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Red Panda Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to explore the adorable world of red pandas with these 20 free red panda coloring pages! These beloved animals are known for their cute and fluffy appearance, and now you can bring them to life with your own creative touch.

Red pandas are native to the Himalayas and are closely related to raccoons. With their distinctive red fur and playful nature, they have captured the hearts of animal lovers around the world. With red panda coloring pages, you can add a pop of color to their charming and endearing appearance.

Red Panda Coloring Page Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Red Panda Coloring Pages

Red pandas are beautiful and exotic and such fun to color!

Here are 10 inexpensive, exciting, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Red Panda Wall Art 

Color a red panda with its arms and legs dangling down in that famous draped position. Cut the panda from the page, and make a “tree branch” from brown construction paper. 

The red panda can then be carefully attached to the construction paper to appear as if it’s “hanging around.”

For fun, make the legs and arms movable by cutting them out separately and reattaching them with paper fasteners. 

This way, the kids can position the red panda however they choose on its own log!

2. Red Panda Fact Sheet

For a great classroom activity, let the students research interesting facts about this exotic animal.

Next, have them color a red panda with a classic striped tail.

In each of the stripes, they can write a different fact about red pandas, which can then be discussed.

Afterward, the kids can compare their coloring pages and read each other’s “tails” to see who came up with the most unusual facts.

3. Climbing Red Panda Classroom Craft

For this easy craft, give each child half of a paper plate to which the colored panda can be glued. It will be easy to trim the coloring page to fit this shape.

Next, have the children work together, drawing a giant tree with many branches. Their red pandas can then be glued to the branches.

It will look as if the pandas are “clinging” to the tree. 

For fun, have the kids embellish their cutouts with black paper streamers to make big fluffy tails for their pandas.

4. A Stand-Up Red Panda

To make a cute, stand-up decoration, use empty bathroom tissue rolls to make legs, then color and cut out a red panda, which will later be glued to the legs.

The red panda’s arms, tail, and body should be separated, and the body and arms reattached with paper fasteners.

The bottom of the panda’s body should then be glued to the “legs.” Because the legs are made from cardboard rolls, they will stand on their own.

Don’t forget to glue the tail on from behind!

5. Red Panda Jack-o’-Lantern

Red pandas have the perfect face for a jack-o’-lantern!

A page featuring a full-size red panda face is perfect for this craft. Once it’s colored, the eyes should be cut out in the same measurements as the eyes cut in the pumpkin.

Trim the coloring page into a circle, and glue it to the front of the pumpkin, lining up the eyeholes.

Laminate it with several coats of acrylic spray, and you have a terrific red panda jack-o’-lantern.

6. Bring the Red Panda to Life

To make a red panda coloring page come to life, lay an empty bathroom tissue cardboard on its side and attach a string of large, black pom-poms to one end.

This will create that famous, big fluffy tail. Color and cut out the red panda and glue him to the side of the roll. 

Use four craft sticks to make two crisscross shapes, and glue these to the other side.

Glue black pom-poms on the bottom to make hilarious feet and bring your red panda to life.

7. Abstract Red Panda

Let your child create an abstract work of art. Start with a paper plate, which is easily made into a spiral by cutting upwards in a circular fashion.

Once the red panda is colored, its face and tail should be cut out separately, and the head pasted to the spiral’s top.

The tail is then glued to the bottom, and fuzzy black pom-poms are used to decorate it.

Black and red yarn can be threaded up through the spiral, which can then be hung as a zany piece of abstract wall art.

8. Red Panda Finger Puppet

To make a clever red panda finger puppet, all you need is some cardboard, the coloring page, and your child’s fingers!

Once the panda is colored and cut out, two holes should be made at the bottom for your child’s fingers.

Then, a bigger hole should be made a bit off to the side so that your child can use his or her thumb as the panda’s tail! 

The red panda can now “walk” across the tabletop, desk, or anywhere else your child wants him to go.

9. Red Panda in its Natural Habitat

Red pandas spend most of their time in trees in the Himalayan forests. Since all children love to color trees, colored red pandas are easily turned into posters.

Have the child learn about and color the red panda’s natural habitat and then move on to the coloring page.

Once the red panda is colored and cut out, it can be attached to the poster, where it can then live in its natural “home.” This adorable poster is a wonderful keepsake for any child.

10. Make a Hilarious Duster

Making an everyday household item into something comical is a craft all youngsters enjoy.

Start with a classic feather duster that can be acquired from any discount store–make sure it’s one with black or red feathers–and have your youngster color and cut out a red panda. 

The handle of the duster can be laminated with the panda’s body, with its tail toward the feather end. This ultimately makes it look as if the red panda’s tail is doing the dusting!

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