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My Melody Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Prepare yourself for an overload of cuteness with these 24 My Melody coloring pages, yours to freely download and print! This compilation is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to dive into the enchanting universe of Sanrio, shining a spotlight on the irresistibly cute character My Melody.

In this series, we’ve illustrated a wide range of My Melody pages, capturing her in all her favorite activities, interactions with her best friend, Flat the Mouse, scenes from her life in Mari Land, My Melody playing with Kuromi, and even a unicorn themed My Melody, just to name a few!

my melody coloring pages feature image

To start coloring any of these pictures, you can click on any of the below images or links, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many as you want, entirely for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With My Melody Coloring Pages

My Melody is an ever-popular character to color.

If those pages have begun piling up, here are ten unique and affordable crafts your youngster can do to use them up.

1. My Melody Keepsake Book

This simple craft is perfect for young children and requires only an ordinary ring binder featuring a clear front pocket.

The youngster should color several pages, one of which should be left in its entirety. The one left intact should be placed in the binder’s front pocket.

The others can be used to decorate the back of the ring binder, decal-style. The back side artwork should be sealed with contact paper.

Add unlined paper to the inside of the binder, using a three-hole punch for the perfect My Melody scrapbook!

2. A Hilarious Puppet

Make this adorable puppet by gluing the My Melody cutout from the finished page to cardboard and attaching a large craft stick to the back.

At the top, two pink balloons that don’t contain air should be attached with krazy glue as My Melody’s ears.

The craft sticks can be held with a thumb and two fingers, and the child can use the other two fingers to make the character’s “ears” flop around! 

3. My Melody Paper Squishy

To make this fun paper squishy, trim two My Melody pages to the size of a Ziploc bag and glue them to each side of the bag.

Add cotton batting, craft gel, or any pliable substance to the inside, and close and tape the bag shut.

When both sides are sealed in contact paper, these squishy crafts can be hung in a doorway or window or just displayed on a desk or bureau to showcase the youngster’s creativity.

4. Easy Paper Plate Craft

To make this easy paper plate craft, turn an ordinary white paper plate upside down. Then, have the youngster cut out My Melody’s full face from a finished coloring page.

This should be laminated to the raised part of the plate. Next, two black pom-poms should be added for the eyes and a pink one for the nose. Create a big smile with pink puffy paint.

My Melody’s famous pink ears should be decorated with pink glitter and outlined with tiny pom-poms to make them the focal point of this cute artwork.

Add a colorful piece of thick yarn to display this decorative artwork anywhere.

5. My Melody Basket Art

For this cute craft, use an ordinary basket, such as those used at Easter, and fill it with pink tissue paper or pink Easter straw.

When the youngster has colored several My Melody pages, the different characters and items should be cut out and sealed in contact paper. 

Attached small toothpicks to each cutout, which in turn can be stapled or glued to the layer of tissue paper or easter straw. Krazy glue is best if an Easter straw is used.

This adorable themed basket will be a great addition to any child’s room.

6. Make a Big Fancy Envelope

Homemade envelopes are easy to make, and My Melody is perfect for this craft. 

The coloring page should be used in its entirety to make the envelope, using any template desired.

When finished, another My Melody cutout should be used to decorate the inside. Glue the cutout to the envelope’s interior so that the ears are attached inside of the top flap.

That way, when the envelope is opened, My Melody’s jumbo ears pop up first! 

7. Create an Original Word Search

Have the youngsters create a simple word search on pink paper, choosing words and phrases that go with My Melody’s theme.

Next, a homemade “frame” should be made for the word search from ordinary, white cardstock. The borders should be cut wide. Use other My Melody cutouts to decorate the frame.

Each time the youngsters complete a word search, another can be made and placed in the frame for ongoing fun.

8. My Melody Slinky

To make this hilarious craft, have the youngsters use some of their My Melody coloring pages to make long strips of paper. These should be folded accordion-style.

Then, My Melody should be colored and cut from an additional page, with the head and body separate.

The head should be glued to the top of the accordion and the bottom laminated to a square cardboard base.

When the other end of the accordion is attached to another piece of cardboard, the youngster can push the character down flat and watch it bounce up when let go!

9. Upside Down Doll

To make this hilarious doll, laminate an empty bathroom tissue cardboard with pink construction paper. 

Cut My Melody from the coloring page with the head and body separate. 

The body should be glued around the cardboard roll, and a large craft pom-pom glued to the top.

Then, glue the head to the base, add funny wiggle eyes and a big black pom-pom for a nose, and it will look as if My Melody is sniffing the ground!

10. My Melody Wrapping Paper

Don’t forget simple crafts, such as making homemade wrapping paper for gifts at children’s birthday parties.

Give the youngsters large pieces of plain wrapping paper in any bright color. Next, have them cut My Melody characters and other items from the coloring pages.

Invisible glue can be used to attach these to the wrapping paper sheets, and they have their own original gift wrap!

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