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Shark Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Dive deep into the ocean of creativity with these 34 jaw-dropping shark coloring pages that are absolutely free to download and print! Sharks have long captivated imaginations with their sleek design, razor-sharp teeth, and mysterious deep-sea adventures, which makes them a fantastic subject to color!

Included below are a huge array of shark illustrations to color, featuring the mighty Great White, the playful Hammerhead, sharks with intricate patterns, whale sharks, tiger sharks, cartoonish sharks, sharks from Finding Nemo and Shark Tale, plus many others that you can see below!

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Shark Coloring Pages

Sharks are exciting for children of all ages to color.

If your youngster is looking for something to do with those finished pages, try these fun and affordable crafts.

1. Shark Comes to Life

This fun craft is easy for any age child and begins with an ordinary white paper plate. 

The youngster should cut triangles around the plate’s circumference in the shape of teeth.

Next, glue the coloring page shark to the back of the plate with invisible glue. The plate should then be folded over.

Add two wiggle eyes on the top half, and squeeze the plate open and shut to look like the shark’s jaws have come to life!

2. Shark Binoculars

This enjoyable craft starts with laminating two empty toilet tissue rolls with sharks cut from the finished coloring pages.

Cut triangles on either side of each roll to depict the shark’s mouth. Craft eyes should be glued on either side of the roll as well, and the sharks now look lifelike.

Punch a hole in the opposite side of each roll and thread a piece of packing twine through to connect the two rolls.

These “shark binoculars” can now be worn around the youngster’s neck and held up as binoculars!

3. Comical 3D Artwork

This comical craft is easy and fun. Give each youngster an empty paper towel cardboard, spray painted blue with craft paint.

A shark’s face should be colored, cut out, and glued to the back of a white foam plate. A funny mouth should be added with red puffy paint and candy corns for teeth.

Take two giant wiggle eyes and glue them to an empty paper towel cardboard, positioned horizontally.

Then, glue the paper towel cardboard across the area where the shark’s eyes are for a hilarious 3D shark artwork.

4. Rocking Sharks

To make these fun shark crafts, give each youngster a paper plate to fold in half, making sure the rounded side stays at the bottom.

Each side can be decorated with a shark cutout from the finished coloring page. Add fins, wiggle eyes, and other embellishments as desired.

Next, cut a groove in a small piece of styrofoam, and when the shark is placed in the groove, it can be rocked back and forth due to its crescent shape.

This adorable shark is a perfect desktop decoration.

5. Feeding Time

Start this hilarious craft by having the child color and cut out a shark, cutting the bottom half of its jaw out separately.

Glue the shark to the top half of a circular-shaped piece of cardboard and bend the bottom half up around the back to create a pocket behind the cutout.

The jaw should then be reattached with a paper fastener, with a toothpick attached to the bottom so that it can be moved up and down.

The youngsters can then trace and cut out tiny fish from construction paper, toss them into the hollow area, and “close” the shark’s mouth as if he’s eating!

6. Cute Clothespin Shark

This simple craft is fun in a classroom, and all the youngsters need is some glue and a clothespin.

When their sharks are colored and cut out, they should be carefully cut in half horizontally.

Using krazy glue or rubber cement, the top half should be glued to the top section of the clothespin and the bottom half to the clothespin’s base.

Add a big, funny wiggle eye, and the youngsters can have fun making their sharks “talk.”

7. Swimming Along

Each youngster should begin this craft by decorating the top half of a paper plate like the sky, adding the sun, some clouds, and even a few birds or butterflies.

An ocean should then be traced and cut from blue construction paper and taped to the bottom of the plate. This will create a pocket between the “ocean” and the plate.

When the shark is colored and cut out, a tiny hole should be made for a piece of thread, and the shark should be tucked into the space behind the ocean cutout.

The youngster can then pull the thread, making the shark rise out of the water!

8. Funny Shark Game

For this easy craft, have the youngsters embellish their finished coloring pages by giving the sharks silly faces with wiggle eyes and funny rounded teeth made from pom-poms.

Then, a piece of red curling paper can be added as a tongue. It can be pulled out to its full length and then let go to snap back in a funny roll.

Display this hilarious art anywhere you want a laugh.

9. Racing Sharks

Youngsters who are having a contest in school always enjoy this craft. Have the children cut their sharks from the finished coloring pages and attach craft sticks to the back.

Next, the youngsters should work together to draw an ocean on a large piece of craft paper.

Slits should be cut in a line across the paper, large enough to accommodate the craft sticks.

The children’s sharks can be moved around, depending on who’s winning the contest at the moment, for a fun way to keep track!

10. Decorate an Old Shower Curtain

If you have an old, clear shower curtain, let your child turn it into a mini ocean.

The youngster can color and cut out sharks and other items from the coloring pages and decorate the shower curtain like an ocean.

Seal the work in sheets of contact paper, and the youngster can hang this adorable ocean scene anywhere.

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