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Koala Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 unique koala coloring pages illustrated by yours truly! In 2018, I was fortunate enough to visit Australia with my husband, and we instantly fell in love with the country and the wildlife! We even got up close and personal with some koalas at Australia Zoo.

For this series, I was inspired by some of the koalas we saw there, along with some cute Kawaii koalas, simple koalas for kids to draw, detailed koalas, the koala from Blinky Bill (a crowd-favorite kid’s TV show in Australia), plus many more!

Koala Coloring Pages Featured Image

When coloring these pages, I recommend using a grey coloring pencil or marker for the koala’s body and a lite green for the gum leaves they eat. For the tree trunks and branches, a mixture of light and dark brown would be fitting. You could also find some leaves from outside and paste them onto the page to really make it pop!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Koala Coloring Pages

Check out these terrific craft activities to ensure your child’s koala coloring pages don’t go to waste.

1. Make a Beautiful Centerpiece

For this craft, you’ll need a long popsicle stick or piece of stiff cardboard and a small jar from a novelty store in the child’s favorite color.

Once the coloring page is finished, the koala should be cut out and sealed with shiny laminate paper.

Then, the koala should be attached to the craft stick and placed in the vase. Surround it with artificial flowers, leaves, or grass and you have an adorable centerpiece!

2. A Fun Classroom Activity

Get several large poster boards, depending on how many children are participating, and have each child color and cut out his or her koala bear.

Tape or glue them onto the poster board, leaving plenty of space in between.

Give each child an index card with a fact about koala bears and have the youngster write out that fact next to the one he or she colored.

This craft idea is a winner because it is both fun and educational!

3. Make a Hilarious Finger Puppet

This craft is so easy that any age child can complete it! Once the coloring page is finished, the koala should be carefully cut out, leaving a few inches of extra space at the bottom.

Next, two small holes, just big enough for a child’s fingers, should be cut out of the extra paper at the base.

The children’s fingers become the koala bear’s legs once they slide them through and the youngsters can make their koala bears walk, jump or dance.

4. Create a Koala Tiara

Koala bear coloring pages are perfect for making princess tiaras–or crowns for boys.

Download a template for a fancy tiara or a crown, and color one or more pages, depending on how much paper is needed.

Once the page is colored, cut it out in the proper dimensions, positioning the koala in the center. 

For extra fun, the youngsters can deviate from the “normal” color for a koala and make the bear pink, bright blue, or orange!

5. Give the Koala its own Tree

For this craft idea, color and cut out the koala bear, but extend the length of its arms and legs when cutting it out so that there’s some extra paper.

Decorate the cardboard from an empty roll of paper towels to make it look like a tree branch.

Tape the koala’s arms and legs around the cardboard to make it look as if the bear is crawling up a tree or hanging on it upside down!

6. An Enjoyable Classroom Craft

Make learning letters fun. Have the children color their koala bears and cut them out when they are finished.

Have each child cut out a giant “K” from a piece of poster board and tape or glue the koala to the center.

Then, on the blank parts of the “K” cut out, have the youngsters write as many words as they can think of that start with that letter.

7. Koala Bear Plant Containers

If you have potted plants, you have the perfect place for your child’s finished coloring page. 

After the page is colored, seal it with laminate paper, and glue it around the circumference of an appropriate-sized plant container. 

You can also use a finished koala coloring page to fashion tiny seed packets in which to store the next season’s seeds.

8. Bring the Koala Bear to Life

This fun craft is easy for any child and makes this cute bear look real.

Felt, wiggle eyes, and cotton are needed for this craft idea. The green felt can be used to make a natural environment of leaves for the koala bear.

Wiggle eyes and tufts of cotton can be used to add texture to its face, and even a baby koala can be made from a reduced-size coloring page.

Leave a bit of extra paper and cut a slit in the original coloring page to attach the “baby” to the page.

9. Create a Koala Story Book

This craft can be done with a group of children or singly. Use several finished coloring pages featuring koala bears in different situations.

Space blank pages in between the coloring pages, which can feature a handwritten story by your child, or a story written by a group of children with everyone pitching in.

Have the child or children sign their names to their pages, and use a hole punch and paper fasteners to bind it together.

10. Make an Adorable Book Cover

If your child has a book that is in need of a cover, a koala coloring page is a perfect solution.

Start by creating a cover for the book out of a traditional brown grocery bag.  Once the child has finished coloring the koala bear, seal the page with laminate paper.

Use a glue gun or glue stick to affix the coloring page to the brown paper, and you have an adorable book cover.

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