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Elsa Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 Elsa coloring pages that are completely free to download or print! You will find varying styles of Elsa, from cute cartoon ones for preschoolers, more detailed ones for kids, and some with other popular Frozen characters like Anna, Olaf, and Jack Frost.

These printable coloring sheets are a great way for kids (and adults!) to further show their love of this iconic Disney franchise. Not only are these pictures super fun to color in, but they also make great decorations, a fun birthday party activity, or a rainy day project.

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To start your coloring activity, click on any of the below pictures or links, which will open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you will have the option to freely download or print any of these high-resolution printables!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Iconic Elsa Moments From Frozen & Coloring Ideas

Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful franchises, and one of the main characters, Elsa, has some pretty unforgettable scenes. Keep reading for Elsa’s most iconic moments!

1. When She Builds the Ice Palace

The scene where Elsa builds her ice palace while singing Let it Go is arguably the most memorable moment in this movie. 

Using her ice magic, Elsa constructs a massive castle on top of a mountain, fit with a long and large ice bridge.

She also designs a beautiful ice blue dress for herself, as you can see on the above coloring sheet. 

When coloring in this picture, use varied shades of gray, silver, and blue to add more dimension and texture. I also recommend using glitter or glitter gel to show Elsa’s ice powers!

2. When She First Creates Olaf

In early scenes of Frozen, we see Anna and Elsa playing with Elsa’s powers, making it snow in the palace and building a snowman.

In this scene, Anna and Elsa name their snowman Olaf, who comes to life later on in the movie. Not only can little Elsa create beautiful designs with her powers, but she can also create life.

When coloring the sheet for this scene, I recommend using multimedia elements, such as scrapbook paper for their dresses, sticker gems for the snow, and other crafty items!

3. The Arendelle Guard Attack Scene

When Elsa is attacked by members of her own kingdom, needless to say, she holds her own. 

One particular moment that stands out is when she has one guard pinned with a massive ice block with sharp edges. This scene is powerful and intense, and completely unforgettable.

When filling in the coloring sheet for this scene, try using watercolors instead of markers or thick paint. The watercolor will give the picture a more whimsical and magical feeling.

4. When She Starts the Eternal Winter

Frozen’s plot really gets going when Elsa, standing in her coronation dress, starts the eternal winter by reacting to her sister Anna’s taunts in frustration, shooting ice from her hands in rage.

This scene is full of color – Elsa’s green and purple coronation dress, the honey-brown wood and crème walls in the ballroom, the gold siding of the doors and walls, and the silvery ice spikes.

When coloring in this scene, I recommend using metallic silver paint for the ice, as the ice in this scene has that effect in the movie!

5. When She Restores Summer

Elsa discovers the key to restoring summer after freezing all of Arendelle- showing and feeling love! She begins sending small little bursts of snow into the air, thawing their surroundings.

This scene shows Elsa on a large ship in the fjord, so I recommend pasting wood pattern scrapbook paper for the ship to add some more dimension to the picture.

6. Freezing Her Bedroom

After Anna and Elsa’s parents die early in the movie, Elsa is shown in a fully transformed bedroom, completely covered in ice and show, displaying her lack of control over her powers.

In this scene, there is a lot of ice. Therefore, I recommend using silver and white paint, silver glitter or glitter gel, and even some stick-on scrapbook pearls to make the ice stand out.

I also recommend using dark blue and black around the edges of the illustration to try and portray the darkness of the room. Also, don’t forget to add silver glitter to Elsa’s hands!

7. Forbidding Anna’s Marriage to Hans

Fans of Frozen love the scene where Elsa forbids Anna’s marriage to Hans, due to the iconic line: “you can’t marry a man you just met.” 

This scene counteracts the classic fairy tale ending where princesses marry their prince after knowing them for only a few hours, which sends a great message to young girls!

This scene is quite static, as nothing is moving or happening in the background. 

Therefore, to add more to it, I recommend writing the quote on the illustration using a calligraphy pen, stenciling, or scrapbook lettering. 

You can also make it more fun by outlining the colors with glitter or darker shades!

8. Crying Over Anna’s Frozen Body

A pinnacle moment in Frozen is when Hans tries to kill Elsa, but Anna stops the sword, temporarily dying as she gets frozen in place; Elsa clings to her and begins crying.

This scene is gorgeous, as Anna is frozen in motion while Elsa’s long cape drapes along the ground in the opposite direction. 

When coloring in this scene, I highly recommend using metallic paints in silver and ice blue, while using dark gray and white to color in the background.

To add the snow falling effect, I recommend splattering white paint with a small brush, or mixing glitter into your white paint and bruising on a white layer.

9. Creates an Ice Rink in Summer

After Elsa finally opens the palace gates for good, she creates a temporary ice rink in the town square, and turns the fountains into ice sculptures.

While this scene is mostly blue and white, you can add some extra color but drawing in some flowers or plants along the border to signify the combination of ice with the summer season.

Also, Anna’s dress in this scene is blue, black, gold, and red, so make sure to use these or other vibrant colors to fill in her outfit and add some more vibrancy.

10. When She Freezes Anna’s Head

When Anna and Elsa are playing with Elsa’s powers in the Arendelle palace, Elsa accidentally hits Anna’s head with a shard of ice, freezing her head and leaving her unconscious. 

In the movie, this scene is quite darkly colored, so I recommend adding more dimension by adding a snow and ice effect in the background with glitter or sponging on white paint.

Also, don’t forget to use yellow and ice blue for Anna and Elsa’s pajamas, or switch out the colors for a brighter palette (e.g. pink and purple).

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