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Paw Patrol Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 58 Paw Patrol coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Whether you are a teacher looking for a classroom activity that is sure to be a hit or a parent in need of a rainy-day activity that your kids won’t be able to get enough of, you’re in the right place!

For this series, I illustrated some of the most popular characters from Paw Patrol, including Marshall, Zuma, Chase, Skye Ryder, Rubble, and Rocky, to name a few. I also included many iconic Paw Patrol scenes and vehicles, which you can see more of below.

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Once you or your child has finished your coloring pages, be sure to hold on to them! They can live on in many ways, such as wall art for bedrooms or the classroom, a DIY card for a loved one, book covers, banners, or even some party decorations for a Paw Patrol-themed party.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Here are 10 cheap, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Fancy up a Pet Bath Pail

If your youngster has a dog, undoubtedly, you have a rubber or tin tub you use to give Fido a bath. Why not make it a bit fancier?

Have your child color a favorite scene from Paw Patrol and use rubber cement or craft glue to affix it to the outside of the tub. Craft glue works best if the tub is plastic.

Laminate it with a thin layer of acrylic spray to keep it nice. It may even motivate your youngster to bathe Fido more often!

2. Make an Original Paw Patrol Badge

Using stiff cardboard, have the youngsters cut out a badge shape, as large or small as desired. 

Next, from white or yellow construction paper, have them trace and cut out a bone, write their name on it in black marker, and set it aside.

Next, the badge cutout should be laminated with the Paw Patrol coloring page. The bone with the youngster’s name is then glued across the bottom. 

A pin or small piece of velcro works to attach the badge, and the youngster can wear it anywhere!

3. A Fun Finger Puppet

Paw Patrol characters like Rocky, Zuma, or Rubble make great finger puppets.

First, take ordinary felt and make a “finger glove” by simply wrapping it around the child’s finger, cutting it to the appropriate size, and securing it with craft glue.

Paw Patrol characters can be colored, cut out, and glued to a craft pompom at the top of the glove. 

Add wiggle eyes, and you have the perfect Paw Patrol Puppet. Youngsters can even make one for each finger!

4. Paw Patrol Door Border

This craft is easy to complete for children of all ages. Youngsters can start by tracing pawprints on ordinary construction paper.

Next, the Paw Patrol characters the youngsters choose should be colored and cut out. Two or three is a good number.

With non-damaging wall putty, evenly space the pawprints around the door frame.

On either side of the doorway and the archway, a colored Paw Patrol character should be attached as well. This makes a colorful, creative border for a child’s bedroom door!

5. Paw Patrol Garland

For this engaging craft, have the youngsters make a long paper chain with strips of paper on which they have drawn paw prints. 

Once the paper chain is complete, each child can color the Paw Patrol character of his or her choice and attach them to the paper chain with thread or paper fasteners.

The finished result is a great Paw Patrol garland that can be used to decorate the classroom.

6. Make an Adorable Stick Puppet

Stick puppets are fun and easy to make. A coloring page featuring a full-face Paw Patrol character is perfect for this craft.

It should be colored, cut out, and glued to a piece of white construction paper or poster board with invisible glue.

On the plain side, the child can draw a giant paw print for a cute, two-sided stick puppet. It can be embellished with glitter or puffy paint to make it extra fancy.

7. Pretty up a Pet Food Container

If you have pets, why not pretty up their food containers with some homemade Paw Patrol decals?

Let your children color their favorite Paw Patrol characters and seal them in contact paper after they’re cut from the page.

One or multiple homemade decals can be used to decorate your dog or cat’s food containers, and a thin coat of acrylic spray will keep them looking nice for years.

8. A Paw Patrol Signature Sign

For a fun bedroom door sign, have your child color and cut out a favorite Paw Patrol character from a coloring page and attach it to a piece of corkboard.

Next, trace and cut out a bone from white construction paper that your child can sign with puffy paint. A paw print should be drawn on the bone next to the child’s signature.

With a craft chain or embroidery thread, attach the bone across the bottom of the sign. Use string or non-damaging putty to hang it on the door!

9. Create a Paw Patrol Picture Frame

A super fun craft for any child is making a big, colorful picture frame for multiple pieces of artwork, a collage, or pictures of friends and family.

Have your youngster color several Paw Patrol characters, such as Rubble, Skye, Rocky, or Zuma, and additional items, such as badges and bones.

Cut out a large frame from a piece of stiff cardboard, and put a character in each corner. 

Fill in the rest with the complementary cutouts, and you just created a great picture frame.

10. Make a Wonderful Happy Birthday Sign

Start with a large piece of poster board in your child’s favorite color, out of which to trace and cut his or her corresponding birthday number.

Paste the number on a black or white background. 

Once a Paw Patrol character is colored and cut out, glue it to the number, using a layer of cotton balls in between to give it that 3D look.

Write “Welcome” across the top of the sign and hang it on the front door with some balloons to welcome party guests!

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

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