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Fairy Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Hold onto your wands and prepare for a magical journey with these 34 whimsical fairy coloring pages that are totally free to download and print! With these sheets, kids and adults can dive into the enchanted realm of fairies, where vivid colors meet imagination, and your creativity takes flight.

For this series, you will find a massive range of fairy illustrations to color, including enchanted fairies, easy fairies to color for toddlers and kids, cute kawaii fairies, Tinkerbell, Barbie as a fairy, detailed fairies to color, and many fairies with magical, rainbow, and mushroom themed backgrounds to name a few!

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To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Fairy Coloring Pages

Fairies bring the magic alive to all children, making them a popular craft theme.

Try these great craft ideas to use with fairy coloring pages.

1. Classroom Fun With Fairies

For this fun and easy classroom activity, use a giant sheet of craft paper on which to have the youngsters draw a big mushroom.

When they have colored and cut out their fairies from the pages, they can be glued to the mushroom in a circular pattern.

Have the youngsters sign their initials to the center of the circle and enjoy this terrific classroom decoration.

2. Easy Fairy Craft for All Children

This craft is perfect for children of any age. Give each child one half of an empty paper towel cardboard, sprayed with craft paint in a shade matching the color fairy the youngster has chosen.

When the fairy is colored, the wings should be cut out separately. The body should then be glued to the front of the cardboard, and the wings glued from behind.

Pens and pencils can be kept in the hollow part of the cardboard, and this cute fairy can be placed anywhere.

3. Make a Magical Fairy House

Start this easy craft with an ordinary styrofoam cup turned upside down. 

Let the youngster draw a door, windows, or anything else he or she desires on the cup. Place a small circle of red felt on top so that it droops over a bit.

Some white circles can be cut from ordinary paper or white felt and glued to the “roof” of the house to make it look like a mushroom.

When the fairy is colored and cut out, it can be glued to the side of the house as if welcoming people inside!

4. A Gathering of Fairies

This engaging craft can be done by a group of youngsters or individually. Begin with an empty wrapping paper cardboard positioned horizontally.

It can be painted or left plain. Once multiple fairies have been colored and cut out, they should be attached to the cardboard roll as if they are sitting or standing there.

Take a long piece of string, thread it through the cardboard, tie the ends together, and hang this colorful “gathering of fairies” wherever you choose.

5. Make a Fairy Firefly Jar

All kids love catching fireflies in the summer, and what better way to decorate a jar than with fairies?

Use any type of ordinary jar, and have each youngster color and cut out their favorite fairy and glue it to the front of the jar with invisible glue.

Seal the artwork with acrylic spray, tie a colorful piece of yarn around the top, and the child has a lovely keepsake jar to light up with fireflies.

6. Flying Fairy Mobile

Start this beautiful mobile by gluing two long craft sticks together in the middle to form a cross.

Color four to five fairies, glue them to thin cardboard and cut them out. Punch a hole in the top of each fairy and thread string through the hole.

Attach these to the craft stick cross at different levels to create a dazzling fairy mobile to hang anywhere!

7. Design a Lovely Garden Ornament

Fairies are famous for living in gardens or by streams. If you have a garden you’d like to decorate, color, and cut out an intricate fairy and reinforce it with cardboard.

You can add things like glitter or craft gems to make it extra fancy.

Connect it to a long, steel knitting needle or metal craft stick and stick it directly in the ground to decorate the garden, or place it in a pot alongside your favorite plant.

8. A Realistic Fairy

To make this unique woodland forest fairy, color and cut out the fairy from the page, and using invisible glue, attach it to a piece of thin corkboard.

Using green, pink, and yellow tissue paper, embellish the wings to look like they are made of flowers and leaves. 

Add glitter to the fairy’s body, and use a toothpick and a tiny craft gem to give the Fairy wand.

Hang up this rustic craft to add a touch of magic to any room.

9. Good Luck Fairy

Everyone knows fairies bring good luck, so why not turn one of them into a good luck charm?

Once the fairy is colored, it should be cut out and glued to a small yellow border decorated with blue and pink pom-poms.

Embellish the fairy’s dress by folding a piece of construction paper into a fan, turning it upside down, and gluing it to the character’s waist.

Embellish the wings with tufts of blue or gray tissue paper, and add the words “Good Luck Always” in gold puffy paint. Display this cute good luck charm anywhere.

10. Make a Fairy Tree

For this engaging and entertaining classroom craft, give each child a piece of poster board turned vertically.

Have the youngsters draw a tree trunk with a black marker, making as many branches as they can.

The branches should be decorated with freehand flowers, stars, or anything they desire.

When they have colored and cut out several fairies, these should be attached to the tree at various levels for a beautiful and unique poster.

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