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Blue’s Clues Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original Blue’s Clues coloring pages that are all free to download and print! When my young boys were aged 3-5, they were absolutely obsessed with Blue’s Clues! They would always eagerly await watching Steve and Blue solve various mysteries.

For this series, I illustrated a wide variety of scenes and characters from the show, including Blue, Steve, Joshua, Magenta, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Periwinkle, Tickety Tock Clock, the thinking chair, Blue’s notebook, plus many others!

Blues Clues Coloring Page Featured Image

Whether you’re looking to pass some time on a rainy day or just want something creative to do for your child, these coloring sheets are sure to delight! So, grab your markers and crayons, and let’s start coloring!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Blues Clues Coloring Pages

Blues Clues is an enduring favorite among youngsters of all ages, so those coloring pages pile up quickly.

Here are some fantastic ways to use them and display your youngster’s hard work.

1. Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Blues or Magenta coloring pages are perfect for this craft. Start with a tall, thin box, such as a shirt box, or fashion one from cardboard.

Once the coloring pages are finished, they can be used in their entirety to laminate the outside of the box.

The dog’s mouth should be used as the cut-out into which the cards are dropped.

The finished craft can be embellished with anything the youngsters desire, such as paint, glitter, paper-mâché, puffy paint, or felt

2. Create a Unique Nightlight

A great way to make good use of your completed coloring sheet is to turn it into a unique nightlight.

Start with a clear, large votive candle holder, and laminate it with your coloring page. Let those floppy ears stick up over the top for extra fun.

Drop a tea light inside to avoid using a real flame around youngsters, and turn out the lights.

There is now a soft, blue nightlight in your child’s room!

3. Make an Adorable Bed Post Decoration

Your child’s bedposts can be decorated in style with this free and easy craft. Give your youngster a simple brown paper bag, and turn it upside down. 

Once the Blues Clues page is complete, Blue should be carefully cut out, and the head cut away from the body.

The head should be glued to the bottom side of the paper bag and the body to the longer section. 

It can then be placed over the post, somewhat like a lampshade, for an adorable decoration.

4. Design a Blues Clues Sippy Cup

This craft is easy to make and only requires a bit of glue, a coloring page, and some craft supplies to make it fancy.

Once the page is colored, it can be trimmed and carefully glued to the cup’s exterior.

After this, your youngster can use puffy paint, felt, and wiggle eyes to embellish the cup. 

Contact paper can then be used to seal in the decorations, and you have an adorable sippy cup that will last a long time.

5. Blues Clues Garland 

For this fun classroom activity, have each child color his or her favorite Blues Clues or Magenta coloring page.

The characters should then be cut out, and a small hole punched on both the left and right sides of each one.

The youngsters should work together to string a bright piece of yarn through all the holes to create a colorful garland to brighten up the classroom!

6. Make a Hilarious Blues Clues Hat

To complete this ingenious craft, use a piece of poster board to cut out a crown-shaped hat. It should be at least 6 inches tall.

Next, color Blues or Magenta, and carefully cut the figure out.

Using invisible glue, the dog should be glued to the inner side of the hat so that the head pops up over the top and the ears slide down in the front.

This creates the illusion that the dog is jumping out of the hat!

7. Make a Comical Door Sign

Have your youngster color a Blues coloring page and a page featuring Magenta.

Next, a square or octagon shape should be cut from a piece of thick poster board. 

When the pages are finished, Blues and Magenta should be carefully cut out and glued to either side of the poster board.

The Blues side can say, “Keep Out,” and Magenta’s side can say, “Enter,” or vice versa, depending on your child’s preference!

8. Laminate a Shelf for Stuffed Animals

Another great use of these coloring pages is for youngsters who collect stuffed animals.

Non Damaging wall putty can be used if your child’s stuffed animal shelves are wooden. If they are metal, you can use a simple ring of double-faced tape.

Now, when your child pulls a stuffed animal from the shelf, Blues or Magenta will be there to make your youngster smile!

9. Make an Original Poster

Using a giant piece of poster board, have the children trace and cut out paw prints from black construction paper to decorate it.

Next, have each child trace his or her initials onto the poster. When each child has finished a coloring page, it should be cut out and glued next to their initials.

The result is an attractive poster with a “paw print” background featuring all the children’s coloring pages.

10. Make a Blues Clues Mystery House

This craft begins with drawing a house on a large poster board, with several squares cut out to serve as windows and doors. Flaps should be left so that they can be “closed.”

On the surface of the flaps, question marks are drawn with black markers. Blues should then be colored and cut out of the page.

The child can have fun placing him behind one of the mystery openings and seeing if the other youngsters can guess where he is!

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