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Vampire Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 spooky vampire coloring pages that are all free to download and print! From their sharp fangs and haunting eyes to their dramatic clothing, these printables offer a fun and imaginative way for kids (and adults, too!) to express their fascination with these undead beings.

For this series, I illustrated many vampire and Dracula themes that will be perfect for coloring during the Halloween season! Included are realistic-looking vampires, vampire fangs, vampire coffins, wooden stakes, tombstones, Mickey Mouse vampires, and even a lego vampire!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Vampire Coloring Pages

Vampires excite and fascinate children of all ages and are loads of fun for crafts.

Here are 10 affordable and enjoyable ways to use those finished coloring pages.

1. Vampire Awakes

Using a homemade box or an ordinary cigar box, have your youngster color, cut out a vampire, and glue a layer of cotton batting or cotton balls to its back.

Next, the figure should be glued to the underside of the box lid. The outer surfaces of the box should be painted gray with craft paint.

When the box is open, it will look like the vampire rising from his coffin after a nap.

2. A Spooky Doorway Ornament

For this delightfully spooky craft, have your child choose a vampire coloring page featuring a flowing cape. 

When it’s colored, it should be cut from the page, and shredded black tissue paper should be used to embellish the cape.

Let your youngster have some fun coloring and cutting out some tiny bats and stapling them to a piece of black yarn. 

The vampire should then be attached to the bottom end for a spooky doorway ornament.

3. A Comical Vampire Craft

For this hilarious craft, all you need is a craft stick, a length of string, and a coloring page.

A vampire in his coffin is the perfect choice for this craft.

When your youngster has finished coloring the vampire, it should be cut from the page and glued to a medium-sized craft stick.

The foot end of the cutout should be stapled to a string, and the ensemble can then be hung up, appearing as if the vampire is hanging upside down like a bat!

4. A Creative Vampire Puppet

Once a child has finished coloring the chosen vampire, the character should be cut from the page, with the head separated from the body.

A puppet can then be created from an ordinary paper bag by gluing the vampire’s face to the bottom and the body to the longer section.

A triangle should then be cut from red construction paper and tucked upside down behind the vampire’s face to make that famous collar.

White poster paper is perfect for making fangs to glue to the front for a fun vampire puppet.

5. Rest in Peace, Dracula

Give your youngster a coloring page featuring a full-length vampire for a funny card to use at Halloween or just for a gag.

Next, the child should cut a triangle from ordinary black construction paper and write a message on it with white puffy paint.

The bottom ends are then folded across the center, making a perfect vampire coffin.

The cutout from the coloring page can then be placed inside with a message for the recipient!

6. A Friendly Dracula

Give your child an empty bathroom tissue cardboard painted with black craft paint.

Next, when the vampire is colored, the body and head should be cut from the page separately.

The body should be glued to the front of the roll and the head glued on separately, with a cotton ball between the head and the cardboard.

This will create a 3D effect, and when a big smile is drawn on the face, the result will be a funny “bobble head” vampire that stands on its own.

7. V is for Vampire

Start this fun craft by having your child cut a large, abstract V from black construction paper. The idea is to make it look like a bat.

Once the vampire is colored and cut from the page, it should be glued to the center of the V, so that the sides of the letter look like vampire size bat wings!

The entire ensemble can then be glued to a piece of white poster board, and the background decorated with spiders, bats, fangs, or anything the child prefers.

8. Make a Fancy Vampire Mask

For this craft, use a coloring page that features a large vampire face.

Once it is colored and cut from the page, eyeholes should be cut out, and vampire fangs added. The latter can be made from thick, white poster board. 

The cutout should then be glued to the back of a paper plate and sealed with a coat of acrylic spray.

A hole punch will make a place on each side for an elastic string, and your child can wear his or her artwork like a mask!

9. A Vampire Chain

Begin this fun classroom craft by having the youngsters color and cut out their favorite vampires.

Next, have them trace and cut out two bats from ordinary black construction paper.

A long piece of craft string or yarn and a hole punch can then be used to create a “vampire chain” on which the cutouts are strung.

The bats spaced in between make the chain even fancier, and it can be displayed for Halloween!

10. A Dracula Fan

This craft is simple enough for children of all ages and is always a big hit.

Once the vampire is colored, it should be cut out and set aside.

Simple accordion folds should then be made from black construction paper to create a large fan.

When pinched in the middle, stapled, and the vampire cutout placed in the center, the “cape” becomes a hilarious fan!

vampire coloring pages featured image

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