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Clifford Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Grab your crayons and prepare to paint the town red with these 20 Clifford coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These pages are great for youngsters looking to explore the vibrant and heartwarming world of the Big Red Dog, highlighting his fun-filled adventures and lovable nature.

For this series, we included many illustrations of Clifford, his friends, and familiar scenes. These include Clifford as an adorable puppy, Clifford playing with his friends Emily Elizabeth, Cleo, T-Bone, and Mac, and also the picturesque Birdwell Island!

Clifford Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Clifford Coloring Pages

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a great theme for crafts.

If those coloring pages have piled up, try these fun activities with your youngster.

1. Design a Funny, Clifford Puppet

To make this comical puppet, cut Clifford from the finished coloring page, with the head and body separate.

Paste the head to the bottom of an ordinary paper bag and the body to the longer section.

Using red construction paper, cut a long strip, fold it accordion style, and paste one end under the bag’s flap. Add huge wiggle eyes and a black pom-pom for a nose.

When the youngster moves his or her hand inside the puppet to open Clifford’s mouth, the funny, bouncing tongue will emerge!

2. Make Clifford Move

This easy craft is perfect for small children, and a coloring page featuring a side view of Clifford is ideal.

Once he is colored, the head, ears, tail, and legs should be cut out separately.

Reattach these with paper fasteners, including the ears, and the youngster can put Clifford in virtually any funny position desired.

3. Create a Unique Tablet

Let the youngsters have fun creating a homemade tablet by drawing lines on white paper with colored pencils.

After approximately five or six pages are made, they can be attached together with craft adhesive to create a thin tablet, using a piece of cardboard for the last page.

Take a piece of poster board, turn it vertically, and have the child glue the Clifford cutout to the top half.

Glue the homemade tablet to the bottom half, and decorate Clifford with pom-poms, puffy paint, and wiggle eyes. Use craft magnets to hang this great homemade tablet on the fridge!

4. Clifford Wind Chime

Start this engaging craft with an empty paper towel cardboard, cut down to about two-thirds.

When the child has cut Clifford out of the finished coloring page, he should be wrapped around the roll and glued in place.

The youngster will enjoy adding oversized ears made from red construction paper. 

Craft bells can then be attached to the bottom with red yarn for an adorable wind chime.

5. Make a Unique Valentine’s Box

Clifford is perfect for this craft since he’s both lovable and red. Give the child a small box and laminate it with red and white construction paper.

Decorated it with cutouts from the coloring pages by gluing them to the sides and top. Then, cut a slit big enough for a small envelope at the top.

Using white construction paper, have the youngster trace and cut out a bone and staple one end to the box over the slit. 

It can be lifted up to allow Valentine cards or messages to be dropped into the box!

6. Design a Fun Desktop Decoration

Start by cutting an “H” from red construction paper, making its horizontal section extra wide.

Bend the cutout in a U-shape, making sure to bend the four long strips out at the bottom to create “feet.” The cutout will now stand on its own.

Clifford should then be cut from the coloring page, with the head separate from the body. Glue the body down over the construction paper cutout.

The head should then be attached to one side of the ensemble for a delightful desktop ornament.

7. Clifford Inches Along

This hilarious craft is easy and begins with a coloring page featuring Clifford’s entire face. Give the youngster a long strip of thin cardboard to laminate with red construction paper. 

When dried, the strip should be folded into a square, accordion style, and a hole punched through all the layers.

Glue Clifford’s face to one end of the accordion and staple a red pipe cleaner tail to the other end. 

Thread a long craft stick through the hole, and Clifford can now get longer and shorter, just like an inchworm! 

8. Easy Paper Plate Craft

Start this craft with an ordinary white paper plate, and use a coloring page featuring Clifford’s whole face.

When it’s finished, glue it to the back of the plate. Glue two wiggle eyes to two pom-poms to create big googly eyes.

Add a large black pom-pom as a nose and a piece of red curling ribbon for a comical tongue.

Attach a piece of string or yarn to hang this cute Clifford face wherever you choose.

9. Clifford’s Dog House

To make this unique craft, give the child a small, square box laminated with white construction paper and have the youngster decorate it like a dog house using crayons or markers.

A simple door can be made in the box by tracing and cutting out an upside-down “U.”

Puffy paint can be used to write “Clifford’s Dog House” over the door, and when Clifford is colored and cut out, he can be glued in the doorway from behind!

10. Clifford’s Favorite Bone

Any Clifford coloring page works for this cute craft. Start by having the youngsters trace and cut out a large bone from card stock or white poster board.

A hole should be punched at either end of the bone. When Clifford is colored and cut out, he should be attached to the bone’s center with invisible glue.

For fun, cut bite-size shapes from bone as if Clifford’s chowing down.

Thread yarn through the two holes on either end and the child has a cute sign for his or her bedroom door.

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