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Ballerina Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Are you ready to add some enchantment to your coloring book collection? Then look no further than these 20 Ballerina coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These graceful illustrations are perfect for both young and old, and are sure to inspire creativity and imagination!

With these printables, you can bring these beautiful dancers to life with your own unique color schemes and artistic flair. From tutus to pointe shoes, each page features intricate details that are sure to capture your attention and provide a fun and engaging coloring experience.

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To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Ballerina Coloring Pages

Any child who enjoys coloring ballerinas probably has lots of pages stored up.

Here are 10 innovative ways to preserve those pages and display your child’s artwork.

1. A Ballerina Flower

This adorable craft is easy for any child to make. Begin with a large craft stick, and let the youngster draw the face and the top part of the ballerina’s “uniform” on the stick with markers.

Next, the ballerina’s skirt should be cut from the coloring page and glued to the craft stick, and pipe cleaners should be used to make outstretched arms.

Red puffy paint makes perfect ballet slippers at the bottom of the craft stick, and this creation can be glued to another finished coloring page for a unique 3D picture to frame.

2. First Position, Second Position

This craft requires multiple ballerina coloring pages, but let’s face it, your child will color those anyway!

Try to choose pages showing the different exercise positions ballerinas must typically learn.

Once the pages are colored, they can be fastened together in the left-hand corner with a paper fastener.

This allows youngsters to fan them out like recipe cards or keep them together, so they don’t get lost. They can use them practically or just keep them for fun.

3. An Engaging Classroom Craft

For this beautiful classroom craft, each student needs a ballerina coloring page featuring a dancer with her arms stretched and hands touching.

Once they are colored and cut from the pages, the arms should be reinforced with pipe cleaners on the side that will not be displayed.

The ballerinas should be strung to a long piece of embroidery thread or yarn for a terrific ballerina banner to brighten up the classroom.

4. A Unique Christmas Ornament

This craft will be a big hit if your youngster is a ballet fan and likes to make Christmas ornaments.

Begin with a popsicle stick, and add two fancy toothpicks for feet and pipe cleaners for arms.

The youngster can use the ballerina all in one piece or cut out the pieces separately and add them to the craft stick.

The ballerina’s skirt can be embellished with tufts of red or green tissue paper, preferably matching the color of the fancy toothpicks and the pipe cleaner arms used to attach it to the tree!

5. A Quick and Easy Ballerina Doll

This craft is super easy and requires only a few inexpensive craft supplies. 

Give each child an empty bathroom tissue cardboard onto which the ballerina can be glued after she’s colored and cut from the page.

Craft lace can be used to create a full skirt, yarn can be made into hair, and red puffy paint is perfect for making a smile.

These adorable dolls will stand independently and can be displayed anywhere!

6. Ballerina Theater

Start this craft by lining a small empty box with leftover fabric or colored construction paper.

Glue 4-5 cotton balls in a vertical line in the box’s center. When the ballerina is colored and cut from the page, she should be glued to the surface of the cotton balls to create a 3D effect.

A curtain can be made from felt or other fabric, and thread can be used to hang it in front of the “theater.” When the child looks inside, it will look like the ballerina is dancing on stage.

7. Make a Funny Animal Ballerina Poster

For this hilarious craft, let the youngster color a ballerina and then cut out the entire figure except for her head.

The cutout should be glued to a piece of construction paper as a background, preferably in a light color.

With crayons or markers, the child can then draw the ballerina’s head, only it should be his or her favorite animal.

This hilarious poster can be displayed anywhere for a laugh.

8. A Ballerina Rose

To make this beautiful hanging ornament, each child needs a coloring page, an artificial flower, and a piece of string.

When the ballerina is colored, she should be glued to thin cardboard and carefully cut out. The rose should then be glued to the figure’s center, making it look like a flower is her tutu.

A small hole should be punched at the top through which a piece of string can be threaded, and this lovely ballerina rose can be hung anywhere.

9. Make a Comical Ballerina Pencil

For this simple craft, each youngster should be given a large, colorful pencil; the fancier, the better.

When the ballerina is colored, the head should be cut out and carefully taped to the top of the pencil.

The remainder of the page should be folded tightly like a fan. It can then be wrapped horizontally around the pencil to look like an accordion-style tutu!

10. Ballerina CakeTopper

This craft is especially fun if your youngster is having a ballerina-themed birthday party.

Once the ballerina is colored, it should be glued to thick cardboard and sealed with glassine or acrylic spray.

The cutout should then be glued to a large craft stick with Krazy glue.

Next, fashion tiny cupcakes from construction paper and glue them to the ballerina’s outstretched arms as if she is holding them. It can then be used as an adorable cake topper.

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