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Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Summon your inner Dragon Warrior and leap into a world of high-kicking action with these 26 Kung Fu Panda coloring pages! With these free downloadable prints, kids will be able to experience the thrilling tale of Po, alongside other popular characters, in a whole new vibrant spectrum!

For this series, you will find a wide range of characters spanning across the many movies, including Po, Master Shifu, The Furious Five, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane, to name a few. And to spice up the mix, we’ve also included the menacing Tai Lung and the cunning Lord Shen!

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages

Kung Fu Panda is that unique martial arts panda every kid loves.

Here are some fun crafts to do with those finished coloring pages that won’t break the bank.

1. Climbing With a Twist

Pandas climb trees, but Kung Fu Panda would rather climb a bamboo stick. 

When Panda is colored, have the youngster glue him to a piece of poster board and cut him out.

Use a craft stick, wooden knitting needle, or similar object to serve as the kung fu stick, bend the arms of the cutout together as if they are grasping the stick.

A bit of Krazy glue works perfectly to keep the arms in place, and your child has a fun stick puppet to play with! 

2. Kung Fu Panda Wall Art

To make this adorable, unique piece of wall art, start with a Kung Fu Panda coloring page featuring the character’s full-size face.

Once it’s colored and cut out, it should be glued to an ordinary paper plate. 

Next, large wiggle eyes should be added, with black or brown pom-poms glued all around them to create those classic panda eyes.

Finally, tiny white pom-poms, tufts of white tissue paper, or cotton batting should be added to complete the cutout’s texture, and this cute art can be displayed anywhere.

3. Make Unique Colored Pencil Spacers

The children should begin this engaging craft by cutting 2-inch squares from ordinary household sponges.

Once the Kung Fu Panda pages are finished, the youngsters should cut them into strips to fit the squares.

Using rubber cement, glue the strips around the sponge cutouts.

When holes are hollowed out in the sponges, the children will have fancy Kung Fu Panda pencils.

4. Kung Fu Panda Dart Game

For this unique twist on a standard dart game, use coloring pages featuring Panda with his leg extended in a classic kung fu move.

When finished, the character should be cut out and glued to a square of thin corkboard, and the corkboard should be hung against a firm surface. 

Using ordinary darts from any game, let the youngsters see if they can land them on the tip of Panda’s outstretched leg!

5. Kung Fu Competition

For this enjoyable craft, have the child color two Kung Fu Panda’s and cut them from the page.

Next, using a large piece of poster board, let the youngster draw a competition circle and an “audience.”  No need to get fancy: the audience can even be stick people. 

The two fighting pandas should then be glued to the center of the circle, and the child can draw a blue ribbon on the one he or she wants to be the winner!

6. Make a Unique Kung Fu Mask

This fun craft easily becomes a game. Have the youngsters find coloring pages featuring Panda’s full-size face. Once they’re colored, they should be glued to thin cardboard. 

When the eyes are cut out, two holes should be punched on either side of the mask for elastic string, which will be used to keep it in place.

Empty paper towel cardboards, wooden knitting needles, or large craft sticks can be used as kung fu sticks, and the youngsters can don their masks and have a match!

7. Classroom Fun With Kung Fu Panda

This terrific classroom project is loads of fun for all children. 

Using as many different Kung Fu Panda pages as possible, have the students color and cut them out.

On a giant poster board or sheet of craft paper, have the children arrange the cutouts and write the names of the kung fu positions underneath.

It’s okay if there are some repeats, the fun of it is to make a giant poster with Panda doing as many different kung-fu moves as possible.

8. Create a Unique Hanging Decoration

For this interesting craft, your child will need about four coloring pages, so if they start to pile up, this activity is perfect.

The characters should be cut from the page, then strung together vertically. 

The cutouts can be in different positions, upside down or sideways, to depict the leaping and spinning associated with kung fu.

Finally, punch a hole in the top cutout for a piece of yarn or string, and hang this adorable decoration in a window or door frame.

9. Panda With His Kung Fu Stick

This fun craft only requires an empty paper towel cardboard, an ordinary paper plate, and a craft stick.

Once Kung Fu Panda is colored, he should be cut from the page with the head separated from the body.

The body should be glued around the cardboard, positioned vertically, and the head glued to the front of it at the top.

Then, a craft stick or homemade kung fu stick made from cardboard should be glued to Panda’s hand for a unique desktop ornament.

10. Laminate a Real Kung Fu Stick

This craft is perfect if your youngster participates in junior kung fu.

The finished coloring pages can be used to laminate the bamboo stick he or she uses for practice, or the child can make a homemade kung fu bamboo stick.

Either way, Krazy glue or craft glue can be used to laminate the stick.

The youngster can leave the pages intact or cut the characters out and glue them to the stick decal style in any desired pattern!

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