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Earth Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original Earth coloring pages that are all free to print and download! When I was teaching first and second grade in elementary school, lessons on the Earth were always eagerly awaited! Children were always so fascinated about this living planet that we exist on.

For this series, I illustrated a wide variety of Earth pictures to fit every aged child, including simple drawings of the Earth, the Earth with country borders, the Earth with stars, Earth Day-themed pages, the Earth with recycling logo, plus many more!

Earth Coloring Pages Featured Image

These printables can make for a fun and informational way to learn about the Earth while also expressing some creativity. Once the pages are completed, they can be hung up in the classroom as decorations, used for a doorway entry, book covers, plus many more uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Earth Coloring Pages

Planet-themed crafts are always a big hit with youngsters and can be used for educational purposes or just for fun.

Here are some interesting ways to turn Earth coloring pages into engaging crafts.

1. Decorate a Recyclable Container

Recyclable containers are necessary, but they’re not all that attractive. With this fun craft, they can come to life.

This is an especially nice classroom activity for Earth Day. Have each child color his or her planet Earth and carefully cut it out.

The finished coloring pages can then be used to decorate the outside of a recyclable container to remind everyone what it’s for!

2. Joy to the World Ornament

A pretty ornament can be made with Earth coloring pages, and any size works. Two identical pages should be colored, and the planets cut out.

Trim a piece of thin corkboard to match the size of the cutouts. On either side, use gorilla glue to attach the colored Earths and punch a small hole in the top.

With a glitter gun or colored marker, write “Joy to the World” across the front of the ornament, and hang it on the Christmas tree using a red or green ribbon.

3. Pretty Up a Mailbox

This craft is particularly fun if you live in a rural area. If you have a good size mailbox, have your child finish an Earth coloring page–the larger, the better.

Affix it to the mailbox with non-damaging wall putty or krazy glue. Give it a generous coating of acrylic spray.

Then, have your child paint the house number in the middle of the circle with black enamel paint.

4. Fancy Cover for a Science Book

Children frequently use coloring pages to make book covers, and a planet Earth coloring sheet is perfect for a science book.

Once the page is completed, the edges should be trimmed to the size of the book, and a standard book cover can be made from craft paper or a brown paper bag.

The planet page should then be glued to the front of the cover and decorated with green felt, blue glitter, or anything the child wants to use to make it fancy.

5. Make an Environmentally-Friendly Garden Decoration

For this fun craft, have your child color a planet Earth and carefully cut it out of the page. Next, have him or her laminate it onto the back of a disposable pie tin.

The tin should have a slit cut on the bottom edge, horizontally, big enough for an extra-large craft stick to slide through. 

The craft stick should fit snugly so that the pie plate doesn’t slide down.

The other end of the craft stick can be pushed into the ground, creating a cute lawn decoration for a garden or dirt bed.

6. A Fun and Educational Classroom Project

This terrific classroom project is easy to make and educational as well as fun. Have each child color their planet, cut it out, and glue it to a stiff piece of cardboard.

The back of the cardboard should be laminated with plain white paper on which each child can write a tip about preserving the Earth or just an interesting fact about our planet.

A hole punch can be used to make a place for string or yarn, and the ornaments can be hung from the ceiling to decorate the classroom.

7. Laminate a Plant Container

Flowerpots and plant containers are usually very plain, so why not add some pizzazz with a finished planet Earth?

Crazy glue works best for this craft unless the flowerpot is plastic. For plastic, rubber cement works best.

The entire page can be used to laminate the outside of the container, or the planet can be cut out. This really just depends on the size and shape of the flowerpot.

8. Holding up the Earth

If your child has a favorite superhero, he or she will love this craft. 

Using a piece of white poster board–positioned vertically–the finished planet earth should be cut out of the coloring page and glued to the top portion of the poster board.

Underneath, the child can draw or stencil his or her favorite superhero with arms stretching up toward the planet as if holding it up.

The finished poster can be framed or left plain and hung on a wall, refrigerator, or anywhere the child desires!

9. Ceiling Fan Chain

All youngsters need for this craft is some colorful yarn or craft link chain and a planet Earth coloring sheet.

Once the page is colored, the planet should be cut out and glued to a thin corkboard or stiff cardboard. Laminating it with acrylic spray is a good idea, but not a must.

A hole should be punched at the top of the cut-out, and yarn or craft chain should be used to attach it to a ceiling fan chain. 

When the ceiling fan starts to run, the “Earth” will spin, making it look even more real.

10. Make an Earth Flag

Take a large piece of felt and cut it in the shape of a flag. The planet Earth can then be colored and carefully cut out of the page.

Next, tacky glue or felt glue can be used to affix it to the center of the felt.

A wooden knitting needle works great as the flag’s stick.

Simply fold the appropriate end of the felt flag around the knitting needle and use a modest amount of tacky glue to hold it in place.


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