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Ice Cream Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original ice cream coloring pages that are all free to download and print! If you or your child is looking for something creative that is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth, well, I’ve got a “treat” for you!

For this series, I illustrated a wide range of ice creams, including various types such as waffle cones, sundaes, soft-serve ice cream, and ice cream bars. You’ll also find some cute kawaii ice creams, Pusheen cat ice creams, and even a unicorn-themed ice cream!

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To start coloring any of these pictures, you can do so by clicking on any of the below links or images, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you are then free to download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Ice Cream Coloring Pages

All kids love ice cream, so what could be more fun than ice cream coloring pages?

Use those finished pages in the following ways and preserve all that hard work.

1. Summer Ice Cream Fan

This enjoyable craft only requires some popsicle sticks, glue, and of course, the finished coloring pages.

Choose ice cream pages featuring cones, and have the youngsters color as many as they want, depending on how big they want the craft to be.

Have each child color and carefully cut out an ice cream cone and glue each one onto a craft stick.

Glue the bottom of each craft stick to the next in a clockwise pattern. The result will be an ice cream cone fan!

2. A 3D Ice Cream Cone

This easy craft creates the illusion of a real ice cream cone. Curl the coloring page into a cone and tape it securely.

Fill the cone with giant craft pom-poms to look like scoops of ice cream.

Use plastic wrap around the top to secure the pom-poms and make them look shiny. Wrap a colorful ribbon around the top of the cone, and you have a 3D ice cream cone that won’t melt!

3. Ice Cream Wall Art

For adorable wall art, color an ice cream sundae, and leave the page intact.

Use black or brown puffy paint to add chocolate syrup or hot fudge. Use glitter for ice cream sprinkles and a red craft pom-pom for a cherry.

For extra fun, make it a banana split by cutting some bananas out of yellow felt and using puffy brown paint to decorate the peel and create a stem.

When finished, frame it and hang it in any room as fun wall art.

4. Create a Creamsicle Puppet

All kids like creamsicles, so have them color and cut out two creamsicles each. Placing a large craft stick on the inside, glue the two cutouts together carefully so that the edges match.

Decorate each side with wiggle eyes, pom-poms for noses, and puffy red paint to draw on a smile.

These fantastic puppets are a lot of fun at a party or gathering, and children will enjoy creating more than one.

5. Hanging Ornament

This terrific classroom craft begins with each child cutting out their scoop of ice cream.

Each one should then be strung together vertically with a piece of yarn threaded through one hole in each scoop.

At the bottom, a paper snow cone cup should be added as the base. At the top, pom-poms and glitter are used for cherries and ice cream sprinkles.

The ornament can be hung in a doorway or windowpane, or even at the center of a chalkboard to divide it into sections for a contest or game.

6. Make a Sweet Stop Light Sign

This craft is super fun for kids of all ages. Have them color three ice cream cones using red, green, and yellow.

Cut out three cone-shaped triangles and glue them to a poster board, one on top of the other, positioning the posterboard vertically rather than horizontally.

Once the green, yellow, and red ice cream scoops are glued onto their “cones,” have the youngster draw a traffic light around the outer perimeter. 

The result is a fun art deco traffic light for the child’s room!

7. A Melting Ice Cream Cake Topper

Nothing’s better for a cake topper than ice cream! However, this craft is super silly, making it fun for all children.

When the page is colored, have the youngster cut out the ice cream and glue it onto a cardboard backing, trimming the edges to match. Then, fasten a craft stick to the back of the cutout.

Attach crêpe paper and pipe cleaners to hang down past the cutout’s base to create the funny illusion that the ice cream is melting onto the cake!

8. Say Happy Birthday With Ice Cream

Is it time to wish someone a happy birthday? Do it with ice cream!

Youngsters can color the page of their choice and then carefully cut it out and glue a layer of cotton balls to the back.

The cutout should then be glued to a piece of white poster paper that is folded in half to create a card. 

The effect will be a puffy, 3D cover with blank space inside to decorate with a birthday wish!

9. Make an Ice Cream Puppet

This simple and easy craft is loads of fun for all children. All you need is the coloring page, some pom-poms and craft eyes, and a small brown paper bag.

When the page is complete, the ice cream pictures should be cut out and glued to the bottom of a brown paper bag.

Add wiggle eyes and craft lips to make a face, then use a mini upside-down ice cream cone for a nose!

The children can put their hands inside the bag for a funny ice cream puppet.

10.  Ice Cream Collage 

For a fun classroom activity that kids will thoroughly enjoy, create an ice cream collage. The key is to give each child a coloring page that is somewhat unique.

Have all the youngsters color and cut out their ice cream and glue it onto a large poster board. The key is to make it big and fun without rhyme or reason!

The idea is a wild and wacky ice cream collage where all types of desserts are converging at once!

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