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Bambi Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Prepare to prance into the woodland wonder with our collection of 20 Bambi coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These sheets encapsulate the journey of Bambi, the innocent fawn prince, as he explores the splendors and trials of the wilderness.

For this series, you will find many illustrations of characters and scenes from this iconic Disney movie, including Bambi, the skunk Flower, the rabbit Thumper, the wise old owl Friend Owl, and even Bambi’s love interest, Faline! So, grab your crayons and prepare for a woodland adventure, one page at a time!

Bambi Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Ideas To Do With Bambi Coloring Pages

No child can resist Bambi, that lovable fawn who is adored worldwide!

Here are some inexpensive and engaging crafts to make with all those finished coloring pages.

1. Bambi Doorknob Sign

To make this cute Bambi doorknob sign, start with a piece of white posterboard from which to cut a rectangular-shaped door hanger. Remember to cut a hole for the knob.

The child should then color two Bambi pages, ensuring one feature Bambi curled up sleeping.

On the “Do not Disturb” side, the child should paste the sleeping Bambi cutout; on the “Enter” side, a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Bambi cutout can be added.

This adorable, reversible sign can be used on the child’s bedroom door whenever desired.

2. Bambi in a Basket

This cute craft is surprisingly simple and starts with an empty mint tin. It should be spray-painted a bright color with craft paint.

A handle can be made from a simple strip of thick cardboard taped to either side of the open tin. Next, the youngster can place green Easter straw inside the “basket.” 

When the coloring page is finished, Bambi can be cut out and glued into the Easter straw for an adorable Bambi-in-a-basket craft.

3. Bambi Watercolor Art

This attractive artwork is easy to make, and all the youngsters need are their Bambi coloring pages, ordinary freezer bags, and markers in their favorite colors.

The children can draw abstract scribbles on the freezer bags and then moisten them with water.

When the wet side of the bag is pushed against a piece of white poster board, it creates a pretty, watercolor background.

When Bambi is finished and cut out, the character can be glued to the watercolor background for a beautiful piece of framable art!

4. Fun Bambi Huts

Start this unique craft with ordinary cardboard and make a cylinder-shaped structure the size of a small coffee can. Next, cut a door-shaped opening in the front.

Add a coffee filter as a “floor” by taping it around the bottom of the cylinder. (It only has to bear flyweight).

Then, use an easter straw, tissue paper, or craft straw to make a bed inside the structure.

When Bambi is colored, glued to poster board, and cut out, the adorable deer can be placed inside its own “hut” and this cute ornament can be hung anywhere.

5. Design a Bambi Necklace

Making a unique Bambi necklace is easier than you might think. 

Start by having the youngster choose a favorite Bambi coloring page, and cut out the character when finished. Next, it should be sealed in contact paper and the edges trimmed. 

A small hole should be punched at the top, where it won’t interfere with the artwork. 

A ribbon, piece of yarn, or ordinary embroidery thread can be used to complete this adorable necklace.

6. Bambi Runs and Plays

For this innovative craft, use a long piece of poster board on which the child can color a background for Bambi.

Next, the famous fawn should be colored, cut out, sealed in contact paper, and attached to a long craft stick with Krazy glue.

Finally, carefully cut a slit along the length of the poster board, approximately one-quarter from the bottom.

When the craft stick is slid into the opening, the child can move Bambi along the scene from behind!

7. A Rainy Day Classroom Craft

Begin this fun classroom activity by giving each child a coloring page and a piece of bright construction paper. 

When the pages are finished, the Bambi characters should be cut out and glued to the construction paper.

Each youngster can then cut a fancy design into construction paper using scissors. The idea is for each one to be entirely unique.

When finished, the artwork can be strung together like a daisy chain to create a colorful classroom banner.

8. Make a Funny Bambi Bag

This cute craft can adorn a countertop, table, or shelf. Begin with an ordinary brown paper bag on which to glue Bambi after the famous fawn is colored and cut out.

Add a big red pom-pom as Bambi’s nose, use black pipe cleaners to make huge eyelashes, and add organic antlers by finding real twigs to glue to the back side of the bag.

This hilarious craft can be filled with autumn leaves, flowers, or lightweight toys, and anywhere it’s placed, it’s sure to get some laughs.

9. Beautiful Bambi Artwork

This craft is not only easy, but it’s pretty enough to display anywhere. Using pipe cleaners, have the youngster fashion a makeshift frame, as big or small as desired.

The frame can then be decorated by stapling on pom-poms, tufts of green tissue paper, or handmade leaves cut from construction paper.

Staple or Krazy glue the frame to a piece of poster board, and when Bambi is colored and cut out, the famous fawn can be placed in the middle of the frame for lovely wall art.

10. Make an Adorable Bambi Bow

To make this cute Bambi bow, you only need some craft ribbon, a coloring page, and some contact paper.

Using three layers of wide ribbon, fold them in half several times, cinching them in the middle with a pipe cleaner, rubber band, or piece of yarn.

When Bambi is colored and cut out, the artwork should be sealed in contact paper and Krazy-glued to the center of the bow.

A craft pin can be added in the back, and the bow can be worn or pinned anywhere you want to display it.

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