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Pocahontas Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into the New World and experience the vibrant life of a Native American princess with these 20 Pocahontas coloring pages! These free printables are great for kids of all ages who want to relive the magic and wonder from this iconic Disney movie.

For this series, you will find illustrations of Pocahontas, Captain John Smith, and not forgetting the mischievous raccoon Meeko, and the wise tree, Grandmother Willow. Let your imagination set sail with your colors as you recreate the vibrant universe of Pocahontas!

Pocahontas Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Pocahontas Coloring Pages

Pocahontas is one of the most famous Disney princesses of all time.

If those coloring pages have piled up, have your youngster complete these enjoyable, inexpensive crafts.

1. Build a Village

To complete this unique craft, give the youngsters ordinary brown packing paper and let them fashion five or six teepees. 

Toothpicks can be stapled to the top to make them look realistic. Place them on an ordinary paper plate to which green tissue paper “grass” has been glued.

Pocahontas should be colored, glued to stiff cardboard, and carefully cut out, leaving a tab at the bottom on which to place the glue.

Once she is glued inside the teepee circle, the youngster has an original village!

2. Design a Dreamcatcher

To make this terrific dreamcatcher, use an old embroidery ring or a homemade ring crafted from pipe cleaners. Yarn can be used to create the “web.”

When Pocahontas is colored and cut out, she can be carefully glued or stapled to the web’s center, and feather-shaped ornaments can be made from other coloring pages.

Hang these at the bottom by punching a hole in their tops, using yarn to connect them to the ring. To make it extra fancy, thread beads through the yarn too!

3. Pocahontas in the Spotlight

To make this beautiful, framed picture of Pocahontas, begin with an ordinary frame from any discount store, or let the youngsters make one from stock paper.

When Pocahontas is colored and cut out, the cutout should be mounted on a piece of poster board.

Craft feathers can be added to create a life-like headdress, and the finished artwork can be placed inside the frame for a lovely, decorative picture.

4. A Unique Classroom Craft

Princess Pocahontas is often seen wearing a fancy, fringed outfit, and this craft is themed around that iconic look.

Give each youngster brown stock paper or ordinary brown packing paper. It’s okay if it has that crinkly look.

It should be cut into the shape of Pocahontas’ famous dress, and scissors used to make fringes at the bottom and in the middle.

When the coloring page is finished, Pocahontas can be cut out and glued to the center for a unique and interesting piece of artwork.

5. Pocahontas Paper Dolls

Multiple pages will be needed for this great craft, which makes it perfect if those finished pages have piled up.

Have the youngsters choose a “primary” Pocahontas character as the paper doll. It should be full-length with space to fold paper tabs around it.

From other finished pages, the children should cut out as many outfits as they like, leaving small paper tabs so they can be folded around the first cut-out.

This craft is limited only by the youngster’s imagination!

6. Pocahontas Hair Bow

To make this delightful craft, find some old cotton or quilting fabric, and use an easy template to fashion it into a bow.

Next, from the finished Pocahontas coloring page, have the youngster cut out the character’s face using crinkle-cut craft scissors.

This cameo of Pocahontas should be sealed in contact paper and trimmed. Kraft glue should then be used to attach the cut out to the center of the bow.

Add an ordinary hair clip, and the youngster has an adorable Pocahontas hair accessory.

7. Pocahontas and Captain John

This cute craft will help your youngster keep pens and pencils organized. Begin with an empty paper towel cardboard, cut in half. 

To make it realistic, make the cut so that one roll is a bit higher than the other.

When Pocahontas and Captain John are colored and cut out, these should be glued to the cardboard rolls.

The rolls should then be glued together so that they stand side-by-side.

The youngsters can decorate them with puffy paint, feathers, or any other craft item, and they have a designer desktop organizer for pens and pencils.

8. Make a 3D Poster

This super-easy craft is fun for kids of all ages. Each child needs a piece of poster board on which to create a 3D landscape.

This is easy to do by tracing and cutting out leaves, flowers, and trees. These should be glued to the poster board over cotton balls, instantly creating three-dimensional art.

When Pocahontas is colored and cut from the page, she can be added to the poster using the same technique.

When it’s framed, this one-of-a-kind artwork can be displayed anywhere.

9. Pocahontas in Her Canoe

To make this fun, textured poster, begin with some small craft sticks and toothpicks and let the youngster glue them to cardboard or poster board to create a makeshift “canoe.”

A separate piece of paper, cut in the shape of the canoe, should then be glued inside the craft stick frame, leaving a bit of glue-free space behind it so that something can be slid in the back.

When Pocahontas is colored and cut out, the cutout can be placed in the space behind, making it appear like she’s in the canoe!

10. Pocahontas Pottery Set

This craft is simple but will last a long time. Give each child some old mugs, terra-cotta pots, or even small ceramic bowls.

From several finished pages, the youngster can choose various Pocahontas characters with which to decorate the pottery.

Rubber cement or invisible glue works best to affix the cutouts to their surface.

Several coats of acrylic spray will seal in the artwork, and the rims can be decorated with yarn bows, curling ribbon, or anything the child desires!

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