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Brawl Stars Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Gear up for a colorful showdown with these 25 Brawl Stars coloring pages, entirely free for you to download and print! With each page, you’re invited to bring the action-packed universe of Brawl Stars to life, detailing every iconic character and their signature looks.

In this set, you’ll find fan-favorites like the bubbly and fierce Shelly, the icy cool Mr. P, the fiery Amber, and many others. Each character’s unique design promises a fun coloring challenge for fans of all ages. So, gather your coloring supplies, choose your brawler, and dive into a world of color and creativity!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Brawl Stars Coloring Pages

Here are 10 inexpensive, exciting, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Puzzles

You can create cute Brawl Stars puzzles out of my pictures – and the best part is, they can be adjusted for puzzle piece size based on the age group of your kids.

To start off, you’ll print out the Brawl Stars pictures that the kids want onto cardstock. The kids will color it in and draw directly onto the picture in black Sharpie puzzle-shaped pieces.

If you have older kids, they can make the pieces smaller and more intricate; if the kids are younger, the pieces can be bigger and simpler.

Have them cut out the puzzle pieces and then swap puzzles with their sibling or seat neighbor.

9. Greeting Cards

My Brawl Stars illustrations would make adorable little greeting cards. Try this pop-up card craft.

You’ll pick a character, color him in, and cut him out. Take a piece of paper and fold down the top quarter of an inch, then paste down the cut-out just below the fold line. 

Cut along the outline and leave the folded part at the top.

You’re going to take a larger piece of paper and fold it roughly into thirds (the front flap needn’t go all the way down).

Take the cut-out, apply the paste to the folded part, and lay it on top of the middle third of the larger piece of paper. Fold it closed, and the tab should stick.

Then, when you open the front flap, the Brawl Stars character should lift up and appear!

8. Play Figurines

My Brawl Stars pictures can be turned into little play figurines that are perfect for passing an imagination-filled afternoon. 

Just print out the characters of choice onto cardstock, have your kids color them in, and cut them out.

7. Perler Bead Keychains

To make perler bead keychains, you will use my Brawl Stars pictures as rough templates – so you’ll want to pick a simpler picture with a basic figure.

Place the clear plastic peg board over the figure you want to recreate and set the perler beads over it, “filling in” the lines.

Once you have the figure totally filled in, you’re going to place a piece of parchment paper over your design and iron over it.

You can flip the figure over and iron on the other side, too.

Once it’s cooled, take a large sewing needle and poke a hole where you want the keychain findings to attach.

6. Gift Bags

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or attending one, you can make sure the gift bags fit the occasion if the birthday boy or girl is a Brawl Stars fan.

Simply purchase a plain gift bag (or multiples, if you’re making goodie bags), print out and color in my Brawl Stars characters, cut them out, and glue them on.

5. Lunch Boxes

To make a personalized Brawl Stars lunchbox, you’ll need a square, hard-sided lunch pail (which you can find on Amazon).

Next, you’ll pick the picture you want to use and digitally color it in using Photoshop or even Paint.

Then, you’ll upload the picture onto a website that specializes in printing custom stickers. Pick the dimensions so that it’s slightly smaller than the front of the lunch box.

Place your order, and when your sticker arrives, you can stick it to the front of the box.

4. Book Covers

To turn my Brawl Stars pictures into book covers, you’ll need to copy/paste the entire illustration into a word processor document that is oriented to landscape.

Center the picture on the right-hand side and print. Then, you’ll line up the book against the page and make little marks where the top and bottom of the book fall.

Fold the page inward along those marks; you’ll create flaps that will fit over the existing book cover.

3. Charm Bracelets

Gather your jewelry beads and wire and string them up however you like (you can use alphabetic beads, for example, and spell out Brawl Stars or your name).

Then, you’ll print the figures you want to use onto shrink sheets; color those in with markers and cut them out, plus punch holes where you want the charm to attach to the bracelet.

Bake per the instructions and let cool; once touchable, you can attach the charms to the wires using little O-rings.

2. Party Invitations

Shrink one of my Brawl Stars pictures down to a fourth of its usual size and place in the upper-left corner of a word processor document – upside down.

You can also add in text like “You’re Invited!” at this stage (again, upside down).

Add in the party information in the bottom-right quadrant and print.

You’ll fold the page in half once and then again so that the picture is face up, right-side up.

1. Party Pinatas

Make a DIY Brawl Stars pinata at home out of a balloon!

You’ll blow up the balloon as big as it will go and then set it aside. Make a paste of water, flour, and salt, soak strips of newspaper in it, and lay the strips down on the balloon until it’s totally covered.

Next, you’ll do the same with strips of tissue paper, and then finally with Brawl Stars characters, colored in and cut out.

Wait for the pinata to dry completely before popping the balloon within; you can cut off the top and add in your candy or toys, then reaffix using the paste and more strips of paper.

While you have the top cut off, you can also put in two holes and tie a loop of ribbon through so you have something to hang the pinata with.

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