.

Once the pizza from the second page is colored, it should be cut out and placed on top of the hut’s roof.

Your child can decide what to call his or her new restaurant, and the name can be written on the front with puffy paint.

5. Pizza Havoc

For a fun group activity, give each child a page to color featuring a whole pizza. When colored and cut out, each one should be glued to thick cardboard.

Once the glue is dry, a hole punch or other craft tools can be used to put several holes around the circumference of the pizza.

This lets air flow through, resulting in a homemade frisbee. The youngsters can have fun tossing them in the air and seeing who can make theirs travel the furthest.

6. Create an Amusing Dart Game

This fun and easy pizza craft is a dartboard game with a twist.

Laminate one or more colored pizzas to a cork board or a similar thick material.

When hung up, they can be used for an interesting game of darts where points are assigned to each part of the pizza.

For instance, landing a dart in the crust is 10 points; the middle of a pepperoni, 20, and 50 points for any kid who gets a dart into a tiny piece of pepper or sausage!

7. Pizza Party Hats

Kids love to wear party hats, and nothing is more comical than a hat made from a pizza!

Make sure the children know they can color their pizzas traditionally or use crazy colors, such as neon, pink, blue, or black-and-white. Anything goes.

Once the pizzas are colored, the pages can be left intact or the objects cut out, as long as they can be rolled into the classic party hat.

Some elastic string for a chinstrap is all that’s needed for all the youngsters to “wear” their pizzas.

8. Make Pizza Coasters

Coloring pages with several small pizzas or slices of pizza are perfect for this craft.

The individual items should be colored and cut out and then laminated with contact paper, glassine, or acrylic spray. Make sure to glue them to stiff cardboard first.

Once this is accomplished, they can serve as coasters for beverages, as long as you don’t get them too hot!

9. Create Cute Pizza Plates

If your child has colored several pizzas, why not use them to make a cute set of plates? 

Using plain plastic plates, glue the colored pizza to the center, and laminate it with contact paper. You can even use clear packing tape if that’s all you have!

These work perfectly as pizza plates since they won’t get wet or be exposed to excessive temperatures. 

Wipe them off gently with a damp paper towel, and you’ll be surprised at how long they’ll last.

10. Be a Pizza Chef

This fun craft is almost like making a homemade toy. Have your child color a plain cheese pizza with no extra goodies.

Then, with colored construction paper, let them create and cut out “toppings.” 

These can be slices of pepperoni, meat crumbles, peppers, onions, or anything your child desires.

Once these are cut out, your child can use them to “top” the pizza however they choose, and then the toppings can be taken off, and the child can start all over!

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