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Amy Rose Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready for a dash of pink and plenty of spunk with these 20 Amy Rose coloring pages, available for free download and print. These pages showcase Amy’s energy, independence, her pursuit of Sonic, highlighted by her Piko Piko Hammer skills.

In this collection, you’ll find Amy Rose in a variety of scenarios, from action-packed battles to moments of cheer and determination. Perfect for fans of the Sonic series, these sheets provide a delightful way to celebrate one of the franchise’s key characters.

To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Amy Rose Coloring Pages

Amy Rose Is that delightful character that many youngsters adore.

Here are some inexpensive, easy crafts if your child has lots of finished pages piling up.

1. Make a Shoe Charm

To start this great craft, have the youngster choose several parts of the finished coloring pages to cut out and laminate with contact paper. 

They can be essentially any size the child desires.

Craft chains can be used, or you can opt for simple twine. Either way, thread it through a hole punched in the cutouts.

These charms can be added to the youngster’s sneakers or shoes through one of the eyeholes, or even connected to a knapsack or backpack!

2. Laminate a Sunglasses Case

An old case for glasses or sunglasses can easily be turned into a fun craft. Have the youngster carefully cut out two Amy Rose characters from the finished coloring pages.

Using craft glue or krazy glue, one should be attached to both the top and bottom of the case. 

To make it extra fancy, add another cutout to line the inside of the case, and your youngster has a delightful space in which to store treasures.

3. Design an Amy Rose Pin

This easy project requires only some craft beads and a giant safety pin. Beads can be threaded onto the straight part of the pin, adding a tiny craft ring in the middle.

Then, the youngster can cut one or more pieces from the finished coloring page, sealing them in glassine and using a paper punch to give each one a small hole at the top.

These can be added to the craft ring for an adorable and unique pin to wear anywhere.

4. Bouquet of “Roses”

For this cute classroom craft, have each child color and cut out a character from an Amy Rose coloring page. These should be trimmed in the shape of a rose.

Staple or tape the cutouts to long green pipe cleaners, adding craft leaves or homemade leaves made from green construction paper.

Next, with other coloring pages, have the youngsters work together to laminate an old flower pot, large jar, or any makeshift item to serve as a vase.

The “roses” can then be placed inside, and this lovely bouquet displayed anywhere in the classroom.

5. Bouncy Fun

Begin this comical craft with a small craft box, laminated with Amy Rose coloring pages.

Next, twist a pipe cleaner into a long spiral and staple it into the bottom of the box.

When the character is cut from the finished page, it should be sealed in contact paper and stapled to the top of the pipe cleaner spiral.

When the box is open, it looks like Amy Rose is springing out!

6. Unique Amy Rose Statue

To make this terrific Amy Rose statue, have the child cut a half moon shape into the top of a paper plate, and laminate it with Amy Rose’s face after it’s cut from the finished page.

Glue the bottom edge to another paper plate, only this one should be folded into the shape of a party hat. Amy Rose’s body should be glued to this section.

Add big pom-poms for feet, and embellish it with pink tissue paper, glitter or puffy paint for an adorable statue.

7. Make a Set of Decorative Jars

To begin this craft. give the youngster three empty jars. They don’t have to be the same size, but they should be filled with pink tissue paper, pom-poms, or even Easter straw.

The child can then color Amy Rose and two other items from the pages. These could include her hammer, a big green eye, or even her giant shoes.

One cutout should be glued to the front of each jar for an adorable, decorative set of jars.

8. Easy Amy Rose Poster

This easy, but unique craft is fun for any child who likes making posters. The youngster can start with a plain white piece of posterboard, on which a rose should be traced.

Using tufts of pink tissue paper, the child can embellish the rose to give it a sort of three-dimensional appearance.

When Amy Rose is colored and cut out, she can be glued to the center of the rose, and a “frame” can be made with pink pom-poms.

Display this innovative poster anywhere your youngster wants a splash of pink.

9. Fun With Amy Rose’s Hammer

Amy Rose is famous for her hammer, and it’s easy to center a craft around this theme.

Give the youngster a length of cardboard to fold into the shape of a soup can. The ends should be stapled or taped together.

The cardboard should be laminated with cut outs from the Amy Rose coloring page.

A craft stick or old wooden knitting needle can be attached as a handle to complete this cute Amy Rose Hammer.

10. Amy Rose Centerpiece

To make this unusual craft, give the child an empty Pringles chip container, or simply make a cylinder that size from cardboard.

A pipe cleaner should be stapled to the top to create a “handle.”

Laminate the cylinder with bright pink tissue paper, over which cutouts from finished coloring pages can be glued.

Then, Amy Rose should be cut from an additional coloring page and attached to a craft stick. Place the craft stick inside the cylinder for a unique centerpiece.

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