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Sonic Exe Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready for a spooky twist on a classic with these 20 Sonic Exe coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Perfect for fans of the darker, creepier side of the Sonic universe, these sheets offer a hauntingly entertaining coloring experience!

In this set, you’ll find Sonic Exe in various eerie poses and scenes, along with the characters he encounters. Ideal for those who enjoy horror-themed games and stories, these coloring pages add a unique and spooky layer to the beloved hedgehog’s world!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Sonic Exe Coloring Pages

Sonic.exe is sometimes described as Sonic’s evil twin.

Here are some great crafts to do with coloring pages featuring this spooky hedgehog.

1. Sonic’s Teleportation Powers

One of Sonic Exe’s special powers is teleportation, and this funny craft highlights that.

Have the youngster draw a simple building with lots of windows. On the paper’s backside, attach tiny squares of velcro under each window.

Then, when the spooky hedgehog is colored and cut out, attach him to a craft stick and add a small Velcro square to the bottom.

The youngster can use the velcro to make Sonic move from window to window as if he’s being teleported!

2. A 3D Game Scene

Start this craft with the youngsters decorating empty paper towel cardboards as forest logs. 

Attach long pipe cleaners to the center of Sonic characters cut from the finished pages using staples. Make sure the pipe cleaners are long enough to have a “handle.”

Then, have the children carefully roll the cutouts around the pipe cleaners and slide them into the “log.”

When pushed out the other end, the cutouts will unfurl and look like Sonic just chased some prey through a hollow log.

3. Sonic Exe Placeholder

Try this great craft if your child is having a gaming party, birthday party, or even a few friends for dinner. Start by creating simple fans from blue construction paper. 

Glue these to small squares of cardboard with the straight edges down so the fans stand up.

When Sonic characters are colored and cut out, glue them to the front of the fans and embellish them with scary wiggle eyes, red puffy paint, or anything the child desires.

On the cardboard squares, write the guests’ names so everyone has a unique Sonic place marker.

4. Sonic Reaches Out

Spooky Sonic Exe is perfect for this easy craft. Paint a shoebox black with craft paint, after which holes should be cut for Sonic’s eyes and his arms.

When colored, Sonic should be carefully cut out and positioned within the shoebox so that his scary eyes show through the eyeholes.

Then, the youngster should carefully pull his arms through the other two holes, making it look as if Sonic is in hiding, reaching out to grasp unsuspecting prey!

5. Colorful Multidimensional Artwork

Start this fun craft by giving the youngsters blue construction paper and having them make small piles of tiny cone shapes simply by cutting out triangles and rolling them up.

Then, have them sketch a simple scene from the game on an ordinary piece of posterboard. 

When Sonic is colored and cut out, they should glue him to their poster’s center.

The triangle funnels are then carefully glued all around the cutout to embellish Sonic’s fur, making him look like a genuine hedgehog. Display this terrific 3D art anywhere.

6. Sonic’s Scary Grin

Sonic Exe is famous for his spooky grimace, and a scary mask can easily be made from a finished coloring page.

Choose pages featuring Sonic’s full face, and have the youngsters carefully cut them out when finished.

Then, tiny holes should be cut so the children can see through their pages, leaving the wider part of his famous spooky eyes intact.

Attach long craft sticks with which to hold the masks in front of their faces and enjoy some scary fun.

7. Autumn Leaves Craft

Who says autumn leaves must be certain colors?

To make this fun Sonic craft, have the youngsters gather various leaves and spray paint them blue with craft paint.

They can then be added to embellish Sonic’s fur once the coloring pages are finished. The fun is in arranging them, and this is limited only by the child’s imagination!

When finished, the youngsters will be surprised with how fancy these creations look, and they can be displayed during all four seasons.

8. Give a Hand

This fun craft starts with blue finger paint and ordinary white paper. Have the youngsters make two big handprints toward the top of the page.

Then, when Sonic is colored and cut out, he should be glued to the paper just below the handprints.

They’ll look like extensions of his fur! Embellish the rest with glitter, puffy paint, craft gems, or anything the youngsters desire and frame it as wall art.

9. Sonic Comes Alive

To make this cute desktop ornament, give the youngster an ordinary paper cup. Paper works better than plastic or styrofoam.

Pinch the top closed so that it looks fatter at the bottom and narrower at the top. Then, the cup should be laminated with cutouts from the Sonic coloring pages. 

The child should use blue tissue paper to embellish Sonic’s ears; the bigger and fancier, the better! Set this cute ornament on a desk or bureau to enjoy.

10. Sonic in Hiding

Sonic is famous for hiding and jumping out at his target, so have the youngsters give him a fantastic hiding place.

This is done by making creative designs on ordinary white paper plates with blue markers, crayons, or fingerpaints. 

The plate’s top third should then be cut in a jagged line and reattached with a paper fastener to appear broken.

When Sonic is colored and cut out, the cutout should be glued behind the bottom half of the plate so that the top can be lowered to conceal him. Youngsters will enjoy making him “pop” out.

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