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Super Sonic Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Accelerate your coloring experience with these 20 Super Sonic coloring pages, free for you to download and print. Immerse yourself in the high-energy transformation of Sonic the Hedgehog as Super Sonic takes center stage with his distinctive golden fur and increased powers!

This collection captures the intensity and excitement of Super Sonic’s moments, from epic battles against formidable foes to soaring through the skies at incredible speeds. Each page highlights the dynamic abilities and electrifying aura of this iconic transformation.

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Super Sonic Coloring Pages

Super Sonic is that fantastic game, in which the famous hedgehog has turbo powers.

If your youngster has completed a coloring spree, try making some of these terrific, inexpensive crafts with the finished pages.

1. Make a Unique decoration

Start this fun craft by giving the youngster some ordinary brown packing paper to twist into the shape of a wreath. The two ends can be attached with clear packing tape.

Next, use craft paint to make the wreath’s surface yellow, then add a layer of blue glitter. Mount the wreath onto a piece of ordinary cardboard.

When Super Sonic is colored and cut out, he should be glued to the cardboard in the center for a one-of-a-kind decoration.

2. Create 3D Wall Art

This fantastic craft is perfect for children of all ages, and begins with them tracing and cutting out yellow triangles, approximately two inches in length.

These should be folded into snow cone-style shapes, and stapled or taped closed.

Next, have the youngster flatten the cones very slightly, and use invisible glue to affix them to the Super Sonic character as his quills. 

This makes instant 3D art to give any wall a pop of color!

3. Super Sonic Birthday Centerpiece

If your child is having a birthday, make this terrific Super Sonic centerpiece.

Give the youngster a clear, plastic vase or empty mason jar to stuff with yellow tissue paper.

Then, the child can trace and cut out the number that corresponds to the birthday, glue it to a craft stick, and place it in the jar like a flower.

Do the same thing with a Super Sonic cutout from the coloring page, tie a gold bow at the top, and this great birthday centerpiece is also a wonderful keepsake.

4. Make a Comical Super Sonic Ornament

To make this funny decoration, have the youngster fashion a yellow construction paper chain approximately seven inches long.

When the famous hedgehog is finished, the head and body should be cut out separately.

The paper chain should then be used to connect the two parts, using tape or staples.

When hung from a piece of colorful yarn, this ornament will get a laugh out of anyone!

5. Sonic Delivers a Secret Message

Start this fun craft with an ordinary brown paper bag and a yellow pom-pom. With the back flat, have the youngster cut the rectangular fold at the bottom into a peak.

Add the yellow pom-pom to its point. This section will become Sonic’s face.

Then, the various parts of the coloring page should be used to decorate the rest of the bag. The child can then write a secret message on the bag, directly under Sonic’s nose.

When the bag is opened, it will stand on its own, and the pom-pom can be used to pull up the flap and reveal the secret message!

6. Super Sonic Sun

For this craft, have the youngster create an abstract sun on a piece of posterboard with yellow tissue paper. It can be embellished with a layer of gold glitter for a fancy touch.

When Sonic is colored and cut out, he can be laminated to the center of the sun.

Then, two green craft gems can be glued to his hands, signifying the mythical chaos emeralds for a one-of-a-kind poster to display anywhere!

7. Easy Paper Cup Craft

For the simple craft, give each youngster a yellow plastic cup.

When Super Sonic is colored and cut out, he should be glued to the cup, making sure the cutout reaches the top rim.

A slit should be cut on either side of Sonic’s face at the top of the cup. Then, the youngsters should cut long points from yellow construction paper to serve as his quills.

Slide these into the cuts, and they will stay up on their own! Place this adorable craft on a desk or bureau. 

8. Sonic’s New Home

For this craft, give each youngster a piece of posterboard, and have them draw an environment for Sonic. 

This can be a planet, a town, or anywhere they want to put the famous hedgehog. 

Then, they can embellish the finished page with tiny squares of construction paper, tissue paper, glitter, puffy paint, or even buttons.

Cut Sonic out and add him to his new home. Display these great posters in a classroom or take them home to mom and dad!

9. Make a Unique Super Sonic Mobile

This craft is both easy and unique. To begin, the finished Super Sonic page should be glued to thin cardboard and cut out.

Holes should be punched at the bottom of the cutout, and threaded with colorful yarn.

Then, from green construction paper, have the youngsters trace and cut out “emeralds,” punching holes in these as well.

Once these are attached to the other end of the yarn, Sonic becomes a unique and colorful mobile to hang anywhere!

10. Create a One-of-a-Kind Pencil Box

If your youngster uses a classic pencil box for markers, crayons, or colored pencils, it can be easily turned into a fun craft.

The top of the pencil box should be laminated with light colored posterboard, and the child can draw the original Sonic character on its surface, freehand.

Then, when the Super Sonic character is finished, he should be cut out and glued to the inside of the lid.

When opened, the celebrated hedgehog suddenly transforms into “Super” form!

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