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Lizard Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Slip into your explorer boots and embark on a reptile adventure with these 24 lizard coloring pages, yours to freely download and print! These sheets serve as an exciting portal into the vibrant world of lizards, showcasing a variety of popular and exotic species from all corners of the globe.

In this collection, we’ve included a wide ensemble of illustrations, including the awe-inspiring Komodo Dragon, the spiky Thorny Devil, the vibrant Chameleon, the frilled-neck lizard, Blue-Tongued lizards, flying lizards, bearded dragons, and many more you can see below!

To use any of these free printables, click on any of the images below or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Lizard Coloring Pages

Lizards are a big favorite with boys and girls everywhere.

Here are some terrific crafts to do with those finished pages that all children will love.

1. A Simple Fun Craft

This craft is a big hit with kids because it’s easy to make, but the results are fancy.

All you will need are some shiny cupcake wrappers and coloring pages.

Once the lizard is colored and cut out, it should be folded in a gentle curve, lengthwise, so that it looks like the feet are supporting the body.

Next, add funny wiggle eyes to the lizard’s face, and cut a hole in the cupcake wrapper, placing it around the lizard’s neck for a fancy-looking reptile!

2. Funny Suction Lizards

For this hilarious craft, you simply need the coloring page, some tiny craft suction cups, and a bit of puffy paint.

Once the lizard is colored and cut out, fold the body in half, and bend the legs down so that it can “stand” with its feet flat.

Once the shape has been created, glue a tiny suction cup onto each foot. Use red or yellow puffy paint to decorate the lizard’s back, and stick him anywhere for a laugh!

3. Cute Initial Artwork

This craft is perfect for young children and is a great way to make an adorable keepsake.

Give the youngsters bright cardstock and have them trace and cut out their first initials. 

Next, when they have colored and cut out a lizard, the cutout should be glued to one corner of the initial. 

Then, have them think up a name for the lizard that begins with the same letter and write it on the artwork. Seal this cute craft in contact paper and display it anywhere!

4. Fierce Lizard

This craft will please virtually any youngster! Cut an empty paper towel cardboard down to approximately two-thirds, and cut the lizard from the finished coloring page.

Wrap it around the top of the roll so that the legs and tail dangle down and the mouth goes a little bit past the cardboard rim.

From ordinary white paper, have the youngsters trace and cut out funny jagged teeth and glue them underneath the edge of the mouth section of the cutout.

Add wiggle eyes, and the result will be hilarious!

5. An Engaging Classroom Activity

All youngsters have heard of the solar system, but why not make the planets into lizards?

To start this fun classroom craft, twist a long piece of craft wire into a spiral like the kind that is used to make models of the Solar System. Make more than one if you need to.

Have the youngsters color their lizards and cut them out. Then, have them place a tiny hole in the lizard somewhere in the middle.

They can then be threaded through the wire spiral to create a wonderful, one-of-a-kind spiral ornament of colorful lizards!

6. Lizards Climbing Along

To start this super-fun craft, have the youngsters color a paper plate pinwheel style, using at least four different colors.

Beginning at the outside, have them cut the paper plate into a spiral.

Finally, when they have colored as many lizards as desired, each one is glued along a different place on the spiral, as if the lizards are making an upward trek!

Punch a hole at the top for the string to hang this adorable craft.

7. Make a Giant Lizard Paperclip

For this terrific craft, give each youngster a giant paperclip and two identical lizard coloring pages. They don’t have to be colored the same, though.

Once they’re finished, use rubber cement to glue them to either side of the paperclip.  

Make sure that the tails are not glued together though. This way, when the paperclip is used, it appears that the tails are holding things together!

8. Decorate a Terrarium or Aquarium

If your child likes coloring lizards, chances are the youngster has his or her own pet reptiles or fish.

Lizards make terrific decals, and nothing is better to decorate a terrarium or fishbowl with.

If decorating a larger tank, have the youngster color several lizards and create a fun pattern. For the fishbowl, use one for each side of the bowl.

Invisible glue is the best adhesive for this craft, and make sure to seal the artwork with a few coats of acrylic spray.

9. Catching Flies

Everyone knows lizards eat insects, and that’s what makes them perfect for this craft.

Once a large lizard is colored and cut out, have the youngster make a giant tongue from red curling paper. 

The child may need help to curl it, after which it can be taped to the front of the cutout, where it can be pulled out and snapped back like a real tongue.

For extra fun, add a tiny plastic insect to the end of the tongue with invisible glue!

10. Make Designer Flower Pots

If you have some old terra-cotta flower pots that need a facelift, why not decorate them southwestern style?

You can chalk on a simple southwestern border and then add lizards from the finished coloring pages in random patterns.

One fun idea is to attach them vertically, making it look like they are climbing the pots.

Use wood or craft glue to attach them, and seal the artwork in three to four coats of acrylic spray for a great set of flowerpots.

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