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Cinnamoroll Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Bake up some fun and sugarcoat your creativity with these 22 adorable Cinnamoroll coloring pages that are yours to download and print! These sheets invite you into the whimsical world of Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll, a charming, long-eared puppy known for his flights of fancy and ultimate cuteness!

This series spotlights a wide array of Cinnamoroll-themed illustrations, including kawaii-themed Cinnamoroll, Cinnamoroll and his band of friends, Cinnamoroll with Chiffon, adventurous sky journeys of our little puppy, plus many others that you can see below!

Cinnamoroll coloring pages feature image

To use any of these free printables, click on any of the images below or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Cinnamoroll Coloring Pages

Cinnamoroll is a top favorite of many youngsters who like to color.

Try these ten fun and affordable crafts to put those finished pages to good use.

1. Funny Stackables Classroom Craft

For this super-fun classroom craft, have the youngsters divide into groups of six or seven and color their favorite Cinnamoroll.

The pages should be glued to cardstock, and the characters cut out.

Have one child start off the fun by adding his or her cutout to the top of the next child’s and keep going until a comical stack of Cinnamoroll characters is complete.

Then, bend a piece of ordinary cardboard in half and glue one side behind the stack to make a stand. Display these delightful “stackables” anywhere!

2. Cinnamoroll in a Teacup

Cinnamoroll is often depicted in a teacup, and this craft showcases that in a fun way. Give each child a snow cone cup, bending the bottom point down to one side, flat.

This should be glued to an old coaster or a simple square of cardboard. Then, when Cinnamoroll is colored and cut out, it should be glued inside the cup.

It can be decorated with glitter, craft gems, or swatches of colorful tissue paper for an adorable centerpiece.

3. Make a Cinnamon Stick Ornament

This craft is extra fun around the holidays and begins with laminating the Cinnamoroll cutout from the coloring page to an empty bathroom tissue cardboard.

Ensure that the Cinnamoroll’s floppy ears fold down around the sides of the roll.

Add funny wiggle eyes and two pom-poms at the bottom for feet.

Put some tufts of red or orange tissue paper inside the roll, and place a few genuine cinnamon sticks inside. This cute ornament will look and smell great!

4. A Comical Cinnamoroll Scene

Begin this hilarious craft by painting the surface of an ordinary paper plate blue.

Add a yellow pom-pom as a sun, cotton balls as clouds, and a few pieces of black pipe cleaners bent in “Vs” as geese.

Finally, a trimmed empty paper towel cardboard should be glued horizontally across the bottom. A few pieces of green tissue paper work great as leaves for this “branch.”

When it’s colored and cut out, it should be placed on the branch, with its ears dangling down over it as if hanging from the tree by the ears.

5. Floating Hearts Cinnamoroll Ornament

To make this cute ornament, choose a Cinnamoroll coloring page that has hearts or other small objects in the background.

When Cinnamoroll is colored, the character should be trimmed out in an oval shape.

Tiny holes should be punched in the bottom of the cutout. Trim the small items from the rest of the coloring page and attach them to the bottom of the cutout with string or thread.

Hang this beautiful Cinnamoroll ornament anywhere and enjoy.

6. Cinnamoroll Has Tea

To make this easy, fun craft, give each youngster a simple paper cup, adding a pipe cleaner or a strip of paper as a teacup handle.

Glue a spoon inside the cup so that the rounded part is at the top. When Cinnamoroll is colored and cut out, the cutout should be glued to the spoon’s front.

Glue a teabag to the cutout’s center, as if Cinnamoroll is about to drop the bag into the cup and make himself some tea!

7. Make a Cute Cinnamoroll Portrait

To make this cute portrait of Cinnamoroll, start by embellishing a finished coloring page. The idea is to give it some depth.

For example, use white tissue paper torn into tiny pieces or cotton balls to fluff up Cinnamoroll’s face.

Then, glue wiggle eyes onto two black pom-poms to make eyes that really pop!

Add some puffy paint to embellish the mouth, and frame the artwork just like it’s a family portrait. Place it anywhere you want some laughs.

8. Cinnamoroll Abstract Art

To make this funny craft, cut Cinnamoroll’s face from one coloring page and use invisible glue to affix it to the center of a paper plate.

With another coloring page, cut out big, oversized ears and tape the bottoms to the back of the plate, curling the rest of them down over the front.

Add a giant black pom-pom as a nose, a red balloon for a funny tongue, and your youngster has a hilarious, abstract Cinnamoroll to display anywhere.

9. Make a Cinnamoroll Greeting Card 

This adorable card can be made with any Cinnamoroll coloring page. The page should be left intact but reinforced with a piece of construction paper.

Before gluing it to the construction paper, however, the youngster should cut around the ears so that they can be peeled down to display the construction paper behind.

In the spaces behind the ears, the greeting card message can be written so that the recipient sees it when the ears are lifted up.

This adorable card will be a big hit with anyone.

10. Transform an Ordinary File Folder

This craft is popular with all youngsters. Give each child an ordinary file folder, and have them glue a full-size Cinnamoroll coloring page to the front with invisible glue.

Then, have them decorate the entire inside of the folder with other Cinnamoroll cutouts; only these should be glued on decal-style.

The back page can feature another full Cinnamoroll coloring page. All artwork should be sealed in contact paper for an original keepsake folder in which to store anything!


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