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Pineapple Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original pineapple coloring pages that are all free to print or download! These printables are sure to keep your kid(s) entertained while also doubling as a fun screen-free activity that is quick to organize and also free!

Also below, you will find a variety of pineapple styles and themes, from cute kawaii pineapples, simple pineapple outlines for kids, detailed pineapples for adults, beach-theme pineapples, pineapple teaching templates, and many more!

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If you would like to use any of these pages, you can do so by clicking on any picture or link. This will then open the PDF on a new page, which can then freely download or print! You can also print some duplicates for a last-minute craft activity, party decorations, or a rainy-day project.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do With Pineapple Coloring Pages

Pineapple coloring pages are a terrific go-to activity that no youngster can resist. However, you may be looking for craft ideas so that these coloring pages can be put to good use afterward instead of being thrown away or forgotten.

Check out these top ten craft ideas you can do with all kinds of pineapple coloring pages:  

1. Make a Cover for a Handmade Scrapbook or Journal

If your youngsters are interested in scrapbooks or journals, pineapple coloring pages make perfect covers.

Prepare as many sheets of paper as desired for these handmade books, and use posterboard for the front and back covers.

Punch through them with a three-hole punch and use colored paper fasteners to hold them together.

Carefully cut out the colored pineapple and glue it to the book’s cover, or even use two coloring pages and give it a back cover too!

2. Create a Fancy Envelope Liner

This surprisingly easy way to use a pineapple coloring page starts with a large envelope or mailer and a bit of glue. Ideally, use a glue stick to dab approximately 15 dime size circles of glue on the back of the page.

Fold it to the appropriate dimensions, carefully slide it inside the envelope or mailer, and gently squeeze it.

Sitting on it works too, and will generate some laughs at the same time–and then look inside; it will appear as if it came with the liner already in place!

3. Accessorize Your Pineapples

Coloring is fun all by itself, but why not have the kids add a human touch to their pineapples? This is easily accomplished by things like novelty eyes and tiny pom-poms used as noses that can be glued onto the finished page.

The youngsters can even trace and cut out sunglasses from black construction paper and add them to the pineapple’s face. This fun idea is limited only by the participants’ imagination.

4. Pineapple Bookmarks

For young children, this simple craft is fun as well as practical and makes a great classroom activity. Glue cardstock to the back of the colored page and cut it into bookmarks, adding tassels or glitter to make them even more fun.

This is especially enjoyable because each child can decide how many bookmarks to make: several large, fancy ones, or a whole bunch of small ones to give to friends and family.

5. Make a Coffee Can Rise and Shine

Many people use empty coffee cans to organize odds and ends, but using pineapple cutouts can make these dull storage containers fancy.

Simply trim the coloring page to the appropriate size and use craft glue to carefully glue it to the outside of the coffee can, going slowly and carefully to prevent “wrinkles.”

For extra fun, have each child color an additional page to line the inside of the can too!

6. Decorate Your Classroom with a Pineapple Chain

All kids love making paper chains, but why not a pineapple chain? After each child has colored a page, have them carefully cut out their pineapples and punch a hole at the top. 

Have two of the children hold a long piece of string or yarn, and “thread” each pineapple through to create a banner that can border a chalkboard or whiteboard for a colorful and creative touch to the classroom.

7. A Unique Snack Plate

A pineapple coloring page is a perfect choice for a homemade plate. Acquire some budget-friendly glass or plastic cookie plates of the appropriate size, cut out the colored pineapple, and fasten it to the bottom of the plate, face side up.

This plate can be a cute table centerpiece, or you can use it for knick-knacks, nuts, or anything that does not require it to get wet. You may even decide to hang it on the wall, but don’t forget to have your child initial it first.

8. Make a Fruity Ornament

Have your child make a wonderful ornament with a finished pineapple coloring page. Use a circular object, such as a cup, and trace as many circles as possible on the page.

Use pinking shears or scallop-edged scissors to cut them out, then fold the circles in half, and glue one side to the next until all the circles are glued together in a small stack.

Place yarn or string in the middle, and then “un-fan” the folded circles and glue the final two together for a three-dimensional hanging ornament!

9. Create a Candle Wrapper

If you’re looking for an easy craft that children can make for their parents, have them take their coloring page and wrap it around a cylinder-shaped, glass candleholder.

Obviously, paper and candles don’t mix, but this can be solved by placing tea lights, rather than wax candles, inside the holders.

Since most children will have colored their pineapple yellow, it will glow through the clear cylinder beautifully, and be a cute addition to any room.

10. Pineapple Finger Art

For a unique twist when using pineapple coloring pages, have the children color their pages with finger paints instead of traditional crayons.

This is particularly fun since the ends of little fingers make perfect tools to create the traditional pineapple pattern seen on the outside of the actual fruit.

This could end up looking more vivid and bright than pages colored with crayons. Consider getting some economy picture frames, and having the youngsters sign their Picassos, which can then be put on display or saved as mementos of their youth.

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