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Toca Boca Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into the quirky and imaginative world of Toca Life with these 24 Toca Boca coloring pages, free for you to download and print! With these sheets, you can join the Toca characters as they embark on everyday adventures, exploring everything from bustling cities to tranquil farmsteads!

In this set, you’ll find beloved characters like Rita, Zeke, Nari, and Leon, along with a host of settings that include Toca City, Toca Farm, and Toca Hospital. Also, you will experience scenes of cooking in the Toca Kitchen, hair-styling at Toca Hair Salon, and shopping in the Toca Boca mini-store.

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Toca Boca Coloring Pages

Toca Boca characters embark on all the same journeys real people do.

If your youngster is a big fan and has finished lots of coloring pages, here are some terrific crafts to preserve all that hard work.

1. Celebrate a Favorite Character

If your youngster wants to celebrate a favorite Toca Boca character or theme, this craft is ideal.

Have the child trace and cut out the first letter of the specific game or the character’s name from ordinary construction paper. 

Then, place it over the finished coloring page, and trace and cut out the same letter.

Staple the letter on top of the coloring page cutout and decorate it. Then, when the letter is lifted up, the colorful scene is unveiled. Preserve this craft as a keepsake! 

2. Toca Boca World

Any Toca Boca fan will enjoy this craft because it’s both intricate and easy.

Have the youngsters engage their imaginations and create their own Toca Boca worlds. These can be anything they imagine, from planets and islands to shopping malls or restaurants.

Then, using multiple cutouts from all their finished coloring pages, they can create this world on a separate poster.

The result is a one-of-a-kind Toca Boca world that no other youngster has!

3. Toca Boca Tea Time

Teatime is a fun theme associated with Toca Boca, so why not let your youngster make a unique boba tea mug?

Have the youngster trim the coloring page so that it can be used to laminate the mug or tumbler.

Charli D Amelio drinking bubble tea is a great coloring page for this craft, but any page will do.

Use invisible glue to laminate the page and decorate the bottom and top rims with small pom-poms to depict the “bubbles” for a fun and unique mug.

4. Toca Boca House Party

Use a Toca Boca coloring page featuring a house for this craft, keeping the page in its entirety.

It should be glued to a rectangular piece of poster paper, positioned lengthwise. Then, the sides should be folded over the coloring page.

Next, have the youngster cut out a character from another finished page and glue it to the section where the two sides meet, using glue on only the left or the right side of the cutout.

When the folds are open, it will look like the Toca Boca character is opening the door and inviting guests into the house!

5. Make a Toca Boca Family Album

For this fun craft, give each youngster five to six pieces of colorful construction paper connected with paper fasteners or staples. 

A border can be drawn around the edge of each page to make it look like a picture frame. This can be as plain or fancy as the child desires.

Then, all the youngster’s favorite Toca Boca characters can be added, with a different character for each page.

Write “Family Album” on the front with puffy paint for an adorable keepsake.

6. Moving Scenery

For this fun craft-turned-game, have each youngster color an intricate Toca Boca page and glue it to a piece of cardboard with invisible glue.

Use scissors to make small slits at different places around the scene. Then, favorite characters should be cut from other coloring pages and attached to toothpicks or small craft sticks.

The youngsters can have fun moving the characters around the scene simply by placing the toothpicks or craft sticks in the different slits.

7. Make Intricate Framable Art

If your child enjoys those intricate Toca Boca coloring pages, you’ll be pleased to know they can easily be turned into framable art.

When the youngster has finished coloring the page, it should be embellished with glitter, craft gems, confetti, sequins, or anything the child desires.

Seal the work in glassine and slip it into an ordinary frame for beautiful wall artwork to display anywhere.

8. Toca Boca Flashcards

Flashcards can be a learning tool, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Toca Boca characters can be used to make homemade flashcards.

Simply cut out white rectangles and draw a line down the center. On one half, put the question, and decorate the other with cutouts from the finished coloring pages.

Do the same thing on the back for the answers, and make learning a lot more fun!

9. Make a Toca Boca Holiday Tray

For this adorable craft, give the youngster an ordinary, divided hors d’oeuvre tray from a discount store. These can easily be found for a dollar or two.

Using pieces from the finished coloring pages, have the child decorate each section of the tray with a different character or theme.

It will be the most colorful snack tray you’ll ever use and can be displayed on a holiday table or any time of the year.

Just make sure to seal the work with a coat of acrylic spray, and don’t get it wet.

10. Make a Toca Boca Soccer Ball

Toca Boca faces are perfect for decorating a soccer ball, and youngsters are thrilled with the level of fun they get from this craft.

The goal is to decorate each hexagon of the soccer ball with cutouts from Toca Boca coloring pages.

The youngsters can color them to create a pattern to replace the typical black-and-white soccer ball design, or they can simply decorate the ball at random.

Either way, it will be the most unique soccer ball they’ll ever play with.

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