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Police Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to explore the exciting world of law enforcement with these 26 free police coloring pages! Police officers play an essential role in keeping our communities safe, and with these printables, you can express your appreciation for their service and dedication.

For this series, I illustrated various pages with police in uniform, K-9 dogs, police helicopters, police badges, state troopers, police equipment, and even a Lego-themed police officer that are a fun and engaging way for kids to showcase their artistic skills and imagination.

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Police Coloring Pages

Here are 10 cheap, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Play Props

There are so many police illustrations that your kids can turn into play props (essentially paper dolls).

They could use the Police K-9 Dog Coloring Sheet for Kids or the Police Woman In Front of the Police Station.

They could even use the Police Helicopter or Mickey Mouse Police Officer pages.

Whatever they choose, they’ll color in the central figure and cut them out. Then they’ll trace it onto a piece of cardstock and cut out the outline.

Paste the two pieces together, and they’ll have paper dolls that they can use again and again for make-believe.

9. Police Hat Headbands

To make police hat headbands, you’ll need to use the Police Officer Hat Coloring Sheet.

Have your kids color in the hat and then cut it out (you can reinforce it with cardstock if you like).

Then they’ll make two-inch strips out of black or dark blue construction paper and attach the ends to make loops that will fit over their heads.

Paste the police officer hat to the front of the loop and set the headband on top of your kid’s head. It makes a fun activity for a police-themed birthday party!

8. Thank A Police Officer Cards

Our police officers protect and serve the community every day, so it can be quite meaningful to thank them for all they do.

This is a great craft, especially if you have an entire classroom of kids. Print off the illustrations on the half-page and fold the paper, so the picture is on the front.

Have the kids color in the images and write “Thank You!” on the front, then a personal message on the inside.

7. A Police Officer Is/Does… Pages

If you’re teaching a class of kids about the role of law enforcement in a community, you have them do this easy but thought-provoking craft.

Have them stop and consider everything a police officer is or does and then choose the most important thing.

They’ll write it down onto the illustration and then color it in.

Mount the page onto a piece of construction paper (it’ll look like a frame), and then you could even laminate the finished products before hanging them up in the hall or on the walls.

6. Posters

My police pages honestly would make amazing posters for a police-obsessed kid’s room.

They can color using nice colored pencils or markers, and then you can frame them and hang them up.

Consider creating a gallery wall or, for adults, make the images part of a memorabilia wall.

5. Play Handcuffs

Your kids can make play handcuffs out of my Police Handcuffs Coloring Sheet.

They’ll color in the handcuffs, minus the connecting chain, and cut them out.

Punch holes where the second set of circles are near the edge of the cuffs.

They’re going to use pieces of grey pipe cleaner bent to make links; the outer two will link into the holes in the cuffs.

4. Pin The Sunglasses On The Policeman Party Games

For fun take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, any kids attending a police-themed birthday party will be laughing while playing Pin the Sunglasses on the Policeman.

You’ll cut out the sunglasses from the Police Officer’s Equipment page and then choose a police officer page to pin them to.

I suggest Police Man With Police Dog (hilarity when the kids inevitably pin the sunglasses to the dog) or Coloring Page of State Trooper.

3. Play Badge

You can turn my Hanging Police Officer Badge into a realistic play prop with a hole punch and a long strand of steel bead ball chain (which you can buy on Amazon for $9).

You’ll have your kids color in the badge and cut it out, ignoring the illustrated chain. Reinforce with cardstock or even laminate the badge.

Then you’ll punch two holes where the illustrated chain connects and connect the real-life bead chain using the connector clasps.

Your kids can wear the badge around their necks like a real police officer!

2. Finger Puppets

For a cute preschooler craft, choose a coloring page like Lego Police Officer or Mickey Mouse Police Officer. You can size it down a little bit, too.

Have your kids color in just the figure and then cut it out (you might have to do the cutting, depending on how little your kids are).

Poke holes near the bottom of the figure, whether in its legs or on its shoes and enlarge them with scissors so that your kiddo can slip their fingers through.

1. Police Car Door Open Crafts

You’ll use the Coloring Page of Police Car Driving In City for this craft. Have your kids color in just the car and cut it out.

Then they’ll cut along the doors – up the middle and the tops and bottoms, but leave the sides intact. The effect should be the doors open.

You’re going to paste the car onto a piece of construction paper.

Then take Criminal Being Arrested By Police Man, resize so that the man’s top half will fit inside the car, and have your kids color him in and cut him out from the arms up.

They’ll paste him “inside” the car so that he’s revealed when they open the doors.

They can add cut-outs for roads, trees, or even a drawn-in police station.

Police Coloring Pages Featured Image

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