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Disney Princess Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Fasten your tiaras and get set for a creative adventure with these 36 Disney Princess coloring pages that are all free to download and print! With these pages, kids (and adults, too!) can bring their favorite Disney princesses to life and re-live some of the most iconic moments in movie history.

For this collection, you will find all of the official 13 Disney princesses, including Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Moana, and Raya! Also included are scenes of various princesses pictured together, which make for some great coloring fun!

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To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

15 Craft Ideas To Do With Princess Coloring Pages

All little girls dream of being princesses; coloring them is the next best thing.

Here are 15 affordable, fun crafts your youngster can do with the finished pages.   

1. Make a “Belle”

This easy craft will delight any youngster. When Princess Belle is colored, the entire page should be glued to thin cardboard, and the head and body should be cut out separately.

Fashion the body into a cone shape, and secure it with tape or glue. Then, glue the head to the cone’s peak.

A tiny craft bell can then be stapled inside, and your youngster has just turned Belle into a bell!

2. Princess Aurora Crown

Princess Aurora’s pink and gold crown is famous, and any youngster would love to wear one.

A crown can be fashioned using one or two finished coloring pages by cutting out tall triangles and stapling them together at the bottom.

 A strip of cardboard taped on the inside around the base can be used to reinforce it.

Craft gems glued to the front of the crown make it extra fancy.

Then, from another page, Princess Aurora’s face can be colored, cut out, and added as the perfect finishing touch.

3. Cinderella in Her Coach

Youngsters who are very creative will love this craft. Begin with a paper or styrofoam plate, and hollow out a section in the middle to make the plate look like a coach.

Tissue paper can be placed around the cutout’s center as curtains, and Cinderella can be colored, cut from the page, and placed “inside” the coach.

Using the exact instructions, make the backside of the plate a coach, too; only color this one like a pumpkin to depict the coach after midnight!

4. Snow White and Company

This craft is a great classroom activity, and it’s perfect for children who want to color more than just one page.

Begin this adorable keepsake poster by having the youngsters color and cut out the seven dwarfs. 

These should then be arranged in any pattern the child desires on a piece of poster board.

When Snow White is colored and cut from the page, she can be placed in the center, and the artwork embellished with glitter, craft jewels, yarn, or puffy paint!

5. Princess Tiana in a Cloud of Green

Princess Tiana is famous for her big, fluffy green gown; any youngster will enjoy this fancy craft.

Once Tiana is colored and cut from the page, she should be glued to a piece of dark green poster board.

Next, a piece of green construction paper should be folded into the shape of the fan and turned upside down to create a textured background for her gown.

Green tissue paper can then be shredded and glued in the folds of the fan to re-create the extravagant gown Tiana wore in the movie!

6. Bring Ariel to Life

For this easy craft, take an empty bathroom tissue cardboard, laminate it with light green construction paper, and position it vertically. 

Ariel should then be colored, cut from the page, and glued to the surface of the roll.

Next, the youngster can fashion several mermaid tales from construction paper, which should then be arranged in a spiral fashion and glued together in the center.

The cardboard can then be Krazy-glued to the middle of the design for an adorable hanging ornament.

7. Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

A hand mirror is a famous item in the Snow White story, and any little girl will enjoy making her own fancy mirror based on this Disney story.

Using any inexpensive mirror from a discount store, the youngster can color Snow White, cut her from the page, and glue the cutout to the back of the mirror.

Glitter can be used for a fancy touch, and “Who’s the Fairest of them All?” can be written in puffy paint.

The entire ensemble should then be sealed with acrylic spray.

8. Cinderella at the Palace

This easy craft is great for an individual or as a classroom activity. 

Let each child draw a castle using his or her imagination, decorating it with tiny plastic jewels, glitter, or any craft item he or she desires.

Once Cinderella is colored and cut from the page, she can be added to the front of the palace to complete the poster.

The youngsters can compare their posters to see what everyone came up with when creating the castles!

9. Pocahontas Keepsake

If your child’s favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas, this craft is a failsafe choice.  Start by creating a makeshift canoe from craft sticks, brown paint, and glue. 

The canoe should then be Krazy-glued to a piece of stiff cardboard that’s cut in a similar shape.

When Pocahontas is colored and cut from the page, she can be slid in front of the cardboard, making it look like she’s in the canoe.

With a simple hole punched on either end of the canoe, the string can be added to hang this Pocahontas keepsake anywhere the child desires.

10. Rapunzel in the Tower

Give each child a small tin pail for this fun craft, or fashion a castle from a gray poster board. 

The top can be cut in the shape of a battlement, or paper squares can be added to the tin pail to create this shape.

When Rapunzel is colored, the page should be glued to thin cardboard, and the character cut out. 

Yarn can be added to create her famous hair, and the cutout can be placed in the tower. Make sure to hang the hair over the top to set the scene!

11. Design a Mulan  Headband

Mulan’s famous gold headband is an easy craft for any youngster. 

Take an ordinary plastic headband from any novelty store and add a layer of gold glitter. 

When Mulan is colored, glued to cardboard, and carefully cut out, she should be pasted to a piece of colorful poster board that’s cut in a crescent shape.

When the bottom is folded down around the headband and glued fast, your youngster has a beautiful headband that looks just like Mulan’s. 

12. Create a Moana Collector Plate

This craft is simple and easy and requires only a clear plastic plate, some yarn, and a little glitter.

When Moana is colored, the page should be trimmed in a circle to fit inside the plate, with a border of approximately two inches, and sealed in glassine.

Yarn can then be wrapped around the outer border to create a plush texture around Moana’s cameo, and a layer of glitter can be added to the yarn’s surface. 

The finished result will look just like a commemorative plate!

13. Create a Fancy Necklace

Princess Jasmine is always pictured with a fancy necklace, so why not let your youngster create her own?

When the Princess is colored, a hole should be punched at the cutout’s top, and the entire piece should be laminated with acrylic spray.

Then, other coloring pages can be used to create a long paper chain and yarn attached to the cutout to secure it to the chain for an extravagant pendant!

14.  Give Ariel a Unique Home

For this fun craft, cut the top of a paper plate to make it look like a fishbowl, and add blue tissue paper to create the illusion of water.

Once Ariel is colored and cut from the page, she should be attached to the tissue paper with invisible glue.

Fish, plants, and seahorses can be made from construction paper and added to the aquatic environment.

When the entire ensemble is sealed in glassine, it becomes a fancy, unique ornament to hang anywhere.

15. Merida with Her Bow and Arrow

Start this engaging craft by bending a pipe cleaner into the shape of a bow handle and adding thread to complete the picture. A fancy toothpick makes the perfect arrow.

Once Merida is colored, glued to cardboard, and cut from the page, Krazy glue can be used to attach the bow to one hand and the arrow to the other.

The finished craft can be taped to an empty paper towel roll, and your child has a decoration that will stand on its own on a bureau or desktop!

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