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Anna Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into the magical kingdom of Arendelle with these 20 Anna coloring pages that are absolutely free for you to download and print! Whether you’re a fan of her adventures in the Frozen films or just looking for a frosty fun activity, these pages offer a wonderful way to engage with the character!

In this coloring set, you’ll find Anna in various scenes from her life’s journey—from her childhood days playing with Elsa to her heroic quests with Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. Whether she’s standing brave and alone or sharing a tender moment with her friends, there’s a page for every Frozen fan to enjoy!

To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Anna Coloring Pages

Anna is one of Disney’s most beloved characters.

Try these fun, inexpensive crafts if those finished coloring pages are piling up.

1. Make an Ornate Greeting Card 

To make this interesting craft, have the youngster choose a coloring page with an intricate design.

The child can use colored pencils, glitter pens, or markers to finish the page in a way that highlights its complex design.

White glitter and blue puffy paint can be used to embellish the famous sections of Anna’s gown, and her hair can be enhanced with yellow yarn or craft braids.

The page can then be glued to a larger background, leaving room at the bottom to write a greeting or phrase. It can be used as a card or preserved as a keepsake.

2. An Adorable Classroom Craft

For this cute craft, have each youngster color and cut out a snowflake from a white posterboard. It can be as intricate or plain as desired.

Then, when the children have finished their coloring pages, the Anna characters can be cut out and glued to the center of the snowflakes.

When these are strung together, it becomes an adorable banner for the classroom!

3. Make an Anna Snow Globe

Any small jar or globe-shaped candle holder will do for this craft. Have the youngster use a brush to coat the inside with a thin layer of ordinary glue.

Place blue and white glitter inside and shake it around for a few seconds. It will adhere to the surface because of the glue, creating the illusion of a snow globe.

Then, when Anna is colored, she should be cut out with an extra tab of paper at the bottom. 

Fold the tab to the back or front so that it can be used to glue Anna to the bottom of the globe. Display this unique decoration anywhere.

4. Anna Style Paper Dolls

If your youngster enjoys playing with paper dolls, there’s no better character than Frozen’s Anna.

For this craft, use multiple coloring pages featuring Anna in different outfits, but have the youngster select one as the “main” character.

Then, the child can cut out various outfits from other coloring pages.

Make sure to leave tabs of paper here and there to fold around the original cutout when changing Anna’s attire!

5. Make a Pretty Letter Ornament

For this fun craft, give the youngsters pieces of craft wire to bend into the shape of their first initial.

White pom-poms are easily glued to the letter with krazy glue, and they’ll look like small snowflakes.

When Anna is colored and cut out, embellish her gown with blue construction paper folded like a fan and attached upside down to her waist.

The entire ensemble can then be glued to the letter, and this cute initial can be hung wherever the child desires.

6. An Easy Anna Doll

This simple craft is fun for all children and begins with the youngster spray painting the surface of an empty shampoo bottle blue with craft paint, then adding a layer of silver glitter.

When Anna is colored and cut out, she should be glued to the bottle. Make sure to wait until the glitter is dry, though.

Then, add Anna’s famous braid, made from yarn, by attaching one end to the top of the bottle just behind her head and pulling it around diagonally over the front of the cutout.

This adorable, decorative doll can be placed on a desk, bureau, or table.

7. I Now Crown You Anna

If your youngster enjoys pretending to be Anna, why not let her make a fancy crown?

Begin this easy craft by fashioning a headband from blue cardstock and adding tiny craft gems as decorations.

Let the youngster cut simple snowflakes from white construction paper and glue them to the circumference of the crown, leaving space in the front.

The coloring page should be glued to thin cardboard, and when Anna is cut out, she can be attached to the front of the crown for a fun, ornate accessory your child will love.

8. Design a Beautiful Tree Ornament

Begin this craft by having the youngster trace and cut out a swirly shape from an ordinary glassine paper sheet. Decorate it with tiny stars and snowflakes from any craft kit.

When Anna is colored, reinforce the page with thick cardboard and cut the character out. 

The shiny swirl should be attached to her hand as if she’s creating the sparkles by magic.

Staple a piece of yarn or thread to the top of the cutout and hang it on a tree or wreath for the holidays.

9. Make an Anna Diary

All little girls love diaries, and it’s easy to make a homemade journal with some Anna coloring pages.

Let the youngster cut ordinary colored printer paper into any size desired, depending on how large or small she wants the diary to be.

Then, two pieces of cardstock can be used for the front and back covers, and these should be decorated with cutouts from the Anna coloring pages.

Make sure to seal the covers in contact paper or with a coat or two of acrylic spray, and your youngster has a beautiful, homemade diary.

10. Anna’s Famous Flames

Anna’s superpower is fire, and this craft utilizes that fun theme.

Start with a rectangular-shaped piece of posterboard, folded like an accordion with three big sections.

When Anna is colored and cut out, she should be glued to the center section. Then, decorate the other two sections with tufts of red tissue paper.

Fold the “accordion” back together, and when opened, it looks like Anna is emerging from the flames.

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