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Cute Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Dive headfirst into a world sprinkled with sugar, spice, and everything nice with these 50 cute coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print! Whether you’re young at heart or just beginning your artistic journey, these sheets are ssure to bring anoverload of cuteness into your next coloring escapade!

Included below are a variety of hand drawn adorable illustrations, featuring chubby kittens, playful puppies, bashful bunnies, and a myriad of other cute critters waiting for your creative touch. Dive in and let your colorful imagination bring these delightful scenes to life, and remember: the cuter, the better!

Cute Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Cute Coloring Pages

If your child has finished numerous cute coloring pages, put them to good use with these terrific, inexpensive crafts.

1. Ice Cream With Personality

All children love ice cream, and this fun craft can be used to turn cute characters into a tasty treat.

Have the youngster cut a triangle from brown or yellow construction paper to serve as an ice cream cone, adding wiggle eyes and a red pipe cleaner mouth to give it some personality.

Once the characters are finished and cut out, they can be trimmed in the shape of ice cream scoops and glued to the cone’s top.

Move the entire ensemble to a colorful background, and display this unique artwork anywhere.

2. Flowers and Mushrooms With Hands

This funny craft is perfect for coloring pages featuring mushrooms, sunflowers, or anything similar.

Have the youngsters make handprints with finger paint in the shape of a circle. This will quickly start to resemble a flower.

Then, with cutouts from any number of cute coloring pages, have them added to the circle’s center to create an adorable, artistic collage!

3. Make a Funny Dog Mascot

This craft is lots of fun and also helps children learn shapes.

Using bright-colored construction paper, have the youngsters cut out a rectangle, a square, two triangles, and four short strips.

When pasted together appropriately, these quickly become a dog’s body, head, ears, and legs. 

Cutouts from the coloring pages can then be used to decorate the dog for adorable and unique artwork.

4. A Unique Collage

If your child likes to make artwork on the abstract side, this craft is ideal. Give the youngster a long craft stick or wooden knitting needle.

This can be spray-painted in any color the child desires. Then, fold cutouts from various cute coloring pages around the knitting needle from top to bottom. 

It will resemble a stem, with the cutouts as its flowers or leaves.

Finally, have the youngster choose a coloring page item to place at the very top and display this cute ornament anywhere.

5. Under the Sea

Try this craft if your child likes to color mermaids, fish, seahorses, or other cute underwater characters.

Begin by giving the youngster a piece of blue poster board to which the various cutouts can be glued to create an ocean scene.

Embellish it with curling green ribbon as sea plants, gold stickers as starfish, and lines drawn with puffy paint to depict waves.

A “centerpiece” cutout can be placed in the middle, and this underwater scene can be framed and displayed

6. 3D Bunnies

No one would argue that bunnies are some of the cutest characters there are. 

If your youngster has colored one or more of these adorable creatures, they can be brought to life in a few easy steps.

When the page is finished, it should be glued to a cardboard background, and cotton balls should be added to make the bunny’s face 3D.

Pink pipe cleaners can be added as whiskers and a red pom-pom for a nose.

The finished artwork can be framed or used as an Easter card for a loved one!

7. Make a One-of-a-Kind Vase

Cute coloring pages can be used to make a one-of-a-kind vase that’s sure to be a conversation piece.

When your child has finished the page, lay it flat and let the child decorate it with things like buttons, tiny pom-poms, and pieces of pasta or cereal, such as Froot Loops.

The idea is to make it as colorful and intricate as possible.

When finished, the coloring page should be wrapped around a simple, cylinder-shaped container and glued fast for the most unusual vase in town.

8. Easy Chick Craft

If your child likes coloring chicks or birds of any kind, this easy craft is perfect.

Using two ordinary white paper plates, create a hatching egg by cutting one of them in half in a jagged fashion. Then, reattach the two halves at one corner with a paper fastener.

Glue the character from the coloring page to the whole paper plate, and place the cracking shell over the top.

The two halves can then be “closed” over the chick by connecting the edges back together and then opened again to make it look as if the chick is hatching.

9. Hot Air Balloon

Regardless of which cute characters your youngster has colored, this hot air balloon craft is a winner.

Have the youngster decorate the bottom of an ordinary paper plate with cutouts from the finished coloring pages.

Glue the paper plate to a blue poster board background. Attach a square of brown construction paper with four pipe cleaners as the hot air balloon’s basket.

Frame this cute creation or display it on your refrigerator.

10. Make a Fantasy Character

Your youngster can use cute coloring pages to create a unique fantasy character. 

With geometrical shapes and paper fasteners, have the youngster design an original figure with construction paper. 

A diamond shape makes a great body; a circle is a perfect head; simple strips with tiny circles on the ends can be funny arms and hands.

When these shapes are decorated with cutouts from the coloring pages, the child has created his or her own one-of-a-kind character.

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