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Metal Sonic Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to speed into the world of robotics with these 24 Metal Sonic coloring pages, all set for you to download and print without a cost! With these pages, kids can join the high-octane action as you color this iconic antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

In this batch, you’ll encounter Metal Sonic in his various forms and poses, from high-speed chases against Sonic to his formidable transformation phases. Whether you’re a die-hard Sonic fan or just love the thrill of the series, these pages bring the metallic mayhem right to your fingertips!

To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Metal Sonic Coloring Pages

Metal Sonic is that robotic, slightly evil version of the famous game, and it’s not surprising children like to color these characters.

Try these simple, affordable crafts to put those finished pages to good use.

1. Make a Unique Game

All you need for this great classroom activity are some old clothespins, painted yellow.

When the Metal Sonic character is finished, glue it to thin cardboard, cut it out,  and clip the clothespins at the top as his quills. 

The youngsters can then trace and cut out several “emeralds” and slide them under the clothespins.

Then, the children can play a trivia game, where an emerald is awarded for each correct answer. The one with the most emeralds at the end, wins!

2. Make a Robot Doll

Start this craft by using empty bathroom tissue and paper towel cardboards to fashion a makeshift “robot.”

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the youngsters can have lots of fun embellishing it with glitter, metallic paint, or anything they desire.

When the pieces are glued together with craft glue, they can be laminated with cutouts from the finished pages.

Add giant pom-poms as feet, and this cute doll will stand on its own!

3. Laminate a Helmet

If your child wears a sports helmet or bicycle helmet, nothing is better to decorate it with than Metal Sonic coloring pages!

Have the youngster cut out the pieces separately and use craft glue to attach them.

Sonic’s face should be glued to the front of the helmet, his arms to the sides, and his legs and feet to the back. 

Seal the artwork with several coats of acrylic spray, and your child has the fanciest helmet in town!

4. Create a Metal Sonic Centerpiece

To make this fun centerpiece, give each youngster a small styrofoam square to be spray-painted silver, adding a layer of silver glitter to make it fancy. 

Next, cut a circle from stiff cardboard, about the size of a coaster, and wrap it in yellow tissue paper.

Glue this to the top of the square. When the coloring page is finished, the character should be cut out, leaving about an inch of extra paper at the base.

Fold the paper to create a tab for glue, and attach the cutout to the center of the yellow circle, and Sonic is in the spotlight!

5. Make a Fun Organizer

To make this fun desktop organizer, all you need are two tiny boxes, and three empty bathroom tissue cardboards.

These can be laminated with pieces from the finished coloring pages in an abstract fashion or by using the pages in their entirety.

Glue the cardboard rolls and boxes together, with a roll on each end. The boxes can be used to store paper clips, rubber bands, and thumbtacks.

The cardboard rolls are perfect for pencils, markers, pens, and crayons. Your youngster will have fun with this adorable organizer.

6. Design a Sonic Cutting Board 

Finished Metal Sonic coloring pages are perfect for making a decorative cutting board. 

Using an ordinary plastic or wood cutting board, have the youngster use carpenter’s glue to attach cutouts from the finished pages.

Seal the work in contact paper or glassine, and tie a piece of colorful yarn through the hole in the handle.

Hang this cute, decorative cutting board on the kitchen wall!

7. Make a Sonic Desktop Decoration

To make this innovative craft, begin by spray painting an empty bathroom tissue cardboard black and adding silver glitter.

Then, have the child cut Sonic’s head from the finished page, and glue it to the top front rim of the roll.

His body can then be glued to the rest of the cardboard, and large craft pom-poms added to depict his famous, giant feet.

Embellish the hands with the ends of two fancy toothpicks, and the youngster has a delightful desktop ornament.

8. 3D Metal Sonic

For this popular craft, have the children trace their hands several times on construction paper, then cut them out and glue them to posterboard.

The cutouts from the finished page should then be glued to the finger sections of the hand cutouts, making Sonic look even bigger and more formidable!

Next, fold another piece of construction paper into the shape of a paper hat with a large pom-pom stapled to its point. 

Add this to the poster, and it becomes outstanding 3D art to display anywhere!

9. Make Metal Sonic Crocs

Any youngster who likes to wear crocs will love this craft. 

Using two identical Metal Sonic coloring pages, have the youngster trim each one to fit the size of the crocs.

Then, using krazy glue, these can be attached to the tops of the shoes. 

Make sure to seal the artwork and with several coats of acrylic spray, and your youngster has just reinvented old crocs into Metal Sonic designer shoes!

10. Decorate a Fan

If you have a desk fan or a small rotating fan, it can be turned into a Sonic-themed appliance in no time.

Have the youngsters decorate the base of the fan with cutouts from the finished Metal Sonic coloring page, sealing the work with contact paper.

Then, tie silver streamers to the face of the fan, just like they do in stores to get people’s attention, and when the fan is turned on, it looks like Metal Sonic is wielding his superpowers!

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