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Tangled Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original Tangled coloring pages that are all free to download and print! For this series, I illustrated a wide range of characters and scenes from the Tangled movie, including Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus, Pascal, Mother Gothel, plus many others!

These printables are great for children who want something creative to do, a fun and free birthday party activity, decorations for a princess-themed party, wall art, placemats, scrapbooking, and tons more creative uses!

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To color in any of these pictures, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then download or print as many times as you want, completely for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Tangled Coloring Pages

Tangled fascinates children everywhere. But what do you do with all those finished Tangled coloring pages?

Here are some outstanding craft ideas to preserve all that hard work.

1. Make a Cute Rapunzel Paper Doll

What could be better than a Rapunzel paper doll? These are not only fun to make, but you can make them last!

Have your child color and cut out Rapunzel and glue it to thin cardboard. 

Alternatively, depending on the style coloring page chosen, the different parts can be cut out separately and connected with paper fasteners for movable limbs.

Either way, your child can use all the other finished Tangled pages to cut out clothes for the paper doll. Let your child’s imagination run wild when making outfits!

2. A Truly Unique Piece of Artwork

This super fun craft begins with your child’s favorite Tangled coloring page, which should be colored and laminated with glassine.

Let your child determine if Rapunzel should be a blonde, brunette, or redhead, and get the appropriate color yarn to create hair.

The key is using a significant amount of yarn! The idea is for Rapunzel’s “hair” to be the frame for the colored page on all four sides.

Once the border is created, use another piece of yarn to hang the finished craft!

3. Mirror, Mirror on Rapunzel’s Wall

If your child has a hand mirror that she wants to pretty up, a Tangled coloring page makes a great item with which to laminate the back.

Then, take craft braids and wrap them around the handle of the mirror to make it appear as if Rapunzel’s hair has gotten “Tangled” along the way.

This craft is also fun to do with a child’s purse or fanny pack. Rapunzel decals can be made from the coloring pages to decorate either one and really add some style!

4. Get Creative With String Art

Tangled coloring pages are ideal for string art. Once the page is colored, youngsters can come up with a pattern.

Straight pins should then be used to map out the design and thread of various colors to crisscross back and forth, giving Rapunzel a unique appearance!

Kids can choose to do string art on Rapunzel’s outstanding hair only or make the entire page a work of art!

5. Dress up Those Drab Bottles

All little girls love to play with mom’s toiletries, so give them a way to do something practical with these printables.

Hairspray cans, shampoo bottles, and all sorts of haircare products come in various containers that can go from drab to awesome in a moment with finished coloring pages.

Use those cute creations to laminate all sorts of hair product bottles, and long after they’re empty, the containers can be used for flowers, coins, or just cute decorations.

6. Give Rapunzel that Extra Something

Youngsters will surely have tons of fun with this great craft. To start, glue the page onto a sturdy piece of cardboard or thick poster board.

Next, glue on an ample amount of thin Christmas ribbon in gold, black, or red to serve as Rapunzel’s hair.

Make sure it’s ribbed package ribbon so it can be curled with scissors!

The “hair” can be made as curly or wavy as desired, and the rest of Rapunzel can be decorated with felt, glitter, puffy glue, or anything to make her super exciting.

7. A Rapunzel Diary

For this craft, use plain or lined paper to create dated pages and finished coloring pages for the front and back covers.

Using a three-hole punch, create a place for yarn to be used to bind the diary pages together, but carefully select the color, so it looks like hair.

Thread the yarn through in at least three separate pieces, and braid them together so that the diary looks like it’s being held together by Rapunzel’s braid!

8. A Fun Rapunzel Necklace 

This craft is easy and begins with finding an appropriate size Tangled character, coloring it, and gluing it to very stiff cardboard. Crazy glue is perfect for this.

Next, punch a hole at the top and laminate it with acrylic spray. Make a long braid from yarn, and use this for the necklace chain.

Use several pieces of extra yarn to attach the “chain” to the cut out in such a way that it looks like Rapunzel’s hair itself is wrapped around the youngster’s neck!

9. Fancy That! A Rapunzel Fan

Using bright colors, and adding embellishments such as glitter and puffy glue, color the selected page and fold it into the shape of a fan vertically rather than horizontally.

Color a second page, repeating the steps above, and glue them together for a jumbo-size fancy fan.

You guessed it, use yarn to tie the bottom together, but allow ample room so that it flows away from the fan at the bottom. This creates the illusion that the fan is made of Rapunzel’s hair!

10. Make a Unique Tangled Mobile

Color and cut out six different Tangled characters, and attach six pieces of yarn to an embroidery hoop at different levels in the classic mobile pattern.

But to make this mobile different, take additional pieces of yarn, and thread them back and forth between the characters, almost like a spider web.

The idea is to make it look as if the hair from the different characters is getting tangled together. 

For extra fun, paste on stars, pom-poms, or glitter to the “tangled” pieces of hair for additional depth and volume for this fun mobile.

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