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Monster Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 40 spine-chilling monster coloring pages that are free to download and print! The inspiration for this collection came from my two young sons, who are fascinated with these mysterious and sometimes terrifying creatures that spark our imagination.

For this series, I designed various styles and types of monsters, incorporating diverse themes that will cater to all ages and skill levels. Included are creatures lurking in the shadows, monstrous heads with sharp teeth, fantastical beasts, realistic-looking monsters, and some inspired by popular video games and movies. Unleash your creativity and bring these chilling monsters to life!

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To use any of these free printables, click on any of the images below or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Monster Coloring Pages

It’s easy for youngsters to get very creative with monsters, which is why they are in demand for coloring pages.

Here are 10 monstrously fun ways to use those finished coloring pages.

1. Pool Noodle Monster

When your youngster has colored the monster of their choice, cut a small pool noodle into the appropriate size so the child can laminate it with the finished page.

Fancy toothpicks can make horns or antennas, and wiggle eyes, pom-poms, and puffy paint can embellish the monster’s face.

Monster arms and legs made from pipe cleaners can be added to complete this colorful craft; all left is for the youngster to name it!

2. A Spooky Monster Classroom Craft

To begin this easy craft, have the youngsters trace and cut out their hands from black construction paper.

Next, each child should have a paper plate colored to look like a pumpkin, with a slice cut out to make it appear as if the top is opening.

When the monster is colored and cut out, position it behind the triangle with its eyes showing through.

The hand cutout should be glued just underneath the triangle as if it’s part of the monster emerging from the pumpkin!

3. Who Says Monsters Are Scary?

With this innovative craft, your child can create a “friendly” monster and use it for a funny greeting card.

First, the monster of the youngster’s choice should be colored and cut from the page, then glued to a poster board background.

A heart should be traced and cut from colorful paper, and the cutout should be placed in the monster’s “hands.”

The child can write a message inside the heart, such as “Have a Monster of Birthday.” 

4. An Entertaining Desktop Decoration

Start this engaging craft with a plain square of ordinary styrofoam, which can be laminated with the monster coloring page. 

Once the cutout is attached to the square, craft sticks with pom-poms glued to their ends can be pushed into the styrofoam to create arms.

Two pipe cleaners should then be pushed into the bottom of the cube, and the remaining parts fashioned into spirals to create hilarious legs.

Two fancy toothpicks are perfect for funny horns and your child as a hilarious ornament display on a desktop or bureau.

5. Monster on a Swing

Frankenstein is a great monster for this craft, but any monster the child prefers will work!

The coloring page should be glued to cardboard and carefully cut out. 

Extra long arms should be created by adding pipe cleaners to the ends of the coloring page arms.

The string should be attached to the arms, and the feet glued to a long craft stick positioned horizontally. Once hung up, the monster will appear to be sitting on a swing!

6. Man or Monster?

Have each youngster color a monster face for this hilarious craft and cut it out.

Next, the children should draw a person–this can be themselves if they want–and glue it to a piece of poster board turned vertically.

The head from the coloring page should then be added at the top to make it look like a human body with a giant monster head.

Once these comical creations are embellished with pom-pom noses, wiggle eyes, and funny craft teeth, they’ll make anybody laugh!

7. Birthday Party Fun

Birthday party hats make a great base for this craft. Once the party guests have colored their monsters, the heads and bodies should be cut out separately.

The monster’s body should be glued to the party hat and set aside. Then, the monster’s face is glued to an empty bathroom tissue roll, positioned vertically.

A small hole should be cut in the bottom, and the peak of the party hat pushed up to create a unique and hilarious monster figurine!

8. A Comical Clothespin Monster

This fun craft only requires a coloring page, clothespins, and fancy toothpicks. 

When the child has colored the monster, it should be reinforced with cardboard and cut out, with an extra half-inch of paper left at the bottom. 

Two clothespins should be decorated with craft paint, markers, or glitter and clipped to the bottom for ready-made legs.

Arms can be made from fancy toothpicks, and your youngster has a funny monster that will stand alone!

9. A Hungry Monster

All youngsters love this craft since they can “feed” their monster anything they don’t like.

The monster should be laminated to its front using a thin cardboard box and a hole cut out where the mouth is.

Wiggle eyes and big craft teeth can be added to embellish the face, and feet can be drawn and cut from construction paper to stick out from under the box.

Small slips of paper can be cut up, on which the youngsters can write anything they want, such as the word homework, and “feed” the undesirable topic to the monster!

10. Hilarious Opera Glasses

Start this fun craft with one half of a paper plate to which a straw is stapled. The straw is the “handle” for the glasses and should be stapled on the right or left side.

Once a monster’s face is colored, it should be cut out, pasted over the paper plate, and two holes cut out for eyes.

Now the youngsters have hilarious “opera glasses” to use whenever they want to make someone laugh!

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