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Ninja Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Sneak into the shadows with our 20 ninja coloring pages that are completely free to download and print! These sheets offer an exhilarating portal to the stealthy world of ninjas, showcasing these mysterious and skilled warriors.

For this series, you will find a variety of ninja illustrations capturing different aspects of the covert profession. Expect to see ninjas in mid-air combat, ninjas with their signature weapons, stealthy ninja silhouettes, kawaii ninjas, and even Ninja Turtles, among others!

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To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Ninja Coloring Pages

Ninja coloring pages are exciting and fun for kids of all ages.

If they’re piling up, try these interesting and unique craft ideas to display your child’s hard work.

1. Abstract Ninja Art

Begin this fun craft by spraying the back of a disposable plate black with craft paint. 

When the paint is dry, the ninja character can be cut out and glued to the plate’s raised side.

A hole should then be punched at the plate’s bottom, through which to thread a black piece of yarn.

Two empty bathroom tissue cardboard should be laminated with other ninja coloring pages, and one should be tied to either end of the yarn for unique hanging art.

2. Ninja Desktop Duo

Begin this fun craft by cutting an empty paper towel cardboard in half and laminating each piece with ninja characters from the finished colored pages.

Add wiggle eyes to their faces, and make scary frowns with black pipe cleaner eyebrows.

Black straws cut in half are perfect ninja “swords,” which can be tied around the cardboard with red yarn.

This colorful ninja duo can be displayed on the child’s desktop or bureau.

3. Sword with a Secret Message

For this craft, have the youngster cut a sword from the poster board.

An old card from a playing deck can be colored black, and when a popsicle stick is glued lengthwise to its end, it creates a perfect sword handle.

Finally, a sheath for the ninja sword can be made from poster paper and laminated with finished ninja coloring pages.

The youngster can write a secret message on the sword so that the message is displayed when it’s pulled from the sheath.

4. Ninja Ring Toss

This fun craft-turned-game is an ideal classroom activity and begins with the youngsters coloring and cutting out ninja characters with both arms extended.

The entire page should then be laminated to a corkboard.

Next, swords should be fashioned from stiff cardboard, with a tab at each end to glue them to the coloring page. They will stick out straight this way.

When hung up, the youngsters can toss craft rings to see if they can get them to land on the swords!

5.Ninja Party Bags

If your child is having a ninja-themed birthday party, those finished coloring pages can become party favors.

Using ordinary party bags, have the youngster cut the ninja characters out and glue them to the inside of the bag at about halfway up the cutout.

This creates the illusion of the ninja “crawling” from the bag.

The youngster can personalize the bags by writing “Ninja Sue” or “Ninja Bob” on the outside with puffy paint!

6. A Unique Classroom Craft

Using a roll of poster paper, have the youngsters draw a giant ninja sword with markers, making it as fancy as desired.

Once their ninja characters are colored, they should be cut out and glued to different places on the sword.

Some of the characters can be made to look like they’re engaged in a competition, and some are positioned as if they’re hanging on the sword’s edge or sitting on its handle.

This great classroom mural can be displayed anywhere in the room!

7. Ninja Finger Puppets

These fun puppets are easy to make, and any coloring page works for this craft.

Each youngster needs two pages, and when finished, their characters should be glued to cardboard and cut out.

At the bottom of each cutout, two finger holes can be cut so that they have a way to make their puppets move.

They can fight battles with each other or just make their ninjas walk or dance wherever they like!

8. Make a Plain Sword Fancy

If your child has a toy sword that would make a great ninja sword, all that’s needed are the coloring pages and some invisible glue.

Depending on the toy sword’s size, the child can use the pages in their entirety, or they can color and cut out several ninja characters to add to the sword decal style.

To make the handle fancy too, other coloring pages can be cut into strips to give it a colorful fringe!

9. Make a 3D Ninja Scene

All that’s needed for this fun craft are some popsicle sticks, coloring pages, and a square of styrofoam.

Have the youngsters color two ninja characters in action poses, glue them to thin cardboard, and cut them out.

Next, popsicle sticks should be attached to the cutouts, which can then be pushed down into a square of styrofoam to create the illusion of a ninja battle.

To make this craft extra fancy, a competition ring can be built around the square of styrofoam with toothpicks and ordinary string!

10. Ninja Nutcracker

For this hilarious craft, have the child color two ninja characters, cut them out, and seal them in contact paper.

Next, using Krazy glue, one should be glued to each side of an ordinary handheld nutcracker with wood glue.

When the nuts are cracked, it looks like the shells are coming from the two ninja fighters colliding with each other!

 If the nutcracker is used sparingly, these embellishments will stay put for a long time!

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